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Top Ten Reasons To Use Dumpsters In Pittsburg

Here in the Steel City, we know a thing or two about building, tearing down, and rejuvenating our community. Many renovation and cleaning projects create so much debris that you need junk haulers to come get it. Some of those projects call for dumpsters on-site because you need to be able to throw things away as you go. Junk King Pittsburgh has you covered with our innovative MINI dumpster rental, which is the right size and right price for tons of projects.

If you’re considering junk removal options in Pittsburgh, here’s 10 reasons why dumpster rentals from Junk King may be your best answer.

1. Make any home improvement project easier!Dumpsters

Taking out the trash gets difficult when you’re in the middle of a home improvement project. Dumpsters give you a place to corral the clutter, so you can keep walkways clear and your work space tidy.

Use our Pittsburgh rental dumpsters for all kinds of DIY projects and cleaning needs, including home renovation, rental property cleaning, and landscaping.

2. Go at your own pace.

Dumpsters give you more flexibility with your time. You can’t schedule a junk removal appointment if you don’t know when the debris will be ready to get picked up. Junk King offers dumpsters for 3 days or longer, and you can change the pick-up time if your plans change.

3. Don’t make any trips to the dump!

Driving your junk to the local dump is even less fun than it sounds. If you have various debris like metal, lumber scraps, electronics, and debris like dirt or rubble, you’ll probably end up driving around Pittsburgh to several different drop-off points and recycling centers. Even if you drive a pick-up truck, it’s a lot of time, gasoline, and effort.

4. Dumpsters are safer and easier to use than you think.

At Junk King Pittsburgh, we have driveway-friendly MINI dumpsters that are perfect for home use. The feet are made to be safe for concrete, and we’ll take care to set it down and haul it away cautiously. For heavy objects or bulky debris, there’s also a side opening for easy loading.

5. Know your costs beforehand.

Junk King makes it easy to get estimates and know your costs. We have basic fees for full MINI dumpsters, which hold up to 12 cubic yards of standard debris or up to 4 cubic yards of dense debris like dirt, cement, tile, or brick.

6. Junk King has flexible pricing so you don’t overpay.

We revolutionized the industry by charging based on the volume of junk — so you don’t have to pay a maximum rate when you don’t use the space! Our pay per use model makes JK MINI dumpsters the best choice for small cleaning and renovation projects.

7. Your junk gets recycled or donated when possible.

Junk King is the greenest junk removal service, and we pledge to be green when you rent dumpsters from us!

Our owner, Ed Stripay, grew up near a landfill in Western Pennsylvania. He also loves outdoor recreation. Needless to say, environmentally responsible choices are a key value here at Junk King Pittsburgh.

8. You can toss almost any kind of waste in Junk King dumpsters!

Many of our competitors won’t even accept certain kinds of common debris like dirt or bricks. At Junk King, we understand that getting rid of bulky debris is exactly why you’re looking for rental dumpsters in Pittsburgh. Some special items come with disposal or recycling fees, so we tell you about those charges upfront.

9. Our self-service dumpsters come with awesome customer service.

Get the great experience of the #1 junk removal service when you choose Junk King for rental dumpsters. From scheduling the appointment, to the time we drive away with the dumpster, Junk King Pittsburgh will be here to answer your questions and offer any help we can.

10. Reduce stress and enjoy your project!

If you need rental dumpsters in Pittsburgh, there’s a good chance you are attempting a big home project like remodeling a bathroom, or maybe even flipping a piece of real estate. You have plenty of work to do and other things to worry about. Dumpsters give you an outlet to take care of junk and debris with ease, convenience, and a great price.

Book Online or Give Us a Call

Take charge of your next project and schedule drop-off for a dumpster rental from our Pittsburgh junk removal team. Book online to get $30 off your rental, or call (412) 254-8437 to speak with our friendly staff!  

