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Junk King North Houston Disaster Recovery

How Spring Cleaning Can Give You A Leg Up On Disaster Recovery

If disaster recovery is not something you want to struggle with after the next big storm, be proactive. Take steps now to remove extra junk that will slow things down in the future. Reach out to us here at Junk King North Houston today and save $20 while you’re at it! It you want some extra tips on how you can maximize your spring cleaning efforts, then read our blog below!

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Business owners, especially small business owners, need to be prepared to deal with disasters. Whether it’s a flood, a hurricane, or a data breach, disasters cost you money and damage your reputation. The longer it takes to get back up and running, the more profits you’re going to lose.

There are a lot of ways to prepare for disasters. Many companies create disaster recovery plans that outline how to react to different disasters, including who is in charge of what aspect of recovery. However, having one of these plans in place isn’t the only thing you can do. In fact, some regular tasks that seem to have nothing to do with disaster recovery can help you be ready. One such task is spring cleaning. Annual spring cleaning can help you prepare for disasters and disaster recovery in a few different ways.


You Have Less Junk to Deal With

When a natural disaster hits your office, warehouse, or other physical location, you’re going to have a giant mess to deal with. The more stuff you have, the more you’ll have to sort through. Storm damage cleanup is going to take days or even weeks, and that time will only be extended if you have a large amount of stuff to go through. If you regularly sort out the stuff you don’t need and have it picked up by a junk hauling service like Junk King, you’ll have less to deal with. We deal with furniture removal and much more at any time of the year.

Some businesses end up with a basement, back room, or other space that becomes a catch-all for old furniture, product, and other items that you aren’t using. You may put away a few of these items with the intention of using them later or saving them for a time of need. However, if you’ve had desks, chairs, and other items in this space for over a year, chances are you don’t really need them any longer. Why keep them? They’re just taking up space that you could actually make use of. During disaster clean up, you’ll likely just toss these things anyway, even if they did survive.

Getting rid of them now means that they don’t necessarily end up in the garbage. Instead, if you have furniture that’s in good shape, it can be donated. You can send these old items to a new home where someone will get some use out of them.


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Spring Cleaning Improves Disaster Recovery Efforts

Going through your office, store, or other space once a year and getting rid of old things you don’t need can actually help you avoid some disasters. For example, while you’re pulling out boxes full of stuff you don’t need, you might notice some of them have water damage. If you know the boxes didn’t have signs of this before, it likely means you have a leak somewhere. You can get a professional in to do some investigating and find out what needs to be repaired or replaced. While you won’t be able to avoid all disasters this way, you can save yourself from dealing with a flooded basement.

Finding sources of moisture in your workspace can also lead to discovering black mold. This is a completely different type of disaster that can do more than just damage your office and your inventory. It can cause severe health problems for your employees and your customers. If you’ve found black mold, you’ll have to shut down while the entire space is remediated. In addition to losing that time, you may also get a reputation as having a dirty office. Customers may no longer want to visit your office or shop in your store. If you’re in the restaurant business, this can be especially crippling since you may also incur health department fines. This is one of those spring cleaning tips that can actually save you a lot of money.

In fact, by doing some in-depth spring cleaning, you may be able to improve the working conditions for your employees. You may not have any mold to deal with, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t dust all around your office or workspace. Moving furniture to vacuum or sweep under it once a year is going to reveal a lot of this dust. You may also find a good amount of dust in storage rooms as you take inventory of what’s in there. Getting this all out at once will help improve air quality.


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You Can Get Organized

As part of your spring cleaning checklist, you should include organizing as well as sorting through old items. This can save you a great amount of time during a disaster because you’ll have an idea where everything was. While some things may shift if you’re dealing with a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake, you’ll have at least a general idea of where things should be. You’ll know your products were in one space, your files in another, and so on. You’ll be able to focus on recovering the most important things first.

This is also a good time to sort out your vital documents and create backups of them. Scan these documents and save them to a cloud so you have a digital version you can access from anywhere. You may want to invest in a fire-proof safe for the originals. During your spring cleaning, you can go through those documents to ensure that you still need them and to update them as necessary. You can also look at what new paperwork you have from the past year to determine if any of it should be added to the safe. Keep a list of what documents you have in the safe in your disaster recovery plan, which should be available in the cloud so it’s available outside of your physical office.


Put Items in a Safe Location

While you’re spring cleaning, you may find some junk to get rid of, but you may also find things that you do need to keep but aren’t in a good location. As you’re organizing, look for things that shouldn’t be on the floor or shouldn’t be on a high shelf. For example, if you have boxes of important papers but need to store them in the basement, you may want to put them on a shelf so they remain dry if the basement were to flood.

