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Using Dumpster Rentals for Real Estate Junk Removal in Pittsburgh

In the world of real estate, few undertakings are quite as complex as the management of investment properties. There are many facets to this process whether tenants occupy the buildings or not, and they all require equal amounts of attention to safeguard your investment.

Regardless of where you are in the management process, many situations could arise where you would face the need to quickly remove a large amount of junk from one of your properties. It could be that you’ve purchased a foreclosed home from the bank and need to clear away the accumulated debris and detritus inside. Maybe you’ve had a tenant break their lease and leave a rental property in a state of serious disarray — or maybe you want to begin a reno project to prepare a property.

In each of these scenarios, these projects will generate a large amount of waste and other junk. That is not typically the type of thing you can just leave on the curb for the trash service to collect. In fact, in some municipalities, it may be against the rules to leave out so much trash. When you need a simple way to tackle a big job like this in Pittsburgh, dumpster rentals could offer the ideal choice instead of trying to throw it away over several weeks. Why would this choice be the right one? There are several reasons to consider.

Streamline the process of cleaning up a property

Dumpster Rentals Working in real estate demands the ability to multitask, but that doesn’t mean it’s always simple to keep several balls in the air all at once. It’s all too easy for the many tasks of the day to divide one’s attention, leaving you working on multiple projects at once but never quite finishing anything. Without the opportunity to focus on a project as big as cleaning up a property, you could end up forced to break up the work over a period of days or weeks. When you must stop to dispose of the garbage as you go, the delays can add up, and that’s all time the property remains vacant.

Renting a dumpster can allow you to focus on this important task all at once. Immediately after the drop-off service leaves your rental on the premises, you can begin working and throwing things away. Now, instead of spreading the work out, you have the right tools to concentrate efforts on cleaning out the junk. The path from start to finish becomes much clearer when there aren’t concerns about what to do with the debris.

Create convenience for yourself or staff

Depending on the work, you or your staff may have to contend with some pretty heavy items. In a reno project, for example, you might strip out all the old kitchen appliances in anticipation of new upgrades. Moving these items out of the home at all is hard enough, to say nothing of the difficulty in lifting them into the bed of a truck for disposal elsewhere. Because dumpsters have a door on one end that swings wide open, and owing to the dumpster floor’s very low rise from the ground, getting rid of these heavy items becomes much more straightforward. The convenience doesn’t eliminate the need to safely lift heavy objects, however — so take care in using safety precautions while transferring bulky items into the rental unit.

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Features such as these make the overall process of “trashing out” a property less of a hassle. It not only takes less work, but it lessens the physical strain of the project. In a “messy move-out” scenario where a former tenant abandons a large amount of junk inside the property, the ability to go straight from the front door to the dumpster is invaluable in a speedy recovery.

Enjoy knowing usable materials won’t go to waste

Have you undertaken a job like this for one of your properties before? Chances are you probably wondered how much of what you discarded could still prove useful to someone. That might especially be true in relation to old appliances, e-waste, and more. Throwing it all away might seem like a shame, but most people do not have the time, space, or ability to find new uses for old and broken items. Does that mean you must accept the fact that managing your properties will have some environmental impacts you can’t control? Not necessarily. With a dumpster rental, you could contribute to recycling junk if you choose an eco-friendly company.

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Centralized recycling efforts are growing in popularity among those who provide dumpsters for rentals. After collection, all the waste is dumped out into one core processing facility. The real garbage, that which cannot be recycled at all, moves to a separate pile that ultimately heads to a traditional landfill. The rest, however, undergoes a careful sorting procedure to identify what recycling plants could use. It’s similar to the processes used in real recycling plants operated by municipalities, but on a different scale. You can improve your property and help the environment at the same time!

 Leave a cleaner space behind after the project

There is something to be said about the ease with which a rental like this allows property owners to clean up during and after a project. “Work clean” might be a mantra mostly heard in professional kitchens, but it should be true in property management as well. With a central place to dispose of all the trash coming out of the property, it’s easy to minimize the overall impact of the work. Debris won’t end up strewn around the space, requiring a clean-up after the clean-up. After completing the work, a phone call to the rental company is all it takes to have the dumpster removed from the property. With care taken during placement and removal, there will be no signs of its presence left behind. That’s all there is to it — owners can immediately move on to the finishing touches so that the property can go back on the market.