Pittsburgh Moving and Junk Hauling

movingIf you’re moving to Pittsburgh from out of state you should be aware that you only have 20 days to register your car or you could be slapped with a fine. You’ll also need to update your driver’s license within 60 days. Even if you’re just moving from across town there is a long checklist of things to accomplish before the official move day. This would be items like switching over utilities, scheduling a cable hook up and making sure you’ve forwarded your mail. You also want to make sure you’re not moving any junk with you. This is why you should consider giving Junk King Pittsburgh a call to set up a “move before the move.”

As you start to pact up your belongings you could find yourself creating three distinct piles. These would be pack it, toss it or donate it. Here is where you need to be extremely selective. Think about all those things you’re going to carry into your new home. Are you really going to use them? We’re not just talking about small things like an extra toaster but the bigger items like a sofa you’re sick or a mattress that you can’t sleep on anymore. By getting rid of this stuff before you move, you’re not only going to have more space in your new home, you’re also going to save money with the movers. The less that have to carry and load the cheaper it’s going to be.

When the Junk King Pittsburgh crew shows up for the removal appointment you can merely point them to your “toss it” pile and they’ll get that out of your sight in no time. What you might not know is that Junk King can also handle your “donate it” pile. This is because they are constantly making stops at local charities to drop off some of the items they collect. Often these charities can fix up a table or chair and resell to raise funds. Why not let Junk King take it all away?

Just was with your regular moving crew, you’ll be getting at least two strong Junk King workers who will do the lifting and loading. The big difference is that they’re not going to be charging you by the hour or for travel time. Instead, it’s going to be a flat fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck. One charge with no surprises. Too bad Junk King can’t do all of your moving! When you’ve got your stuff sorted, give Junk King a call. They’re ready to help.

Pittsburgh PA Moving and Junk Hauling

It took over 40 volunteers to clean up a year’s worth of trash that had piled up on Mount Washington. They know it was a year’s worth because this same group consisting of members of the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Mon Rescue Group and the Pitt Outdoors Group did this same cleanup last year. But this wasn’t an ordinary “sweep and bag” type of event. These folks put on harnesses and could be seen hanging from the railing as they went diving for the trash. By the end of the three-hour cleanup that had close to 60 bags of trash and 25 bags of recyclable materials. Not bad for a day’s work.

This just goes to show you that if you plan something and have the right help, then you can get the job done efficiently. You should be thinking about this kind of planning for your next move. Yes, you’ll higher professional movers and box up all your belongings but that’s not thinking a few steps ahead. What about a move before the move as in moving out all of your junk? This is where a company like Junk King can be a huge help.

As you plan out starting the next chapter of your life in a new home, you don’t want to kick that off by carrying over all the junk you’ve collected in your last home. You might think that it is easier to just pack everything and sort it out in your new place. Didn’t you do that the last time you moved? What happened? If you’re like most folks, you’ve still got all that old junk! It’s time to put an end to that cycle and let Junk King Pittsburgh take out what is broken or unwanted before the real movers show up.

When you start to pack up, you’ll come across all those things you can get rid of. It might be some old furniture that won’t fit or look good in your new place. It could be an old mattress or box spring you had to put in the garage. It could be patio furniture or a grill that you want to replace. You don’t want to leave any of that junk behind so why not get rid of it?

Hiring Junk King Pittsburgh means you’re actually hiring a two-man crew and their truck. Of course, you’ll only be paying for the amount of space that your junk takes up on that truck. Junk King will do all the work of lifting, loading and dumping. As soon as that junk is clear you’ll have a better sense of what your new life will look like: Junk free!

Pittsburgh Mattress Disposal

  • “There is no excuse for not getting the right mattress for your bed.” That’s the approach you should take as you prepare to replace your old lumpy mattress. After all, it’s that old mattress that might be keeping you from getting a solid night’s sleep and that’s not helping you anywhere in your life! Before heading out to the bed store head to the Internet. You’ll find plenty of resources which will give you a complete overview of what awaits you are the bed place. Get familiar with the brand names and their reviews. You won’t find a shortage of comments about one mattress over another. If you have some kind of ongoing medical condition like back issues or other body soreness talk with your doctor. How you’re sleeping could have a huge impact on that ailment. And yes, there are such things as prescription mattresses; just don’t expect to pick one up at your nearest drugstore.

