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Get Your Home Ready For An Appraiser

If friends are coming over, then you want your home to look nice. A decent cleaning can take care of that but that doesn’t mean going through your closets or garage looking for rubbish to throw out. On the other hand, if you’re getting your home ready for an appraiser, then tossing out that rubbish is exactly what you should be doing. In fact, there is a lot you could accomplish that can increase your chances for a strong appraisal. Here’s what to think about:


The Outside of the House

First impressions matter. What is the first impression the outside of your home makes? Does it look run down? You can make small improvements like adding potted plants and painting the front door. Renting a power washer will let you quickly clean the roof, siding and windows. Bright and shiny are always good options for the outside of your home.

Make Minor Fixes

You don’t want to undergo a remodeling project just before an appraiser shows up. However, you do want to take care of as many minor repairs as you can. Little things like a faucet that drips or missing grout in the bathroom can negatively impact your final appraisal value. They are also very easy to fix. Devote a Saturday to making these repairs even if it means several trips to the hardware store.

Promote the Neighborhood

Your appraiser might not be from the neighborhood. They’ll have no idea how many cool restaurants and shops might be within walking distance. Add to this list the schools, churches and hospitals and you’ve created a very attractive community. That can significantly increase the value of your home.

Haul Away Rubbish

You don’t want the appraiser to navigate through rubbish in your garage, basement or yards. They’ll also be looking at the space in the closets. All of those areas need to be cleared of clutter. They obviously don’t have to be empty but if you’re holding onto junk, then it’s time to let it go. That is easily taken care of with one session of Junk King Pittsburgh. The team that will be assigned to your appointment will quickly go through every room to pull out the stuff you deem as useless. If you want to impress your home appraiser, then start with a junk removal session with Junk King Pittsburgh.

How To Fall Proof Your Home For Seniors

The worst thing that can happen to any senior is to take a fall. This problem is compounded if they are alone when it happens and can’t get up. This is why you need to take proactive steps to fall proof your home. Here’s a good checklist to go through:



Most falls occur in the bathroom as someone is getting in or out of the tub. Properly placed grip rails can help with those transitions. The bathroom will also be safer with non-slip mats on the floor and in the tub. You also want to make sure the outlets are properly grounded. It also helps to make sure the actual water temperature is between 105 and 120. Anything hotter is going to cause scalding. You won’t even notice the difference.

Living Room

Is it easy to get around the living room? It might help to remove things like footstools or ottomans. Are they really being used? If not, then consider getting them taken away. Area rugs need to be firmly secured to the floor. You can use double stick tape but make sure the corners and edges are properly secured.


There should be ample lighting throughout the house. In the bedroom, a lamp should be within reach of anyone sleeping in bed. In addition, there should also be a flashlight on a nightstand in case of a power outage.

Hallways and Stairs

Hallways and stairs have to be cleared of clutter. These should definitely not be used for storage areas of any boxes, magazines, toys, sporting goods or newspapers. If there are no lights in these areas, then consider adding lights that are triggered by motion. That way there will always be light.

Overall, you need to remove any rubbish item from your home. Even if you’ve got rubbish in places where your senior would never go, it should still be removed to improve the overall impact of your home.

To get your rubbish gone in a single session, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Pittsburgh. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the team from Junk King can go through your entire home picking up all the things you want taken away. To really fall proof your home, get Junk King Pittsburgh to take out the rubbish today.

Satisfied Customers Share Their Reviews For Junk King Pittsburgh

Are you thinking about clearing out the clutter from your home this fall? Instead of tackling this as an expensive and time-consuming DIY project, you be better served hiring a company like Junk King Pittsburgh. Just how do they work? The satisfied customers have the answer:


“Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Staff took the time to make sure I kept the things I wanted and got rid of the junk. The staff was also very timely and made sure to call ahead of time to let me know they were on their way.” – Brad H., Pittsburgh

You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew for your junk removal task. This crew will be under your direct supervision. The only things they’re going to take away our those items you want removed. You point, they move. It’s just that simple!

“Dom and Adam were awesome! They had a ton of stuff to remove because I have a big basement and my son and nephew use it instead of paying for a locker. Dom and Adam were timely, so friendly and helpful. Take a bow Dom and Adam! Next time I want the 2 of you!” – Marlene M., Pittsburgh

The best part about hiring Junk King Pittsburgh is that they are going to do all the work. That includes climbing up and down stairs. It doesn’t matter to them how many trips they have to take. All their focused on is getting rid of all the stuff you want tossed out.

“The 2 guys that came out were very friendly and professional. They were actually able to show up earlier than my appointment, which freed up the rest of my day. They were quick and efficient getting my couch, love seat and two recliners out of my house. Thanks Junk King for helping me get the clutter out of my house.” – Cindy M., Pittsburgh

“Your service was excellent. Returned telephone calls promptly. Arrived in a timely manner. Were courteous and efficient in removal of items. Thank you for being so prompt and efficient.” – Martha W., Warrendale

Junk King doesn’t want to waste your time. That’s why they make scheduling and the pickup easy and fast. Once you’re ready to get rid of your junk, Junk King Pittsburgh will be ready to spring into action.

