This Father’s Day Treat Dad To Junk Removal Session With Junk King

When kids are young, it falls to the parents to “help” out on the appropriate holidays. The dads are in charge on Mother’s Day to make sure breakfast in bed is served and flowers are in the vase. On Father’s Day, it is mom’s turn to coordinate with the kids to find a way to honor dad. This year, you might want to try something special. If you’re in charge of the Father’s Day gifts, then why not set up a junk removal session with Junk King Columbus.


A junk removal session might not sound like a fun gift on the surface but consider the result. By letting Junk King come into your home to take away all you unwanted rubbish you are actually freeing dad up from a chore that has been on his “to do” list. It might have even been on that list for some time. Just because he can’t move something out of the house doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to. Some of those removal jobs require extra help and a truck. That’s a lot to coordinate. But with Junk King, the only coordination is making a phone call.

When you set up your appointment with Junk King, you’ll first be asked what date works best for your schedule. Junk King doesn’t want to keep you waiting. That’s why they also occasionally offer same day pick-ups. Next, you’ll be asked what you’re getting rid of. You don’t have to provide an itemized list as much as give a sense of how big a job this is. If you’re getting rid of some furniture and a few other boxes, then the standard two-man crew can definitely handle that. On the other hand, if you need help with a hoarder level cleanup, then you’re going to need more crew and more trucks. Junk King can provide those. A recent gig took six movers and three trucks to complete.

When the crew shows up, you’ll show them all the things you want to get rid of and they’ll provide you with an estimate. That will be based on how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. One fee covers all the work.

This Father’s Day, you can make dad very happy by having Junk King take away all the rubbish in the house. Big relief.

Taking Care Of Old Bike Disposal And Junk Hauling

Before they took to the skies in the first flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright operated a bike repair shop in Dayton, Ohio. In fact, that bike shop was where they built the Wright Flyer. What kind of tinkering do you do out in your garage? You might not be building an airplane but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of projects done. It helps to have room to work. Are there things in your garage that would be better off out of your garage? Something like an old bike or discarded auto parts might not be able to be tossed in the trash but they can certainly be hauled away with one call to Junk King Columbus.


Getting rid of an old bike doesn’t mean you’ve give up on biking. It could be that the bike has been sitting around too long and gotten rusty. It could also be that it’s your kid’s bike that they outgrew. Whatever the reason, you don’t want that bike taking up valuable space in your garage any longer. The team from Junk King can quickly load up the bike onto their truck for disposal. If all you were getting rid of was an old bike, then the Junk King crew would be in and out in a matter of minutes. But as long as you have two movers why not put them to work with all your other junk hauling needs?

There is a lot that can be loaded onto the Junk King truck. Now is the time to get rid of an old couch or recliner. If you’ve gone through your closets, then you might have a lot of clothing, coats and shoes you can clear out. Give those to Junk King, too. They won’t end up in a trash heap. They’ll probably be dropped off at a local charity who can finds ways to turn those things around and put them to use again. That’s true for a lot of furniture and other household goods that you might get rid of. Start with getting rid of an old bike and end with home that is totally junk free. Junk King Columbus can make that happen today.

New Reviews Posted For Junk King Columbus

There are literally millions of new items posted online every single day. Everything from videos, to news articles, to stories and reviews are constantly being added. All of that information is also archived. That means it will be up for as long as the places where it was posted wants it to be up. When it comes to all of those reviews, they can be very helpful for anyone deciding to go to a new restaurant or hire a service professional. Supposed you interested in getting rid of some junk and want to hire someone to take care of this? You would benefit from reading the new reviews posted for Junk King Columbus. Here are a few:


“Great communication prior to starting the job and on time on the day of the job. Super workers… courteous, careful where it was necessary to be careful and worked nonstop! Couldn’t be more pleased with how they handled it all. I’ll definitely recommend them five stars.” – Kathy Sherman, Columbus

Every Junk King session will be staffed by a pair of those super workers. This is the team that is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. That’s a big relief right out of the gate!

“The young men who came and removed a lot of furniture and items from my house we’re very good. Fast and efficient. Very pleased. Would highly recommend them to their service and price.” – J.H., Galloway

“Junk King is prompt, efficient and you get the job done. I have recommended JK on many occasions and will continue to do so. Thanks for being a great business.” – B.K., Columbus

It is no accident that the word “efficient” is used repeatedly to describe how Junk King operates. That is going to be a huge plus for whatever you want to get rid of.

