Pittsburgh Christmas Tree Disposal – Don’t Let It Sit Any Longer!

There are some stores that across the country that keep Christmas alive all year long. You can wander in over the summer and stock up on all your ornament needs for the coming season. Of course, these types of stores work best in cities where there are heavy tourist traffic. For the rest of us, our holiday decorations are packed up and put away by the end of January. The last thing to go is the tree. If you’re still struggling with your Christmas tree disposal, then one call to Junk King can resolve the issue.


After they’ve loaded up your Christmas tree, that same Junk King crew can also work wonders with the removal of the rest of your junk. Yes, you’ll have a two-man moving crew at your disposal when you hire Junk King. This is the crew who will be doing the actual lifting and loading work. Whether you want a sofa brought up from the basement, an AC taken out of the window or a trunk brought down from the attic, the Junk King crew will be able to handle the situation.

Maybe you’re finally ready to clear out all the clutter in your garage. If this is where you keep your decorations then you probably were reminded of the clutter when you went searching for the ornaments this year. You’ll feel a lot better when you can organize and declutter your garage with help from Junk King. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away and it will be gone!

In addition to all the help with junk removal from inside your home, Junk King can also provide assistance with yard cleanup. Even with the snow, there are plenty of things to get rid of outside from rusty patio furniture to rotten wood to construction materials. Everything can make its way onto the back of the Junk King truck.

As for pricing, Junk King is only going to charge you a flat fee based on an estimate of volume. Before they start the work, they’ll size up what you want removed to see how much space it will take up on the truck. That will be become your fee and it will include all the costs. It will also be surprisingly affordable! If you need quick Christmas tree disposal or any kind of junk removal, Junk King is the call to make.