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Hit Zero Waste with Junk King Monterey

Imagine if you could make it through the day without creating any trash. On the average, every human generates around four pounds of garbage every day. That’s around 28 pounds a week. It adds up. Most of that garbage is stuff we throw out in the trash. If you recycle the bulk of your daily trash, then you will be close to achieving zero-waste. That is when everything that is disposed of finds a way to be repurposed either as raw material or as fuel for energy. Of course, taking care of kitchen recycling is easy. What about the bigger items that you want to get rid of from around your home? Those can be recycled too if you hire the right junk removal company. That would be Junk King Monterey.

Junk King is the perfect partner to help you get to zero-waste. They’ve had an eco-friendly disposal policy in affect since they began collecting junk over ten years ago. The goal is simple: Keep as much collected junk out of local landfills. So far, Junk King has managed to divert up to 60% of junk away from landfills. Those are impressive numbers to be sure. The company accomplishes this goal by with a two-prong attack.

First, they separate and sort all the collected items back at the Junk King depot. They won’t do this on your property because they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. The items will be sorted into two piles: Recycle or donation. The recycling piles are for those items that simply can’t be reused again until that are broken down to raw components. This is where scrap metal, concrete, lumber and even dirt will wind up. On the donation side, Junk King has set up partnerships with several local charities. Many of these organizations have their own thrift stores that are always in need of merchandise. Other charities provide clothing, furniture and household goods directly to families in need. Either way, your stuff isn’t going to waste.

Best of all there is no added charges for this recycling work. Everything is included in the low rate offered by Junk King. That rate is all about volume and not weight. It’s a fair price that can’t be beat. If you want to achieve zero waste with your junk, then Junk King is the only way to go.