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Nashville Junk Recycling

The city of Nashville is hoping to double down on its recycling program and that mean that literally. Right now, residents have a once a month pickup for recyclable materials. The proposal that is making the rounds is to add another pickup. The hope is that the additional picks up will make it easier for folks to get into the recycling habit.


“We think the more convenient a program is, the more participation you are going to have, so we think it will increase demand, and hopefully, increase tonnage,” said Public Works Director Randy Lovett to a local news station.

In the last three years, the recycling numbers for Nashville have flat lined at around 12,000 tons a year. Although that is an impressive number, it is clear more can be collected especially when you consider the influx of new residents moving into the city.

Once you get into the habit of sorting your recyclable materials, you hardly give it a second thought. Paper, plastic and soda cans make up the bulk of those recyclables. However, if you want to recycle even more you should consider hiring Junk King. This is the company who has been involved with junk recycling for over ten years.

Junk King collects all those items you can throw out in the weekly garbage pickup. Things like sofas, appliances and electronic waste are perfect examples of junk that can be recycled. Most recycling involves grinding or melting down materials to convert them back to their raw form. That can then be repurposed into new materials. What happens when you have something that can’t be melted or ground up? That is when Junk King steps in and has that item dropped off to a charity. There are plenty of wonderful community organizations that can take in furniture, clothing and other household goods. These items are either sold at a thrift store with the money going back to the charity or directly donated to a family in need. Either way, your unwanted stuff will be helping out a lot of folks.

As for the price of all this junk recycling, it’s all included in the already low Junk King rates. The more Junk King recycles, the more they can avoid paying hefty dumping fees at landfills. They are happy to pass those savings down to their many satisfied customers. To get junk recycling done the right way, you need to put Junk King on the job.