Preserve your budget with cost-effective options

Real estate projects, from renovations to restorations, all ultimately involve financial considerations of some kind. Time is money, after all, and owners want to prepare their properties for occupancy quickly, while at the same time, using as little financial resource as possible. With a fair approach to pricing, the right dumpster rentals can help save you money.

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Consider the “bad tenant” scenario one more time. You may not know exactly how much trash you’ll need to remove when you begin. A rental that bills you based on the weight of what you throw away could mean you end up paying a lot more than you initially anticipated. Dumpster rentals that charge based on the total volume used instead of the total weight offer a more equitable, versatile solution. When a precise estimate is impossible, choose the option that gives your budget the breathing room it needs.

Find out more about using dumpster rentals for your real estate project

When junk removal is the order of the day for one of your real estate investments, it should be easy to see that dumpster rentals from the right partner can remove much of the stress from the equation. Explore your options and choose a rental partner that can provide you with the level of service and support necessary for a good job. Before long, you’ll have your property looking in top form once again, ready to re-engage with its ability to generate revenue.

Important Fixes Every Homeowner Should Know

Every home needs a tool box. The basics should include a hammer, needle nose pliers, an adjustable wrench and a good screwdriver set. That is pretty much all you need to take care of a lot of fixes around the house. Yes, as a homeowner you are also part-time handyman. Here are some fixes you should know how to take care of:


Stopping a Running Toilet

A toilet is one of those devices we take for granted until it stops working. Most clogs are easily fixed with a good plunger. If your toilet is running after flash, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and make the fix. To do this you’ll need to remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. You’ll see as it goes through its cycle where the problem is. All those parts inside your toilet can easily be replaced or adjusted. It will help to turn off the water once you identify the problem in order to make your fix.

Shutting Off Water

Speaking of shutting off water, you should also know how to shut off the main water line coming into your house. This is important to know when there is a leak somewhere that you isn’t directly tied to a sink. Shutting off the main line will stop the flow of water. There are plenty of quick fixes to a leaky pipe that you can make before you need to bring in the plumber to make the repair.

Fixing a Blown Circuit

The older the home, the greater the chance of you blowing out a circuit when you overload outlets. The circuits in your breaker box need to be clearly identified. If they’re not, then you should take the time to flip the switches and label the energy zones that they control. When a circuit is blown you’ll notice that the switch seems to be out of alignment. A simple flip back and forth resets it and gets the power back on. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to bring in the electrician.

Along with making the simple fixes, it’s also your responsibility to make sure your home isn’t overrun with clutter. It’s easy to put things in storage down the basement or garage and forget about it. But sooner or later, you have to deal with that stuff. A call to Junk King Pittsburgh can be a big help. These are professional junk haulers who will send out a pair of reliable movers to take away all the unwanted clutter from your home. That includes any debris from the backyard. It doesn’t matter to Junk King Pittsburg how big or heavy something is. All that matters is that you want it gone. Put them to work today.

Great Ideas For Your Attic

Do you consider your attic an unused space? Perhaps when you first moved into the home you didn’t need that attic for anything beyond storage. But now that your family has grown, it’s possible that you could put that attic too much better use. The stipulation is that your attic is accessible by a flight of stairs as opposed to a ladder. It should also be a place that you can actually stand up in. Exposed rafters are easily covered with drywall and some lighting goes a long way towards turning a dark space into a comfortable area. Consider these great ideas for your attic:

Spare Bedroom

Turning your attic into a spare bedroom can be a huge bonus for your home. It becomes a perfect space for one of your kids to move into especially if they are already sharing a room with a sibling. It’s a great area for out-of-town visitors to spend the weekend. And if you want to consider earning extra income and attic bedroom be a very attractive space for a potential roommate.


Do you find yourself constantly tripping over your children’s toys? Confining those toys to the attic might be the solution. This is a wide-open space that could be adapted with many fun zones for the kids. They can have their own reading nook as well as a corner dedicated to arts and crafts. Small shelves will be able to hold all those errant toys. As the kids get older, you can swap out the toys for a videogame system. The attic becomes a perfect place to go on a rainy day.


