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Santa Ana Debris Removal

Fire season is upon us and it’s never too early to be proactive when it comes to protecting your property. The first thing you might want to consider is your foundation. If your siding touches the ground it could become an issue for floating embers. Those embers could spark that siding. That’s why you should have at least six-inch clearance between you siding and the ground. There is a reason for exposed concrete! Flying embers can also find their way into open vents or crawlspaces. You want to make sure the mesh coverings are in a good shape and have mesh screening designed to block embers. Finally, you want to make sure your yards are clear of debris. For that task, you can call on Junk King for fast and safe debris removal.


Sometimes we put things in storage that we completely forget about. That’s common with attics and closets in spare rooms. However, you could also store some items under a porch or behind a garage that could end up being combustible. Things like lumber scraps, wood or construction waste could easily be ignited by those flying embers. That’s the kind of debris removal that Junk King excels at. When the two-man Junk King crew is put to the task, all that clutter can be pulled out and loaded up.

Fire hazards can also be found with dry brush. If you have growth that isn’t green around your property, you might want to consider pulling it out. The Junk King crews aren’t landscapers. However, they are haulers. They’ll be able to take away massive amounts of yard waste that has been pulled up or chopped down. You definitely don’t want to keep that stuff sitting around.

As long as Junk King is helping with debris removal in your yards, they can certainly perform the same task around the inside of your home. Any broken or unused item that you’ve been hanging onto can finally be tossed out thanks to Junk King. You just have to tell the crew what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest. Junk King will also be doing its part to keep the rest of Santa Ana a clean as possible. They’ll accomplish this by keeping the bulk of your junk out of local landfills and instead direct it towards recycling centers or charities. All it takes for total debris removal around your property is a call to Junk King.