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Nashville Cabinet Removal and Disposal

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? You’re not alone. Giving a kitchen a makeover is one of the most popular remodeling projects that homeowners undertake. It’s also a perfect way to increase the value of the home many times over. Thanks to many helpful YouTube videos and stores like Home Depot, a kitchen remodel has also become a very popular DIY type of project. Whether you’ll be hiring a contractor or doing the work for yourself you should consider some important options in your planning stage.

For your countertops you can go for a full slab or tiles of granite. Dark granite tiles with dark grout can give the same kind of look and feel of that full slab for a fraction of the cost. They are also easier to repair. Swapping out a single cracked tile as oppose to an entire cracked slab is a no brainer! For back splashes on your counters, look into vinyl or sheet metal for a sleek and modern look. This might be a better choice especially if you’re going to have stainless steel appliances. Speaking of stainless steel appliances, when you head out to the appliance store consider picking up a floor model or one that is slightly damaged. Suppose you find a beautiful stainless steel fridge with a dent on its left side. Is that the same side that will be forever hidden by your cabinets? If so, then doesn’t making a deal for a price that is several hundred dollars cheaper than the retail price sound good? This approach also holds true for washer and dryers. Will a little scratch or dent matter when it can mean some serious savings?

Another popular kitchen-remodeling tip is to update your light fixtures. Get rid of those glaring fluorescent lights and instead opt for warm track lighting. Most track lighting can be installed with a kit and dimmer that allows you to adjust the light settings depending on your mood. It can make a huge difference in the kitchen.

Then there are your cabinets to contend with. Here again you can find a simple approach to swapping out the doors and using existing hardware. If you take this approach then you’ll definitely want to set up a clean up appointment with Junk King Nashville. With their hard working crew and huge truck, Junk King will be able to remove those cabinet doors in the same day that you plan to take them down. If you’re replacing countertops, then let the JK crew remove that construction debris as well. Junk King works best when removing bulky objects that won’t fit into your trashcan. It might seem like an extra step but it is one well worth taking.

Nashville Spring Junk Removal

When you think of spring cleaning chances are you’ll imagine scrubbing floors on your hands and knees much like Cinderella. You’ll be thinking about how exhausting this process will be and it might not be something you be looking forward to. Actually, there is a refreshing approach to take when spring cleaning that can make this a chore not seem as dreary. One of the first things you want to do is let in the sunshine and fresh air. Thanks to the warm weather you have the chance to throw open all the windows and let a cool breeze blow into your home. That fresh air will make a lot of difference especially in a room that has been buttoned up all winter. And if you’re going to be kicking up dust storm then you want that dust to fly out and not stay in!

There are some folks who like to say a silent prayer as they sweep out their home. This is a sweet way of connecting to any spiritual feelings you might have and offering thanks for the blessings of being in a home. It’s also recommended that you could take a big pot of water put it on the stove and fill it with orange peels, apple peels, cinnamon cloves, peppermint or anything else that would smell nice to you. Let that simmer and create an amazing aroma to fill your home. This will smell way better than any cleaning product you might be using!

Most of us keep our home fairly clean throughout the year but it is the spring cleaning rituals that can really get out the grime. If you’re serious about spring cleaning then you want to literally wash your home from floor to ceiling. That means giving your walls a good scrubbing. While that might seem a bit excessive the truth is a lot of dirt can buildup on those walls throughout the course of a year. Not to mention the cobwebs that might be lurking in the corners. As a simple test, take a clean sponge and wipe it down a part of any wall in your home. If that sponge stays clean then you’re in good shape. If there is dirt or dust on the sponge then you got it think about cleaning those walls otherwise you’ll be breathing that in that dirt everyday.

Just as you want to get rid of that dust lingering in your Nashville home you should also be thinking about getting rid of all the junk that is lingering there as well. This is when you can call on Junk King Nashville to be your spring cleaning partner. Junk King is a local Nashville Junk Removal company that provides hauling services all across Nashville. They are working at their peak during this time of the year because everyone is in the spring cleaning mood. What Junk King provides is a team of experienced haulers who can handle any bulky item pickup and an empty truck. Those two things that are pretty much all you’ll need to finally get rid of all the unnecessary junk you’ve been holding onto. Make this year spring cleaning really count!