Hobby Room

You might have a collection that has overgrown a shelf. Maybe most of your collectibles of boxed up. The attic becomes a terrific hobby room. You can create displays for all of your collected items. If building is part of your hobby, then you can easily set up a workbench to construct your items.

Before you can make any of those changes in your attic, you first have to get rid of all the rubbish that’s up there. It’s a safe bet that a large majority of what you have in storage could probably be tossed out. Junk King Pittsburgh can provide the manpower and the truck space to accomplish that task. If it takes the crew from Junk King a dozen trips up and down the attic stairs to clear out all the rubbish, then that is what they will happily do. Get started on your attic conversion with a call to Junk King Pittsburgh today.

Junk King Pittsburgh – A Property Manager’s Best Friend

No one who is moving into an apartment wants to be reminded that someone else lived there before them. That is why carpets might be replaced and walls are given a new coat of paint. There certainly won’t be any junk that was left behind still in the apartment. The moment a tenant moves out, the property manager springs into action to make sure they can turn around that apartment as quickly as possible. That’s why the first call they make is to Junk King. Before the painters come in, the junk has to go out and that’s what Junk King Pittsburgh is all about.


Every Junk King appointment is serviced by at least two very capable movers. This is a crew that will be licensed, bonded and insured. In other words, they will respect your property. When you make your appointment with Junk King you’ll provide them with a general sense of just what you’re throwing out. A property manager might need a total home cleanout. That is very common in the case of a foreclosure. They could also just need a few things removed like old computers, televisions and furnishings. In either case, Junk King will make sure you get the right manpower and truck space needed to clear out that junk in a single appointment.

Junk King is also a very “green” kind of company. Since their inception over ten years ago, Junk King has dedicated itself to keeping the bulk of what they collect out of local landfills. The Junk King crews have been trained to pull out those recyclable items. That includes things that could still be used by a charity. The idea is to keep as much out of a local landfill as possible and Junk King does an amazing job with that!

Junk King also can work wonders around the outside of a property. You can put the Junk King crew to work removing piles of debris behind a garage or under a porch. That includes any kind of construction waste or weed overgrowth. If it is going to go on the back of the truck, then let the Junk King crew do the lifting and loading. For all your junk removal needs, Junk King Pittsburgh is a smart choice to make!

Pittsburgh Home Cleanouts

pittsburgh clean outsHomes are selling fast here in Pittsburgh. That is according to the facts compiled by West Penn Multi-List. They found that in November, it took seller two weeks less time to close a deal on their homes then in the previous month. The number of homes going on the market also went up by 2% in November. Over all, new listings are up by 3% for the year. This is very good news for the local economy because if the real estate market is coming back, then everything is coming back.

One of the reasons that folks are able to sell their homes so fast could be tied to “curb appeal.” This is how a home looks from the outside and the inside. Sure, an inspector might reveal some minor issues that need fixing. However, when you get right down to it, more homebuyers base their decisions on what the home looks like. This is why sellers are always encouraged to de-clutter their properties before they go onto the market. Hiring a company like Junk King Pittsburgh can make that de-cluttering project stress-free.

Sometimes a seller will already move out of their home. When that happens, Junk King can swoop in and gather up anything left behind. That is a total home cleanout. If the buyer is still occupying the home, then Junk King can still be a big advantage as they can help clear out all those things like stored furniture, boxes of junk and other items that take up space. You definitely want to show a prospective buyer all the available space in your home!

That same Junk King crew can also be sent out to the back and front yard to pick up any debris that is detracting from your curb appeal. If you’ve got old planters, fallen tree branches, shrubs or rusty patio furniture, then give it all to Junk King.

Before anything gets loaded on the Junk King truck, you’ll be presented with an estimate fee. That will be based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It’s a single fee with no hidden charges. If it ends up that your junk takes up more space, you’re not going to be charged any extra. If it takes up less space, you’ll be given a refund. This puts Junk King as one of the fairest and most affordable private hauls in the Pittsburgh area. Call them today to arrange your cleanout!