“I called in the morning by that afternoon I had a person at my house! I was not able to be there. Jake was the man who called me to give me the quote we worked out a deal and he hauled it all away. Not being able to be there concerned me. I drove past shortly after the job was done and was very impressed! Jake did such a wonderful job, he even got all the stray pieces. I would use this company over and over again. Quick, polite, and willing to work with you. All A’s in my book!” – Megan Higgins, Columbus

It will only take one session with Junk King Columbus to have you writing your own rave review. Are you ready to make that happen?

Fast Cleanup Services For Reynoldsburg

Winter wasn’t going to say good-bye to Ohio without one final storm. A major weather front swept through at the beginning of March that caused flooding over in Delaware County. This flooded forced the closure of some roads for up to ten days. Ironically, this stretch of State Route 229 is expected to flood during heavy rainstorms. It was designed that way. It’s part of the wildlife area on the northern part of Delaware Lake. Still, it’s never fun to be diverted. This is a reminder that Mother Nature will always have the last word.


In the last year, did your Reynoldsburg home suffer any storm damage? Flooding is a serious problem throughout Ohio and it requires a fast response for cleanup. That is exactly what Junk King Columbus can provide. This is the company you need to program into your cell phone just in case. Junk King strives to provide a fast response with any request for junk hauling but they know a storm cleanup needs to take priority especially when there has been flooding inside the home. All that water damaged furniture and carpeting needs to be pulled out before mold can start to grow. Once Junk King clears that out, you can begin the drying out process.

In between storm cleanup, Junk King provides all kinds of beneficial junk hauling throughout Reynoldsburg and Columbus. Each session is manned by two dedicated movers who show up with the right attitude and knowhow to get rid of any heavy piece of furniture, appliance or other household item that you want to get rid of.

As an added bonus, everything that Junk King collect has a chance to be recycled or donated. This is probably what you would do if you had a truck, movers and the time. Now, Junk King can take care of all of that for you.

Don’t hesitate to toss a challenge to Junk King. They’ve hauled away all kinds of rubbish from all kinds of spaces. You won’t surprise them with your sofa down in the basement or mattress up in the guest room. Fast cleanup services for Reynoldsburg are handled with one call to Junk King Columbus.

Spring Break Fun For The Family In Columbus

Spring break is a perfect excuse to do all those things in Columbus you always wanted to do but just didn’t have the time. With the kids off from school, you definitely want to find things that will keep them busy even for part of the day. Here are some terrific spring break fun things for the family:



There is a lot going on inside this 320,000 square-foot interactive science museum. There are exhibits devoted to space, the ocean, progress in technology between 1898 and 1962, energy, farm days, gadgets, and more. COSI also boasts a planetarium and Giant Screen Theater. There are always live shows to take in throughout the day. And if you’re feeling exceptionally brave, you can take a ride across the lobby in a high-wire unicycle.

North Market

The North Market has been opened since 1876. It has an amazing array of fresh foods, including house-made pastas, freshly baked breads, fresh meats and seafood and all kinds of ethnic cuisine. Don’t forget to pick up some delicious macarons from Pistacia Vera bakery for the trip home. Best approach: Walk through the market to see the options and then circle back to pick what you want.

Big Fun

If you haven’t been to this vintage toy store, then you’ve been missing out. Not only will your kids find something fun to play with but you’ll be taken on a trip down memory lane with all the vintage toys and games they have as part of their collection.

Central Ohio’s Greenway Trails.

On the Greenway Trails you can bring your own bikes or rent some then explore nearly 180 miles of greenway trails. These trails don’t just provide scenic views but can also take you right through downtown Columbus. It’s the perfect way to see the city.

Something else you might not have had time for is getting rid of the bulky junk items from your home. This is one of those jobs that requires help and you can find that help from Junk King Columbus. The two-man crew from Junk King will quickly remove all the things you want to get rid of from your home. This is the most efficient way to get rid of your junk. Before you head out on your spring break fun, let Junk King Columbus get rid of all your unwanted rubbish once and for all.