Nashville Water Heater Disposal

As with every other local state government, Tennessee is getting into the energy efficient business by setting up projects that will be sponsored by the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant program. The funding from these projects comes from the April 2011 Clean Air Act Settlement with the Tennessee Valley Authority. As part of this settlement the state will receive over $26 million to fund clean air projects.
Among the list of projects are purchasing a fleet of electric vehicles for government business, adding reflective film to exterior windows at government offices to reduce escaping heat and installing a more energy-efficient heat recovery water heater system at some state park facilities. The goal with all of these programs is not only to have a positive impact on the environment but also provide inspiration to local residents to adopt their own eco-friendly upgrades around the home. One area that many homeowners are looking at is replacing their antiquated water heater systems.
There are many homes around Nashville that are brimming with charm and personality because they were built in a bygone age. Although these homes might look great that doesn’t mean they are always as energy-efficient as they could be. Swapping out an old water heater for a system that incorporates new technology such as solar energy is a way to help a homeowner greatly reduce their monthly energy bills. Homeowners might also find that switching over to a more energy-efficient type of water heater makes them eligible for all kinds of rebates and tax credits. Those bonuses won’t last forever which means making the switch is best accomplished as soon as possible.
Just because you might be swapping out your old water heater for solar panel powered water heater doesn’t mean you need to reconfigure your entire plumbing system. A solar power water heater will be just as contained as your current water heater. The only thing that is really changing is the method by which your hot water is created. A solar fueled water heater collects the sun’s energy and feed it into fuel cells which are then used to power up the water heater. If this is an external tank then those same power sources from the sun will heat the water automatically and keep it in storage until you need it.
Switching over to a solar fueled water heater will most likely require the services of someone who is experienced in adapting those kinds of systems into pre-existing homes. Just as you would hire a professional plumber to install a new water heater system you should also be looking towards a professional junk hauler like Junk King Nashville to get rid of that old water heater tank. You can easily call upon Junk King Nashville to set up an appointment for the removal of the water heater and any other item you want to get rid of. Because they are professional they know all about keeping to a schedule and making sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. The quicker you install a new energy-efficient water heater the quicker you’ll be able to start saving on your energy bills.

Nashville Christmas Tree Disposal and Traditions Around the World

Christmas is that wonderful time of the year when friends and family get together to share special holiday traditions. These are the kinds of traditions that have been handed down from family to family and which everybody looks forward to. It might mean a special dinner on Christmas Eve or attending midnight mass at your local church. Christmas traditions also sometimes apply to how we exchange gifts. Large families sometimes pool together to do a secret Santa gift exchange where just one family member gives one gift to another. There are also many unique Christmas traditions that are celebrated around the world that you might find extremely unique.
There’s a village in England called Castleton, so named because of its location next to the Norman castle. Aside from that medieval history of this village it’s also situated near Peak Cavern. This is a huge cave chock full of stalagmites and stalactites that visitors can happily tour throughout the year. However, at Christmas time carolers gather at the entrance of the cave to warble out classic holiday tunes. This is because the acoustics in this spot are truly amazing. When you add a little candlelight to this spectacular it makes for a really memorable Christmas moment.
In Oaxaca, Mexico they celebrate Christmas by engaging in the Posadas which is a door-to-door procession that reenacts Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter back in Bethlehem. There is also a tradition here called the breaking of the plates where folks buy ceramic plates, gather around the cathedral and smash those plates to signify the end of the. Of course, no trip to this region of Mexico during the holiday would be complete without taking in the Noche de Rabanos or Night of the Radishes Festival. This is where farmers gather at the city square to show off their elaborate sculptures of nativity scenes and other figures all carved out of giant radishes. Once the winner of the festival has been named fireworks go off and a good time is had by all.
Another Christmas tradition that many people share around the world is decorating a Christmas tree. This favorite past time was handed down by German immigrants who began the tradition back in the 1600s of decorating a tree on Christmas Eve as a way to pay tribute to Adam and Eve. Today, modern Christmas tree decorators go out of their way to find new methods for sprucing up at Evergreen. There are some ornaments that are passed down from family to family while others take a more novel approach to hang it tree upside down. There are also single theme trees such as all Angels were all teddy bears or all silver and gold ornaments.
If you are bringing a live Christmas tree into your home you want to make sure that it stays watered and fresh throughout the holiday. The moment you take down your tree you should have made arrangements for a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to pick up that tree and take it away. This is not something you want to leave sitting out on your front lawn. Those same junk haulers can also do a great job of carting off all the extra boxes and debris that might have accumulated over the holiday season. It’s a great way to start the New Year with a clean house!

