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Spring Cleaning Tips In Columbus Ohio

The official first day of spring has come and gone. It was March 30th. Did you get your spring-cleaning done yet? If you’ve been putting off the job, you’re not alone. What’s interesting is that many of the folks who hate cleaning (that means everyone!) miss out on the simple tips which make that chore easier to manage. In other words, if it doesn’t become such a hassle you’ll keep your home sparkling.

To organize your major spring-cleaning effort, you’ll want to get all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Yes, make a list! The last thing you want to do is run back and forth to the store to get stuff in the middle of the cleaning. A good item to add to that list is a bucket or tray they lets you carry your supplies from room to room. You see all the professional maids use these handy item. Having your cleaning supplies with you as you go will make the job go faster!

First off, strip the beds and get those sheets and blankets in the washer. While those cycles are running, hit the dusting circuit. You want to take everything off of shelves and give it a good wipe down. There are dusters with extension polls that are perfect for clearing out cobwebs, ceiling fans or dusting baseboards. When the dusting is done, it’s time for vacuuming, sweeping and moping. Here is when you want to make sure the pets are at day care and the kids are at the movies. This way you have the room to move around and get the work done without moving obstacles.

As you make your way through your home you’re probably going to discover a lot of stuff that can be tossed out. It won’t take long to overflow your garbage cans. What happens if you still have stuff to get rid of?   Also, how about those large junk items that you can’t simply toss in the garbage can, like appliances, furniture items, e-waste, yard debris and more.  You don’t want to improperly dispose of hazardous electronics, and you also don’t want to hurt yourself trying to haul huge items to the curb.   That would bring your entire spring cleaning operation to a screeching halt.

It’s times like this when you should call in Junk King Columbus. These are the Columbus, Ohio based junk removal specialists who have taken junk removal to a whole new level. The Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading for you while you can keep on handling your spring cleaning operation.

This means if you want to get rid of a sofa or fridge they can handle the job. They’ll be putting all that oversize junk on the back of their truck. As soon as your stuff is all loaded up, the Junk King crew will head out to the nearest recycling center to make sure it’s all properly disposed of.

You can’t really call your home totally clean for the spring if it still has junk sitting all over the place. Let Junk King Columbus take care of that for you!

How To Buy & Get Rid of Old Appliances in Columbus

The one appliance that probably gets the biggest workout in your home has got to be your refrigerator. Think how many times during the course of an average day when those doors are swung open and closed. What about all the stuff that is taken in and out putting stress on the shelves and door compartments? It’s also an appliance that uses up a lot of energy. On your list of major kitchen appliances the refrigerator is probably the first one that will need replacing as time goes by. If you’re at that point now then you can look forward to a lot of great options to pick from in terms of buying a new refrigerator.
The basic refrigerator designs fall into four categories. They are:
  • Side By Side
  • Wide Side By Side
  • Top Freezer Model
  • Bottom Freezer Model
With a side-by-side refrigerator you’ll find you have much more storage space for your food and frozen items. Part of the design features on these types of refrigerators allows for various temperature controls in different zones within the refrigerator. This let you keep your vegetables crisper while not freezing your iced tea. These adjustments in temperature also allows you to keep your food longer.
All of the new models also feature storage layout designs that have the typical family’s needs in mind. This means all the popular items like milk gallons or soda liters can easily fit into door compartments. Another new feature based on consumer input is what is referred to as a “spill catching shelf.” This helps prevent any spill from dripping down throughout the entire refrigerator. If something does drip out now it can be contained. All of the shelving units should also be adjustable which means you can customize the layout of your refrigerator anyway you like.
There was a time when the only way to get ice from a refrigerator was to fill up a plastic ice cube tray and wait for it to freeze over. Now most modern refrigerators come with built-in ice makers and water dispensers. These are available in very basic models or with ice machines that have plenty of bells and whistles in terms of what kind of ice cube you would like in your drink.
If you’re the type of person who doesn’t make much use of the freezer compartment in your refrigerator then maybe a bottom freezer is the best type of design for you. It all comes down to a matter of convenience. One of the primary factors for car buying is the placement of a cup holder. That same attitude prevails in the refrigerator market: it’s all about the little touches that matter.
As soon as you’ve picked out your refrigerator and schedule the delivery date you want to make sure that the old icebox will be taken away in time. You’ll be able to do this when you hire a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Columbus who will show up on time to take away your old refrigerator. The big issue then becomes how will you celebrate the new refrigerator? Could a dinner party be in your future?

Columbus Refrigerator Disposal

Here’s something you don’t hear every day, “Honey, can you pass me that side of beef?”  That’s a lot of meat. However, it’s not all that unusual for families with healthy appetites to consume that much beef in a year, at a minimum. One way to keep food costs down is by actually ordering up a side of beef from a butcher then freezing the different parts. Want some steak for dinner? You’re covered. Need some ground beef for tacos? Not a problem. You’ll find that having that much frozen beef on hand could actually get your through six to eight months of meals.
Of course the question then becomes where are you going to put all that frozen meat? Most folks around Columbus, Ohio have figured out that having a dedicated freezer is the way to go. This can be a unit that’s kept in the garage or basement and can always be kept stocked. Even if you want to adapt your current fridge for some bulk frozen items you might not have the room. Perhaps it’s time for a new refrigerator. As you plan for that, you should also plan on removing the old ice box with a crew that is dedicated to refrigerator disposal – Junk King Columbus.
You might have found it easy to pull your fridge away from the wall to do a quick mop up. Moving that appliance a couple of feet is nothing compared to carrying out the front door and loading it up on a truck. To accomplish that you need muscle, experience and the right equipment. Do have those items at your disposal? And don’t forget the truck to take it all away. Simply put, it just makes sense to hire a local based Columbus refrigerator disposal company like Junk King to haul off that unit.
Some folks have decided they don’t need to get rid of their old refrigerator when it can live in the garage or on the back porch. Typically this occurs when they weren’t able to move it any further! The problem with your own disposal is that you might be breaking the law. There is a statue on the books in Columbus that prohibits anyone from having a refrigerator on their property that isn’t being used to food storage without taking off the door or locking it. Even if you don’t have kids within a twenty mile radius of your place, you could still get into trouble by leaving busted fridge with its door on.
Now it wouldn’t make sense for a business to only remove old refrigerators. Chances are that the Columbus company you contact to take away the fridge can also haul other large items as well. Do you have a sofa that needs to be taken away? What about some junk in the garage? Maybe the old fridge has a “cousin”  in the form of a rusted stove or broken washing machine. Getting rid of one major piece of junk could mean clearing out a whole bunch of junk. Then you’ll defiantly have room for that side of beef!
For the best in refrigerator disposal services, or any hauling job, simply call Junk King Columbus at 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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