Fast Junk Clean Up For Upper Arlington

Recently boulders rolled down from the hillside on Route 7 in southern Ohio. These rocks were as wide as a highway lane and brought traffic to a halt. Ohio Department of Transportation scrambled into action with crews working around the clock to break up the boulders and clear the road. It’s nice to know there is a rapid response when these kinds of emergencies crop up. What about around your own home? Do you have a list of Upper Arlington service pros that you call on when you need a fast fix? You should definitely add Junk King Columbus to that list. These are professional junk haulers that are standing by to spring into action and to help you clear out your rubbish.


Junk King understands the importance of clearing out storm damage like flood carpets or fallen tree limbs. You can’t get on with your life until those things are taken care of. When you call in Junk King, you’re actually calling in two strong movers. This is a team with a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of objects. They know how to handle storm damage and don’t mind getting their hands dirty to get the job done.

Not every junk clearing session with Junk King has to be an emergency situation. You might decide that it’s time to finally get rid of some of the unwanted things you have in your home. The team from Junk King can be a be help hauling out sofas, recliners, futons and baby furniture. If you want to sort through your closets and garage, then you’re sure to have a lot of things you’d like to get rid of. All of that can be turned over to Junk King.

Part of Junk King’s removal service includes responsible disposal of all the things that take in. Responsible means doing what’s good for the environment. For Junk King, that means making drop offs at recycling centers or charities. This is probably the kind of effort you would go through if you had the truck, manpower and time. Junk King has all of that ready to go to work. Getting rid of your rubbish in Upper Arlington is fast work when Junk King Columbus is on the job.

Get Your Garden Ready For Growing

Do you think your garden would ever be magazine cover worthy? There have been plenty of amateur gardens that have graced the cover of magazines and they’re usually created by homeowners with a green thumb as opposed to professional landscapers. It is time to get your garden ready for growing. Here’s what you’ll need to focus on in the coming weeks.



Sharp, well-defined bed edges elevate any garden. A deep trench between your lawn and flower beds is a good way to go. Not only will it enhance the overall feel of your garden but it’s great to watering, too. You could skip the edging all together if all your flowers and veggies are confined to wooden beds. Short of that, start cleaning up those edges.

Pruning Roses

Roses are always a welcome addition to any garden. They can become the main flower or just an accent. No matter how many rose buses you have, now is the time you will want to prune those bushes before new shoots are more than 1/2-inch long. Pruning gives a plant some much-needed “breathing room.”


Weeding is one of those garden tasks that never seem to end. You might be able to mitigate your weed problem this year by pulling up as many of the winter weeds as you can get your hands on. Use a pre-emergent herbicide containing corn gluten to disrupt weed seed germination for up to three months.


Stakes help tall plants flourish. They’re also a big benefit to certain vegetables like tomatoes and beans. It’s a good idea to get those stakes in the grown before the growth is too small. You could even stake before any seedlings go in. This can help you map out you entire garden plan.


If you’re already seeing some new growth, then fertilizer you put down now should be low numbers. You don’t want to overwhelm the plants with a blast of fertilizer. However, if the soil is clean and you’re just prepping, then you can go for more nutrient fertilizer to mix throughout your soil. Just give it a few weeks to sink in.

Clear Debris

As you clean, prune and trim you’re going to create a lot of yard waste to throw out. That might fill up your trashcan but what about the other things you want to get rid of? What if you need to toss out a lawnmower or crusty grill? That is when Junk King Columbus can be a big help. The two-man moving crew assigned to your session can do some awesome debris clearing around every corner of your yard. Get your garden ready for growing with a little yard waste removal help from Junk King Columbus.

Fast And Affordable Junk Removal In Bexley

Recently, ODOT hosted a Central Ohio Litter Summit with community leaders to address the growing problem of trash along Ohio’s highways. You’ve probably noticed a lot of trash out on the roads. It is a problem that ODOT says is out of control. “It keeps coming back. It’s back the next week as soon as we pick it up,” ODOT rep Joel Hunt told a local news station.


Where is the trash coming from? Sadly, a lot of sources. Specifically, people driving with uncovered loads, people not using garbage bags in their cans and drivers simply throwing trash out the window. Sherri Palmer, who works with Keep Columbus Beautiful says, “We can’t keep up. We can’t continue to pay people to clean up. Everyone has to take responsibility.”