Haul Away Junk From Your Pittsburgh Home

By the time you read this article, you will no doubt have shoveled your first snow of the season. Don’t let some of the recent balmy weather fool you. Winter is here and it is going to be a cold one. As many longtime Pittsburgh residents know, it is always best to be prepared for a snowstorm. Not only does this mean having the shovels and salt at the ready, but you also want to be ready to stay indoors. This means stocking up on food, games and movies. Of course, if you find yourself stuck inside while the snow is falling outside, you might be reminded of all the stuff you want to get rid of. Staring at old furniture or outdated computers and the rest of the clutter should motivate you to get rid of it once the roads are clear. That can easily be taken care of with one call to Junk King Pittsburgh.

These junk removal experts won’t be slowed down by a cold weather. With Junk King on the job, you’ll be assured that anything you want removed from your home will be hauled away without you doing any of the hard labor. This is the number one reason why folks hire Junk King in the first place: They don’t have to work! Even if you wanted to get rid of something as small as an old desktop computer, it’s going to be a major investment in time and energy. You’ll have to load up that computer then drive to a certified recycling center. Good luck finding one that is open when you’re off work.

Instead, Junk King Pittsburgh will set up a removal appointment that works best for your schedule. The duration of the job is as long as it takes for the crew to load up your stuff. That can literally be just a couple of minutes. If the Junk King crew needs to take something apart, the job could last a little bit longer. However, you’re not going to be paying any extra labor charges. In fact, you’re only going to be paying a single fee based on how much space your junk will occupy on the JK truck. There won’t be any surprises with your bill.

Remember, that as a professional business, Junk King workers are licensed and insured. That makes them the perfect kind of workers to invite into your home. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk, Junk King will be ready for you.

Pittsburgh Junk Removal Reviews

You can’t please everyone all of the time. But when it comes to junk removal, it would seem that Junk King Pittsburgh is making a lot of folks extremely happy. One glance at their Facebook review page will reveal a growing list of satisfied customers who appreciate all that Junk King has to offer. For instance:

“Junk King is awesome! We gave them the craziest job and they did it NO problem and BETTER than we could have imagined. We will absolutely use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs junk removed! Thank you JUNK KING!!”

You have to wonder what is the definition of “craziest job” but it points out that Junk King Pittsburgh won’t have a problem with whatever you “throw at them.” They’ve been called on for small jobs like hauling away a few pieces of e-waste to enormous jobs like a hoarder cleanup. No matter what you want to throw out, you’re not going to scare the Junk King crew.

Another customer writes, “Professional look and attitude. Workers came in and got the job done.” It’s true. Junk King doesn’t like to mess around. Part of their dependable service is showing up on time and making quick work of the removal. Junk King knows how quickly your day can get filled up with other important matters. On a Junk King job, it’s only going to take as long as it takes to carry your stuff out to the truck. The crew will perform a final sweep up of the area and off they go. Try getting that kind of service with your phone or cable company!

“Excellent service. They called ahead of time to give me a head’s up. Came almost to the minute when they said they would. They were focused, prepared, and with almost very little fuss or muss they were done in a blink of an eye! They even cleaned up areas they didn’t have to afterwards. Wow–and on top of that they were courteous and quite charming! Very impressed and will definitely be contacting your company again as I continue to clean out my house.”

“We have had 4 pickups. All have been a pleasure. Crews are polite, neat, hard working, and eager to please.”

It’s clear from those two customers that they’ll be using Junk King Pittsburgh again and again. Of course, if you only need a single removal appointment you can count on Junk King. If you’re happy with our service, tell your friends. We like it when you share reviews!

Hoarder Clean Up Pittsburgh

Is it time to clean up your hoarding collection? As you throw open the door to your garage you might find yourself staring at a wall of junk. One option could be to try and turn all that hoarding into gold by having a yard sale. On some level this is easy to accomplish as long as you have a Saturday to give up and some moving help.

You’ll need to drag all of that stuff out of your garage to put on display on your lawn. Sadly, you’ll also be putting on display all of your poor choices. If you’re ready to get rid of something it’s because it has no value for you. This means all those ugly lamps, velvet paintings and failed hobby attempts are now out there for everyone to see. What’s worse about this approach is there is no guarantee that you’re going to sell everything. That means whatever is leftover has to go right back into the garage. Kind of defeats the purpose of the yard sale. A better option would be to simply hire Junk King Pittsburgh and call it a day!