On the other hand, if you have fragile products, those likely need to go on lower shelves. This way, they may survive an earthquake since they won’t have as far to fall to the floor. Heavy items also need to be stored down low so they won’t fall off and hit someone. You may typically try to store items in a safe manner, but sometimes, you just don’t have the time to organize your shelves correctly. Spring cleaning is a great time to move things around so that the heavy and fragile items are on lower shelves. It will help keep them safe during a disaster while also protecting your employees.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


How Should You Get Rid of Old Stuff?

Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning list, you may have a stack of stuff that you don’t want to keep. You could search for junk removal near me, but you may not necessarily find a quality junk hauling service that way. Instead, reach out to Junk King. We handle junk removal in North Houston and the surrounding areas plus so much more. We will haul off just about anything as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous materials.


Why Junk King of North Houston?

There are several reasons why you should choose junk king for your garbage, old furniture, and appliance removal. In addition to taking just about anything, including old hot tubs, yard waste, and DIY construction waste, we also make the process as simple as possible. You can call us to request an estimate, but we also offer online booking and even estimates via text. We can also come do estimates in person, which is often useful for our commercial clients who may have rooms full of old stuff to get rid of. Whenever possible, we will bring one of our large hauler trucks with us so we can get to work right away if you agree to the estimate.

All of our quotes are done for free, and there are no hidden costs or extra fees charged at the end. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. There is no obligation to accept the quote.


We Donate and Recycle

If you have old office furniture or other items that are still in good shape, we will sort them out at our warehouse and donate them to one of our local charities or other organizations that help those in need. This is one of the best reasons to do spring cleaning instead of waiting for a disaster. You’re not likely to find much intact during hurricane debris cleanup. By cleaning out these old items now, you give them a second life. If we can’t donate it, we will recycle it. In the end, only a small amount of what we collect actually ends up in the dump.


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Want to know more about what Junk King of North Houston can do for you? Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865.


Junk King North Houston Appliance Disposal

Appliance Disposal for Old Appliances in North Houston

Anyone looking for appliance disposal in North Houston can click on the link below and schedule your pick up now! Plus, you can save $20 instantly! If you want to learn more about what we do here at Junk King North Houston when we dispose of old appliances, then please read on!

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While no one wants to replace their refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, or other major appliance, unfortunately, you will likely have to do so from time to time. There may be times you willingly buy a new appliance in order to upgrade, but most people do tend to wait to do that until an appliance breaks down. When this occurs, you will need to purchase a new item and figure out how to deal with appliance disposal. It’s not always easy to get rid of an old appliance. Some of them have chemicals in them that have to be dealt with, while others are bulky and heavy to move.

When you’re ready to dump an old appliance, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for dealing with these appliances and how you can get rid of them.


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Is the Appliance Beyond Repair?

First, do you really need to replace the old appliance? Some repairs are fairly minor and can get you many more years of use out of the appliance. With dryers, for example, sometimes the issue is a small fuse that can be replaced in about five minutes and only costs a few dollars. Other times, however, the entire motor seizes up. When that occurs, it’s time to look for a replacement.

The main thing to consider when deciding if you should repair or replace an old appliance is cost. Some repairs are simply so costly that it makes more financial sense to replace the appliance. This is especially true if the appliance is fairly old. Even if it’s a little more to buy a replacement, you’re getting a newer model that may be more energy efficient. This could result in a net gain in the long run by lowering your energy bills.


Does Delivery Include Appliance Disposal?

Some companies are willing to deliver a new appliance and remove the old one. This old appliance removal often includes an additional charge, however. This extra cost may be more than you’re willing to pay. You also don’t know what will happen with the old appliance. Will it be sent to the landfill, or will the company send it to a recycling center? Few of these big box stores work with recycling partners, so you may be sending your old appliance straight to the dump.

If you’re having your HVAC unit replaced, it’s likely that the professionals doing so will handle the old furnace removal. You can only have these units worked on by those who are certified to do so. Unlike with other appliances, you know you’ll have experts delivering and installing your new furnace or air conditioning unit, so you can reasonably expect them to haul off the old junk. The same is usually true for hot water heater removal and other major household systems. However, there are some that may charge you a fee for this. If you handle the removal and disposal yourself, you may be able to save some money.


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Where Do You Store the Old Appliance?

