Nashville Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

According the Nashville government website: “Residents of Nashville & Davidson County can take all types of electronics including computers and monitors (limit one computer system per household/month), printers, TVs, microwaves, music and video cassettes, computer disks, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and more to Metro’s household hazardous waste facility.” That’s nice but it is a bit restrictive. Suppose you don’t live anywhere near the household hazardous waste facility? That could mean giving up several hours on your day off just to get rid of an old computer monitor or laptop. Instead, why not bring the e-waste disposal experts to you?


Junk King Nashville has been using an eco-friendly disposal policy ever since they began operations. This meant setting up working relationships with the various recycling centers in the area. When they collect e-waste from a customer it goes into a storage pile back at the Junk King depot. As soon as the pile is large enough to fill up a truck, they’ll coordinate a drop off at the right facility. This means you can finally toss out all your outdated computer gear and electronics with confidence. It won’t end up in a landfill as long as Junk King is on the job.

Along with your e-waste, the Junk King crew assigned to your appointment can also load up a whole lot more. Now is your chance to finally toss out that old furniture that has been cluttering up your basement. You can clear out that backroom and turn it into something better than a storage locker. What about your garage? How many times do you trip over something between closing your car door and heading into the house? Give it all to Junk King!

When the Junk King crew arrives at your home, you’ll show them all the items you want removed. Remember, they’re going to be doing all the lifting and the loading so you won’t have to move anything out of the way. After they’ve seen everything, they’ll present you with a written estimate based on volume. That will be how much space your stuff fills up on the back of the truck. That is an estimate that won’t change when the job is done. Shop around and you’re sure to discover that Junk King is the best deal in Nashville for this kind of work? Are you ready to toss out your old computer monitor and the rest of  your junk? Then Junk King is ready for you!