This is not just a problem of how it looks but also of what it costs. According to ODOT, they spend up to $4 million a year picking up trash. That is $4 million that could have gone for more snow plows or paving roads in Bexley. In addition to those costs, the trash is also clogging drains. That in turn can lead to unnecessary flooding. What kind of impression does all that garbage make on visitors? You can only imagine that anyone coming to Bexley or Columbus and seeing that trash aren’t going to want to invest here.

ODOT is putting together a list of trash hot spots. Once targeted, those areas can be bolstered with more garbage cans and focused cleaning. The common wisdom is that if an area looks clean, people are less likely to litter there.

How can you help? Don’t abandon any furniture or appliance on the curb. The hope is someone will happen along to pick it up but that rarely happens and it causes further work for the city. Instead, bring in Junk King Columbus. They’ll be able to haul away any amount of rubbish you want to get rid of regardless of size or weight. Even if all your rubbish is out of sight in a garage or basement, you should still consider getting rid of it the right way. The best approach to any kid of junk removal in Bexley is to put Junk King Columbus on the task.


Home Improvements That Provide The Best ROI

The initial investment you make in your home is the money you put down for the closing costs. Every time you make another payment on the mortgage, you are making another investment. All those repairs you make, no matter how small, can also be considered an investment. That is the baseline of investments but a home rarely stays in the same condition as when you moved in. There is always room for improvement. Here are some home improvements that provide the best ROI.


Creating An Additional Room

Is every space in your home being utilized? An unfinished basement or attic could become an additional bedroom. What makes a bedroom functional is having a closet. That would be easy to create in either one of those spaces. A detached garage could become an additional room as well that works as a guest bedroom or office. With those types of improvements, you will instantly be able to change the listing of your home, which in turn can increase the value.

Open Floor Plan

One of the most attractive features for a homebuyer is an open floor plan. You’ll find that nearly every new home built today utilizes this design element. How can you make that happen in your home? Check the wall that closes off the kitchen from the rest of the house. If it isn’t a load-bearing wall, then consider knocking it down to open up that space. Now you can connect a dining room to the kitchen or extend a family room.

Patio Upgrade

If all you have leading down to the backyard are some steps, then you might want to focus on a patio upgrade. You can create an attractive space with concrete tiles or a wood deck. Add planters, comfy patio furniture, a dining area and a nice grill and you’ve created an extension of your living space.

Every home improvement project you undertake should begin with a call to Junk King Columbus. This isn’t a construction company but a professional junk hauling service. Junk King will provide you with movers and a truck that will allow you to clear out rubbish from the garage, attic and basement. That will help you get ready for those improvement projects. They can also do a full sweep of the backyard to remove any type of yard debris. Home improvements should always start with a junk removal session from Junk King Columbus.

Ohio State Brings Attention To Its Zero Waste Plans

Recently the defending National Champion Ohio State Synchronized Swimming team played host to the fight annual Zero Waste event that featured the talent swimmers performing in a variety of routines to the delight of all those in attendance. Although it is great to see these athletes in action at any time, this even helped shine a spotlight on Ohio State’s plans for achieving the goal of zero waste.


The plan is for the campus to reach zero waste by 2025. That would mean diverting at least 90 percent of all collected waste away from a landfill and into some form of recycling program. A lot of that waste can be used to create energy or as compost to help grow food. Fan in attendance at the event had access to six new zero waste bins. These bins each have three compartments. One for recycling, compost and landfill. Volunteers were on hand to help with the sorting and a good time was had by all.

Getting to zero waste beyond Ohio State will mean involving homeowners, businesses and the community at large on a grand scale. Resources like the bins provided at Ohio State would have to distributed throughout the region. Everyone would need to pitch in to do their part to sperate the trash that they’re tossing out. Much like recycling paper and plastics, it won’t be hard to get into the zero waste routine.

There are already companies hard at work in support of the zero waste philosophy. One of those companies is Junk King Columbus. As a junk hauling service, Junk King is presented with the landfill option for disposal every day. Thankfully, that is an option they prefer to turn down. Instead of a drop off at a landfill, the Junk King crews often will turn over the items they collect to certified recycling centers or charities. Yes, donating to a charity counts as recycling.

All of these drop offs add hours to the work day for the crew but that’s nothing you have to be concerned about. You also don’t have to designated which items could be recycle. The Junk King crews handle all that work. One of the best zero waste partners in Ohio is Junk King Columbus. Put them to work clearing your clutter today.