For the best in Nashville Christmas Tree Disposal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Nashville Appliance Disposal & Kitchen Remodeling

A popular choice for many folks to add value to their home is to remodel the kitchen. This is also the perfect time of year to get a kitchen remodel project going with the hopes of completing it before the holidays. If you’ve got a kitchen remodel on your calendar then you’re probably also looking at replacing some of your older appliances with newer models. Here’s what you might want to think about:
Refrigerators: This probably the most used appliance in the home. Can you imagine any day when you haven’t poked your head into the fridge to see what’s in there? This is exactly what you need to be thinking of when it comes time to buy a new fridge: How many people will be using this? If you’ve got a lot of folks living under one roof then you’re obviously going to need a large capacity model. Depending on the age range and mobility of those folks, you could base your decision based on things like whether or not you want a freezer on the top of the model or on the side. Having a door that can fit a gallon jug of milk or juice might be very important for families. You’ll also want to look for energy efficiency when it comes to picking out your new ice box.
Ovens/Stoves: Second to the fridge in terms of usage would be the stove and oven. Here you need to make the choice as to how serious you’ve going to get with your cooking. It might be that you’re already an accomplished cook. That could mean you are looking for a more professional model like a convection oven that distributes the heat evenly through the food. You might need more burners that the traditional four. There are also purists who will stick with gas flames as opposed to newer electric models which can get a pot of water boiling in 90 seconds.
Ventilation system: Along with the new stuff might be the need for an overhaul of your ventilation system. While it is true that a “hole in the wall is just a hole in the wall” how you choose to cover that hole can make all the difference in terms of your kitchen’s style. You’ll find that there are many choices for range hoods to pick from that can compliment a variety of décor options.
Dishwasher: Like the refrigerator, the size of your dishwasher should be determined by the size of your family. If there are a lot of folks sitting around the table for every meal then it will pay to have a large capacity dishwasher to help with the clean up.
As part of the kitchen remodel, you’re going to be pulling out those old appliances and cabinetry. To help with that cleanup, you should call upon the services of an experienced junk hauling team like Junk King Nashville to get rid of all that clutter. They will have the manpower and truck space to handle any Nashville appliance removal job. The quicker you can get rid of the old appliances the quicker the new appliances can be installed.

Haul Junk Out of Your Nashville Home, Make it Pet Friendly

There is a very simple way to bring an abundance of joy into your Nashville home: Welcome a new pet. While it is true that this requires some careful preparation and due diligence on your part, the rewards of unconditional love will be well worth the effort. For the most part, pets fall into two categories: passive or active. The passive varieties are those critters which are contained in cages, tanks or aquariums. Sure, they might seem busy in their own space but these are the kind of pets you can take out and toss the ball with. On the other hand, a cat or a dog would certainly fall into the active variety of pets.
In order to welcome a new dog or cat you first have to make sure your home is ready. The following are a list of steps to take to get the place ready for your new family member.
Gather the Supplies
You’re going to need the basics: water bowls, food bowls, treats and food. With a dog, you’ll have to add a leash and collar and with a cat a litter box. If you are rescuing a pet from a shelter (and you absolutely should!) try to find out what type of food they are eating there. That should be the same food you buy. You can ultimately make a switch but it should be a gradual transition. You might also want to consider setting up a sleeping spot for the pet with a small bed. You can entice them into the spot with those treats and they’ll take it from there. And don’t forget the toys!

Establish Boundaries
This is especially important if you’ll be sharing the responsibilities of the pet with other family members or a roommate. Who is going to do the walking? Who is in charge of changing the litter box? Whenever possible these should be shared responsibilities. Additionally, you should also establish the rules of the house. Will the pet be allowed on the sofa? In your bed? Will they be allowed to eat “people food?” Be clear and don’t stray from these boundaries.
Set Up Training
You might luck out and get a dog that is house broken but that doesn’t mean they will be completely trained. Every dog should learn the basics of “sit, stay and come.”  It’s best to work with a professional trainer to help you develop the proper skills but you can also use books or training DVDs to help out. As for training a cat, good luck with that!
Clean Out the Clutter
It won’t take long for you to discover whether or not your new pet is going to be a “chewer.”  Often a pet will chew on furniture or shoes or other household items because they are anxious when you’re not around or because “it’s there.” Bringing home a pet is great excuse to clean out the clutter of your home by calling on a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to assist you. Gather up all your junk and let the pros haul it away in one trip. You’ll have plenty of room then for your new pooch or feline to roam around in without the temptation of chewing! Leaving a bone behind wouldn’t hurt either!