You might think that a firm mattress is what you need for proper back support but actually it’s a medium firm mattress that works best for lower back pain. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a firm feel and firm support. An adjustable bed might also be a good way to go. Think about how often you use your bed and for what purpose. If it’s just for sleeping then forget adjustable. But if you prefer to watch television or read in your bed that having a mattress you can raise up like a hospital bed could be very soothing.

One of the most important factors with shopping for a new mattress is the return policy. You should be buying from a store that allows for a 30-day return, no questions asked. It’s going to take you that long for your body to adjust to the new mattress. If you hit day 21 and things don’t feel better don’t drive yourself crazy. Swap out the mattress for a different model until you get the right one.

As you settle on your mattress you’ll want to make arrangements for the removal of your old mattress. Many Pittsburgh based mattress stores offer this type of service as a “Freebie” but don’t think they aren’t going to be hiding the costs somewhere else on the ticket. If you want to get rid of your mattress and other junk items in the same trip you’re best option is hiring Junk King Pittsburgh. Junk King Pittsburgh won’t have any trouble with the mattress but they can also handle all kinds of oversized items you want to throw out. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you’ll be on your new mattress knowing you’re now living in a junk free house.

Pittsburgh Junk Recycling

Get ready for more junk coming into your home and by “junk” we’re talking about junk mail. The United States Postal Service is having some serious money woes so it’s looking for any way to generate much needed revenue. One of the USPS’ most reliable sources of income is derived from direct mail campaigns otherwise known as junk mail.

“I love direct mail,” said U.S. Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, jokingly to a local newspaper. “I read every piece. People read their mail every day. If you want to get a message to somebody the best way to do it is to do it in the mail,” said Donahoe.

In the Pittsburgh area alone the mail-processing center handles about 800,000 pieces of mail every day. Half of that volume is made up of pre-paid bulk mail. That actually reflects an increase of around 7% from last year. That might be good news for the post office but not such good news for all the folks on the receiving end of all that mail. Of course, junk mail is probably the easiest type of junk to recycle. You simply have to toss it out in the recycling bin with your other papers, plastics and soda cans. But what about the bigger stuff that won’t fit in those bins? To recycle that kind of junk you’re going to need to call the pros – as in Junk King Pittsburgh.

Junk King is the Pittsburgh company whose number one mission is to clear up the clutter from homes, businesses and apartments. But Junk King isn’t satisfied with simply removing the junk from your home. They’re going to take the extra step to insure that as much of that junk that can be recycled will be recycled. It’s part of this overall “green” philosophy that has yielded in literally tons of junk being diverted away from local dumps. Instead, that junk is dropped off at any of the many Pittsburgh recycling facilities. That’s where your junk will be given a second life, as it is repurposed and reused.

You don’t have to fret about what pieces of your discarded junk can be recycled. Junk King has that all figured out. All you have to think about is what you can finally get rid of. Take a walk through your home and consider all those things you’ve been aching to get rid of but never had the chance. Now, with Junk King on your side, your chance is here! And don’t just walk through the inside of your home; Junk King Pittsburgh can also remove any item from your front or back yard. They have the truck and the crew standing by: Put them to work for you!

Pittsburgh Junk Hauling – Most of it is simply junk

Whenever the “Antiques Roadshow” rolls into town there are hundreds of folks lining up with their “treasures” hoping those items really are treasures. Recently the popular PBS show made a Pittsburgh pit stop. One of the highlights for the appraisers was reverse painted glass sign still in its original frame. The sign was made for the Economy Distilling Co. to promote “Pure Rye and Malt Whiskey.” The sign notes the company, from “Pittsburgh,” was established by the Harmony Society in 1927. The woman happened upon the sign in an trash heap that was part of a building demolition. Once something is tossed out as trash, it’s literally up for grabs and that find is going to fetch a tidy sum for that lucky pedestrian.