With Junk King Pittsburgh you’ll still be throwing open that garage door but this time there will be a strong Junk King crew standing by to take everything away. They’ll be loading all your junk right onto the back of their truck and nothing has to be left behind. After they have cleared out your garage, you can ask them to take away other items that might be in storage down in your basement or up in your attic. Don’t worry about how many trips up and down those stairs it might take to get rid of your junk. The JK crew is happy to do the climbing!

Perhaps you’ve got some hoarding issues in your backyard as well. Once again Junk King can come to the rescue by removing anything you want gone including piles of lumber, sod and/or bricks. Yes, weight isn’t a problem for Junk King Pittsburgh. If you want something gone consider it gone!

As the Junk King crew loads up all your stuff they’ll be doing a little sorting. This is because they’re going to try and drop off as much as they can to a recycling facility instead of a dump. In fact, if they can drop off everything for recycling they would be extremely happy. When you’re ready to put your hoarding behind you don’t waste time with a yard sale. Give Junk King a call to get the job done.

Pittsburgh Moving and Junk Hauling

movingIf you’re moving to Pittsburgh from out of state you should be aware that you only have 20 days to register your car or you could be slapped with a fine. You’ll also need to update your driver’s license within 60 days. Even if you’re just moving from across town there is a long checklist of things to accomplish before the official move day. This would be items like switching over utilities, scheduling a cable hook up and making sure you’ve forwarded your mail. You also want to make sure you’re not moving any junk with you. This is why you should consider giving Junk King Pittsburgh a call to set up a “move before the move.”

As you start to pact up your belongings you could find yourself creating three distinct piles. These would be pack it, toss it or donate it. Here is where you need to be extremely selective. Think about all those things you’re going to carry into your new home. Are you really going to use them? We’re not just talking about small things like an extra toaster but the bigger items like a sofa you’re sick or a mattress that you can’t sleep on anymore. By getting rid of this stuff before you move, you’re not only going to have more space in your new home, you’re also going to save money with the movers. The less that have to carry and load the cheaper it’s going to be.

When the Junk King Pittsburgh crew shows up for the removal appointment you can merely point them to your “toss it” pile and they’ll get that out of your sight in no time. What you might not know is that Junk King can also handle your “donate it” pile. This is because they are constantly making stops at local charities to drop off some of the items they collect. Often these charities can fix up a table or chair and resell to raise funds. Why not let Junk King take it all away?

Just was with your regular moving crew, you’ll be getting at least two strong Junk King workers who will do the lifting and loading. The big difference is that they’re not going to be charging you by the hour or for travel time. Instead, it’s going to be a flat fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck. One charge with no surprises. Too bad Junk King can’t do all of your moving! When you’ve got your stuff sorted, give Junk King a call. They’re ready to help.

Pittsburgh Grill Disposal and Recycling

grill disposalThe leaves are turning colors which is proof positive that summer is behind us. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your grilling. There are many folks who like to fire up their BBQ when the weather turns cold. Do a search for “grilling in the snow” and you’re sure to find plenty of photos of happy grillers. To get your BBQ ready for winter you should give it a thorough cleaning. You really don’t want to spend a lot of time in the cold scraping off charred steak. You’ll also want to swap out your propane tank to make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel to get your through a winter season of grilling.

If you did a lot of cooking on your BBQ this past summer you might have noticed that your unit isn’t all it can be. Translation: time for a new BBQ. Imagine the great bargains you’ll be able to get this time of year. It’s like buying an air conditioner for Christmas. You’re going to get a big break. You’re also going to get good break on getting rid of that old grill if you hire Junk King. These are the junk removal pros who can load up your old grill onto the back of their truck for a fast and safe disposal.

An old BBQ grill is one of those things you often hold onto because you don’t have a practical way of getting rid of it. One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can change all of that. They’ll send a crew out to your home to make sure you can get rid of the grill and any other item you want tossed out. What kind of junk could you put onto the back of a Junk King truck? This is where all that rubbish taking up space in your garage can go. It’s where all the clutter from your closets could end up. It’s where you can finally put that ratty sofa from down in the basement. Simply put, there is no limit to what Junk King Pittsburgh can haul out of your house. That’s also true for your back yard. If you’re getting rid of your old grill you might also be eager to toss out rusty patio furniture, outgrown swing sets or broken down tool sheds. Why not get your yard ready for winter by removing all the debris? Junk King can show you the way. Call them to set up your junk removal appointment. It will be the best call you make today!