Nashville Moving and Junk Hauling Tips

Moving into a new home or apartment can be an exciting time for any family in the Nashville area. It can also be a day filled with anxiety and stress but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more prepared you are for your move in the smoother the operation will become. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind as you approach your moving.
First of all, you should do your own packing. Not only will this save you money but it will also help you with the unpacking process because you’ll know where everything is. Which brings up the second tip: label everything. There are some organizational experts that recommend you keep a log of exactly which items go into what box and label the box accordingly. This might be a bit excessive. What is important is to make sure every box has a proper designation clearly written on the sides and top of the box. This should tell your movers exactly what box belongs in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.
Along those same lines, you need to make sure you have plenty of packing supplies. You’re going to need a lot of boxes. Whatever the number you have in your mind add at least 10 more to that. You should also have a couple of boxes on hand for last minute items. If you’re wrapping up fragile items don’t use newspaper because the ink can stain your item. It’s better to use unprinted paper or bubble wrap.
The moving company you hire will probably offer you wardrobe boxes for your clothes. These are great things to take advantage of. Not only can you hang up all your clothes but you can also fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with bulky lightweight items like computers or pillows.
Another handy tip for moving day is to use your own suitcases. You can fill up your luggage and duffel bags with lots of your clothes and bedding. You might also want to have a small overnight bag packed with all the items you’ll need to get you through that first night in your new Nashville home. The last thing you want to do is go through dozens of boxes looking for your toothbrush. As for your valuable items you should always consider taking these with you yourself. We’re talking about jewelry, important files or other mementos that you want to track of.
As you begin to pack up everything your own for the big move you might discover there is quite a lot of junk you really don’t want to be taking with you to your new place. That’s why it would be a great benefit to have a junk move day before the real move day. This can be accomplished by hiring a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to show up at schedule time to take away all this trash. By getting rid of your junk before the move you’ll be starting with a clean slate in your new home. Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of time to gather all new junk!

Nashville Junk Hauling – Use the Professionals

We’ve all come to accept the term “professional” as referring to someone who gets paid to perform a service. In professional sports like the NBA and the NFL recruiters line up on college campuses to snatch up the best players. Once those grads sign a contact, they’ve become a professional. There was a time when members of the U.S. Olympic team couldn’t be professional. That changed years ago with the Olympic basketball team when we decided it was better to win with a “dream team” then risk losing with a bunch of amateurs!
In our own lives, we seek out professionals all the time. When our car breaks down we want a professional mechanic, not some kid who has just taken auto shop in high school. If we’re looking to remodel our kitchen we want to hire a professional contractor. Do it yourself can only go so far! Think about it…  we surround ourselves by professionals: our doctors, our dentists, our lawyers even our kid’s piano teachers are all professionals. What about hauling away the junk from your Nashville home or business? Shouldn’t you have a professional for that job? Yes, there are actually some very dedicated and experience Nashville junk haulers who are extremely professional – Junk King.
Just because you’re hiring a professional junk hauler doesn’t mean they are going to show up in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase. Don’t worry; you’ll still get the guys with the work boots and gloves (although they will be wearing a clean Junk King uniform!) These professionals will be treating taking the junk out of your home as if it were their own home. This means they’re not going to coming barging in to yank things out by dragging them across your nice wood floors or carpet. Remember, they are professionals who have been trained in the proper methods of moving heavy items. The goals are to have no scrapes, dings or chips anywhere on your floors or walls. The only way you should know that your junk has traveled out of your house is by the gaping open space it leaves behind!
Along with hiring a professional comes the adage, “You get what you pay for.” Sure, anyone can take your money and call themselves a professional, but what are their standards? Any successful company stands on their reputation. Junk hauling is no different. If the junk hauling team that shows up to your house doesn’t behave in a professional manner, you’re not going to hire them again and you’ll probably tell everyone you know to stay away. That’s no way to run a business.
If you want to cut corners and hire someone hanging out at the local hardware store looking for work, you’ll be getting what you paid for. They won’t be insured or bonded like Junk King Nashville’s professional crew. Can you trust them to take care of your floors and walls? And will you even know where they’ll be dumping your junk? It wouldn’t be nice to have your old furniture tossed out by the side of the road. None of that will happen when you hire a professional junk hauling crew in Nashville like Junk King.
For the most professional in Nashville Junk Hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Junk King Nashville Blog

Hello Nashville! Welcome to the Junk King Nashville Blog. We have started this blog as a source for news and updates for our Nashville, TN Junk King Franchise.  Please keep posted, as we’ll be updating this blog frequently with various stories of interest about our industry, local Nashville news and more.

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