Do you think you have a hidden treasure in your attic? It’s worth doing a little investigation. Here’s a tip: for any item to be of true value it has to be in pretty good condition. This is referred to as “mint” condition. Water damage, rust, aging or other signs of breakage is going to decrease the value of that item. No matter how rare it might be, no serious collector is going to shell out big bucks for something that is less than pristine. Without those perfect conditions, those items are going to be worthless, a.k.a. junk. As soon as  you’re ready to let go of that junk, there is only one call to make: Junk King Pittsburgh (1-800-995-5865).

Junk King is new to the Pittsburgh area but they’ve been in the junk business for a long time. That’s because Junk King is actually part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists. Being part of a franchise means you have a lot of standards to live up to. You’ll be getting that same level of excellent customer service that all the other branches of Junk King serve up every day throughout the entire country.

The key part of that service is taking away all the hassle of you getting rid of your junk. You don’t have to lift a finger to move anything. The Junk King Pittsburgh crew will do all the work for you. They’ll also have a truck big enough to cart off anything you want to “throw” at them. The question then becomes “What kind of junk can you get rid of?”

A stroll through your home could have you realizing that there are plenty of items like old furniture, kitchen appliances, stacks of cardboard and newspapers, sporting equipment or even junked car parts. You can also get rid of the unwanted messes out in your backyard such as piles of dirt, leaves, sod or fallen tree limbs. Even an old hot tub or above ground swimming pool can be dismantled by the Junk King crew and taken away. It’s time for you to get rid of that junk. It’s time for Junk King.

For the most efficient and affordable Pittsburgh Junk Hauling service – simply call 1-800 995 JUNK today.

Pittsburgh Junk Removal

If you’ve ever thrown a party for teenagers, you might think that your kitchen and living room could be declared a hazardous site. As it happens, there is a real hazardous site in the Pittsburgh area that was in the need of a serious cleanup. Now that job has garnered the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. They recently issued a lawsuit against 17 companies in the hopes of recovering some of the costs of cleaning up a Superfund clean-up site in Lawrence County. This specific site is located in West Pittsburg and was run by Reactive Metals and Alloys Corp., or Remacor.

When it was up and running the processing plant brought in magnesium shavings and scrap that was then melted down into a reagent used in steel production. A 2005 fire forced the plant to shutter but for some bizarre reason it continued to take in magnesium waste. How much? Around 6 million pounds. Back in 2006, the DEP and the EPA removed all of that waste for the hefty price of $10 million. Now they want to get some of that money back from those 17 defendant companies who dropped the magnesium waste off at Remacor. That makes sense and it certainly puts your own “toxic waste” situation into perspective.

Hearing about a major cleanup like that might inspire you to enlist you own work crew to clear out the junk from your basement, attic, closets or garage. The perfect partner for this type of job would be Junk King Pittsburgh. Junk King Pittsburgh is made up of professional junk removal specialists who would love to take that junk off your hands.

Junk King can take care of the dirty work – those items that are too heavy or messy to handle hauling away on your own. Or maybe you could drag bulky items out to your backyard or porch but that’s not where you want them to live, is it? With Junk King on the job you’ll have a crew of experienced haulers who will do the lifting of those objects. All of that junk will go on the back of the Junk King truck destined for the nearest recycling center or certified landfill. Yes, Junk King is also a green company. They want to make sure most of the junk they collect gets recycled, repurposed and reused.

The way that Junk King works is simple. A supervisor will come out to your property to determine the amount of junk you’re getting rid of in terms of how much space it will take up in the truck. That’s how they determine how much you’ll be charged. Unlike other companies, you won’t be paying hourly labor costs or dumping fees. It’s the volume price and that’s all! With Junk King Pittsburgh in your corner, getting rid of clutter has never been easier.

For the best in Pittsburgh Junk Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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