Make Decluttering Part Of Your Back-To-School Prep

Determining the priorities for back-to-school depend on the age of the student. Younger kids might have a momentary concern about lunchbox choices but overall, they’re just excited to be going back to having fun during the day vs. playing around the house. Older kids start to focus more on what to wear each day then if they finished their homework the night before. Of course, schools who have uniform dress code policies help avoid all the early morning decision making. If your kid is going to a school without a uniform, then a serious decluttering session is recommended to get that closet ready for back-to-school.


The closet decluttering begins with everything coming out of the closet. What follows will be a simple “yes” or “no” to every article of clothing, pairs of shoes and all the rest. When the closet is done, you can move onto the dresser and take the same approach. What you might be left with is a huge pile of clothes that they’ve either outgrown or have sadly gone, out of style. Getting rid of all those unwanted items will make a lot of space in the closet and reduce the need to sort through it all to pick the perfect outfit. This is when you want to bring in Junk King Nashville.

Junk King provides a working crew and a truck for every junk removal session. It doesn’t matter if they’re clearing out an entire house or just a closet, you’ll still benefit from those two movers. Everything you turn over to them could also end up with a charity. Junk King has long used charity drop offs as a way to promote environmentally friendly disposal policies. This happens automatically.

Your back-to-school decluttering can extend to the rest of the house in the same session. This can be a help if you’re setting up a corner to be the homework station. It is also one less chore you have to think about as things will start to get a bit more hectic.

Make a decluttering session with Junk King Nashville part of your back-to-school prep. You’ll be glad you did.