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Alternatives to Pittsburgh Dumpster Rentals

A tour through one of the many modern art galleries in Pittsburgh could open your eyes to a lot of unique pieces. There is no telling what an artist might use to create their next masterpiece. One recurring theme you might find running through these pieces is how an artist can reuse a discarded household item and craft it into something visionary.

What was once a used up toilet can become a new “Game of Thrones” throne. Cords, shower curtains, tires, shopping carts, tin cans… they’ve all been used in art projects. So what does any of this have to do with renting a dumpster? Where do you think the artists get all their materials from? They go dumpster diving. It might be cool to have you trash turn up in a museum but do you really want someone snooping around your garbage? Probably not.

A dumpster is too tempting to pass up for some folks whether they’re looking for cans or art treasure. The same can be said for some four-legged critters looking for their next meal. The bottom line is that a dumpster is a big box just asking to be opened. You might only be filling it up with construction waste or junk from your garage that is of no value but those divers won’t know that until they go diving. Is there a better alternative to a dumpster rental? You bet and that would be Junk King Pittsburgh.

When you hire Junk King to do a removal job all it takes is one appointment to get rid of all that clutter. With a dumpster rental you might be required to keep that dumpster around for the entire weekend. Will it be on driveway or the curb in front of your house? If it’s out in front, you could find your dumpster full of trash before you even get to put on thing in there. Yes, your neighbors will be dumping their bulky items without your permission. Again, a dumpster is an open invitation. On the other hand, Junk King will only be picking up what you want them to. If you want to throw in some of your neighbor’s junk they’ll have to ask permission.

The Junk King crew will also do the lifting work. With a dumpster you have to carry your trash outside. If you want to throw away some heavy stuff that might not be practical. All it will take is just one really big piece and your dumpster will instantly be filled. That’s not going to happen with the Junk King truck. They’ll be able to take away whatever you want. There really is only one smart way to get rid of your junk and that would be Junk King Pittsburgh. Forget the dumpster and go with Junk King.