If the store delivering your new appliance doesn’t offer to haul away the old one or you don’t want them to, what do you do with it? You’ll need to find some place to store the old appliance. Most people would put it in the garage. However, if your garage is on the small side or is fairly full, you may not have space to put it there and still park your car.

In that case, you may decide to put the old appliance outside on your back porch or even at the curb. After all, what does it matter if your old refrigerator or stove gets rained on? If you do this, make certain you tape the doors shut. You don’t want anyone or anything to get trapped inside. In fact, you may even want to take the doors off if that’s an option. There’s always the risk that kids will play in old appliances or that an animal will get trapped inside.


Using Bulk Trash Pickup

Some people put their appliances out for the city to pick up on bulk trash day. While this sounds like a very easy solution to appliance disposal, there are a few downsides. First, you have to get the old appliance out of your home and down to the curb. This can be very difficult if you live by yourself. You don’t want to hurt yourself or cause others to get hurt, which can easily happen if you’re dealing with old refrigerators or washing machines. If the appliance is on the second floor or in your basement, it can be even more difficult, and the risk of injury greatly increases.

Then there’s the fact that Houston only offers bulk waste pickup every other month. If you miss the scheduled pickup day, you’ll have to wait until the next one rolls around. This means you may have that old appliance sitting around for almost two months. It will take up space and can present a risk if you have kids or small animals. If you leave it outside, there’s always the risk you could be fined if it can be seen from the street. Those who live in neighborhoods with an HOA will want to be especially careful with putting old appliances out.


junk removal service recycling


Will the City of Houston Recycling Program Take Appliances?

The City of Houston provides its residents with a green recycling bin they can use to recycle plastics, paper, glass, and other basic items. While some metals such as tin and aluminum are accepted by the Houston recycling program, they don’t accept any appliances, cords, hoses, scrap metal, or other things related to appliances. If you want to recycle appliances, you’ll have to handle it yourself.


Going to a Recycling Center

One option is to take these appliances to a recycling center. However, again, there’s the issue of you doing all the work. You have to deal with things such as water softener removal. These systems aren’t as bulky as a refrigerator, but they’re still on the heavy side. If you’re not having the system replaced, you’ll have to figure out how to disconnect everything from your home, too. If you’re not comfortable doing that, you’ll have to pay someone.

Another concern is getting your old appliances to the recycling center. If you don’t have a truck or a large SUV, you may not be able to fit them in your vehicle. Dealing with small appliances isn’t that difficult—you could easily deal with microwave recycling. However, there may be no way for you to get a refrigerator, large chest freezer, or hot water heater to the recycling location. Also, there’s once again the issue of getting the old appliance out and into your vehicle. Lifting refrigerators into the bed of a truck is going to take several strong people.


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Avoid All the Trouble—Call Junk King of North Houston!

Why bother with all of the work and effort that goes into appliance disposal? Instead of trying to do it all yourself, call Junk King of North Houston. Our team is experienced in everything from dealing with large chest freezers to handling water softener removal. We will cart the items out of your home quickly and safely, ensuring that your home isn’t damaged and that no one gets hurt. Our services are available year-round, and there are no restrictions like there are on Houston recycling or bulk waste pickup.


We Do More than Dispose of Old Appliances

Junk King deals with more than just old appliances. We will also haul off old furniture, busted electronics, yardwork and construction debris, and much more. If it’s not hazardous, we can deal with it. We’re a one-stop junk hauling service. You won’t need to worry about finding multiple companies to haul off different items. We do it all from air conditioner removal to sectional sofa disposal.


We Recycle Old Appliance Components

We know you don’t want to add anything to the local landfill, and we don’t either. Junk King is dedicated to recycling as much as we possibly can. Beyond that, we will actually donate anything that still works or is in good condition to one of our partner organizations in Houston. If you’re simply upgrading your refrigerator and the old one is still running, we’ll find someone who can use it. The same goes for any other appliance or piece of furniture. We don’t want anything to go to waste.

When something isn’t functional, we send it off to one of our local recyclers. We work with them to disassemble appliances into their smaller, more easily recycled components. We even have professionals who handle the removal of refrigerants and other chemicals, so they are disposed of safely. All of this is done at no additional charge to you.


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Call Junk King North Houston for Appliance Disposal Today

If you have a few old appliances that you need to get rid of, give us a call. For a few appliances, we can likely give you a quote over the phone, plus you can text us pictures if we need a little more information. We can also give you a quote in person. When we do, we usually come in one of our large trucks, so we can haul away your old appliances right away if you accept the estimate. To get the process started, call us at 1-888-888-JUNK, text us at 1-737-888-5865, or book online.


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