National Home Improvement Month in Pittsburgh, PA

When you think of home improvement things like remodeling a kitchen or repainting the interiors spring to mind. Those are great projects but they can also be very disruptive. Perhaps the best approach to home improvement this summer is to start small with junk removal. You might consider getting rid of your junk a big job because of how heavy and bulky some of those objects are. However, when you turn that task over to Junk King, you’ll find that getting rid of junk isn’t all that complicated.


The first thing you have to do is decide what you want hauled away. There might be some obvious choices like an old sofa down in the basement or busted fridge out in the garage. Those will be no problem for your two-man Junk King moving crew but why stop there? You can go deeper. Take advantage of that crew by sorting through all the clothes in your closet and get rid of anything you’re no longer wearing. That applies to shoes, sweaters and jackets, too! Next, head out to the garage to see what you can get rid of from in there. Maybe there are old auto parts, tires, sports equipment and other household goods you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. It can all go to Junk King. But, wait! You can get rid of more.

Take a walk around the outside of your home. Is there anything out there that could be hauled off? Maybe there is a child’s playset that has been abandoned because the kids have outgrown it. Maybe there is a pile of lumber or wood next to the garage. Maybe there is an old tool shed that is beginning to fall down. If something needs to be taken apart, that won’t be a problem for Junk King.

Everything that is collected by Junk King has a chance at being put to use once again. That’s because the Junk King crews will be able to pull out any item that could be donated to a charity or dropped off to a nearby recycling center. That is all part of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policy that has been in effect since they began collecting junk over ten years ago. Your home improvement doesn’t have to be a major makeover. Instead, try junk removal with Junk King.