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Monterey Junk Removal In 2014

If you want a perfect example of how the citizens of Monterey are dedicated to keeping the environment safeguarded, look no further than Save Our Shores. This is a group of dedicated volunteers who banded together back in the late 70s to protest the placement of oilrigs along the Central Coast. They won that battle and has been helping the Monterey Bay area ever since. Every year, Save Our Shores sponsors cleanup days. This is when they reach out to the communities and pull in civic groups and other like-minded volunteers to spend a few hours picking trash from the beaches. The hope of Save Our Shores is that one day they can go out of business because the shores are 100% clean.

The best of Monterey Bay

The best of Monterey Bay

Another local company that is helping keep Monterey’s environment clean is Junk King. Every time Junk King sets up a junk removal appointment, they are actually keeping the cycle of reuse and refurbish going. As the Junk King crew loads up your junk, they’ll be sorting it. The e-waste will go to one recycling center. This includes all you outdated computers, laptops, printers, copiers and fax machines. Another pile would be all you construction waste that can be ground down to raw materials. This would be things like bricks, stones, concrete, cement and dirt. Then there is the furniture and appliance pile. These items could find their way to a local charity where they will be fixed up and resold to support the charity. In many cases, your furniture could merely be donated to families in need.

You’ll notice that in all of those junk removal examples, nothing seems to end up in a landfill. That is the goal of Junk King: to keep as much out of area dumps as possible. To date, the Junk King franchises have managed to divert up to 60% of everything they collect away from those nasty dumping grounds.

Not only does Junk King help give the environment a break, but they also give a break to your wallet. That’s because Junk King is only going to charge you a flat fee for the junk removal. That fee will include the labor and transportation. It is based on how your junk will fill up the Junk King truck. Whether you’re charged for a quarter, a half or the full truck you’re sure to be getting a great deal. Check out the reviews and you’ll see why there are so many satisfied Junk King customers. Are you ready to become one? Call today to find out.

Santa Cruz Bulk Item Pickup

The caves situated along West Cliff Drive aren’t just for bats and spelunkers. It turns out these caves seem to be a kind of party destination for an undesirable element. That’s why you might stumble upon all kinds of nasty items like garbage, needles, drugs and medical gloves messing up the environment. You can look at something like that and merely shake your head in disgust or you can take action. Lynn Robinson, the vice mayor of Santa Cruz, decided to take action.

“The problem is how do you sustain it over the long haul, so that’s really where it’s a community effort,” she recently told a local paper. “If we see a problem and the community knows people are going in there they need to let us know and that’s when we can put all of our resources to it on a routine basis.”

That’s to Ms. Robinson’s leadership, the non-profit organization Save Our Shores was brought in for a little extreme cleanup. This particular group is in the best position for this type of work because of all their previous experience cleaning up the shores up and down the west coast.

“The long term is getting everyone together in the same room and looking how we can sustain that both environmentally and really resource wise,” Robinson said. “That’s what’s going to keep us in the long run and keep them up.” Volunteers are also being asked to pitch in for the effort and you can get more information from the City of Santa Cruz’s official website.

A cleanup job like that requires plenty of helping hands. You might just have your own cleanup job that also would be best served with a little assistance in the form of a dedicated crew from Junk King Monterey.  Junk King is the professional junk removal service that has been helping a lot of your Santa Cruz and Monterey neighbors with getting rid of bulky items. If you can’t shove something into the trashcan than it’s an official bulky item.

With Junk King working on your side, you’ll be able to direct one of their crews to pickup any item from your home or property that you want taken away. That same crew will also climb any stairs or head out to any garage where you junk has been piled up. All you have to do to put this plan of action into effect is call up Junk King for a free removal estimate. Every junk removal job is different but you’re guaranteed complete customer satisfaction because Junk King Monterey gets every junk removal job done right!