Important Fixes Every Homeowner Should Know

Every home needs a tool box. The basics should include a hammer, needle nose pliers, an adjustable wrench and a good screwdriver set. That is pretty much all you need to take care of a lot of fixes around the house. Yes, as a homeowner you are also part-time handyman. Here are some fixes you should know how to take care of:


Stopping a Running Toilet

A toilet is one of those devices we take for granted until it stops working. Most clogs are easily fixed with a good plunger. If your toilet is running after flash, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and make the fix. To do this you’ll need to remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. You’ll see as it goes through its cycle where the problem is. All those parts inside your toilet can easily be replaced or adjusted. It will help to turn off the water once you identify the problem in order to make your fix.

Shutting Off Water

Speaking of shutting off water, you should also know how to shut off the main water line coming into your house. This is important to know when there is a leak somewhere that you isn’t directly tied to a sink. Shutting off the main line will stop the flow of water. There are plenty of quick fixes to a leaky pipe that you can make before you need to bring in the plumber to make the repair.

Fixing a Blown Circuit

The older the home, the greater the chance of you blowing out a circuit when you overload outlets. The circuits in your breaker box need to be clearly identified. If they’re not, then you should take the time to flip the switches and label the energy zones that they control. When a circuit is blown you’ll notice that the switch seems to be out of alignment. A simple flip back and forth resets it and gets the power back on. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to bring in the electrician.

Along with making the simple fixes, it’s also your responsibility to make sure your home isn’t overrun with clutter. It’s easy to put things in storage down the basement or garage and forget about it. But sooner or later, you have to deal with that stuff. A call to Junk King Pittsburgh can be a big help. These are professional junk haulers who will send out a pair of reliable movers to take away all the unwanted clutter from your home. That includes any debris from the backyard. It doesn’t matter to Junk King Pittsburg how big or heavy something is. All that matters is that you want it gone. Put them to work today.

Tips On How To Fill Your Restaurant With New Customers

At the end of a dinner shift, you want your staff to be exhausted. That’s because they’ve worked hard all night taking care of a house full of happy customers. The worst thing would be to send some of that staff home early because there is not enough business. If you’re looking for more customers, then try using these ideas to help fill your restaurant:


Host Cooking Classes

It might seem counterintuitive to host a cooking class at a restaurant where you want customers to come in to eat. But you are not going to find anyone who is eating out seven days a week. Offering cooking classes is a fun way to interact with your customers and give them a special excuse for getting out of the house.

Spend Time Getting To Know Your Regulars

Your food servers probably know a lot about your regulars. Can you say the same? You should try and spend as much time as you can “working the room.” Get to know your regulars find out what they like and don’t like. Listening to their concerns is a great way to make them feel appreciated. That is how you build a loyal customer base that is happy to recommend your restaurant.

Have Viewing Parties

If your restaurant has a bar area with a television, then you can host viewing parties. These don’t have to be limited to major sporting events but can also be viewing parties for screenings of popular shows. You can even create some fun menu items to coincide with the theme of whatever it is the group is watching. These are great things to promote across social media.

Make Your Restaurant Available For Holiday Parties

As the holidays approach (as they always do!), you should make your restaurant available for parties. There are probably plenty of companies and businesses you can reach out to in the community that would like to have a place where they could host their next social gathering. If you get enough participants, there’s nothing wrong with shutting down the restaurant for the night or portion of the night.

When these ideas to put into action you may find yourself starting to get very busy. That’s a good thing but you can’t let your staff be overwhelmed. They need to maintain high standards of food excellence and cleanliness. As for the cleanliness, a company like Junk King Pittsburgh can be a huge assistance. This is the perfect company to call on when you need to get rid of old furniture, remodeling construction waste or kitchen appliances. It only takes one session with Junk King Pittsburgh to clear your restaurant of all kinds of unwanted rubbish.

Get Your Business Clear Clutter With Help From Junk King Pittsburgh

First impressions matter whether you’re selling a home, meeting someone for a blind date or trying to attract customers to your business. It’s those business customers that could be the most elusive to hold onto. You can provide exceptional customer service and a quality product but that doesn’t mean those customers will stick around especially if your store or restaurant is overrun with rubbish. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all kinds of discarded furniture, office equipment, promotional materials and unwanted inventory. You just have to be decisive about whether or not you’re going to hold onto those things. Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of that rubbish, the only call to make is a Junk King Pittsburgh.


That call to Junk King Pittsburgh puts a junk removal plan into action that you’re going to be very happy with. That begins with scheduling a session that involves a moving crew and truck. That’s really all you need to get rid of just about anything from your business. The Junk King Pittsburgh crew can remove objects of any weight or size. Even if you’ve built something inside your business that needs to be taken apart before going out the door, the Junk King crew can handle that. This is the team that are definitely problem solvers with a great attitude.

When you schedule your appointment with Junk King Pittsburgh, you’ll be asked to set aside a two hour window. This doesn’t mean that removal is going to take two hours. In fact, the Junk King crews can usually clear out a space in just under 20 minutes. That two hour window gives them a buffer between appointments. If your stuff is ready to go, then you could also benefit from the same day appointment. Most sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. Yes, all your rubbish can be gone that quick!

The cost for Junk King’s helpful service is based upon truck space. How much room will your stuff take up on the truck? That will be determined by the crew once of it chances size of all the things you getting rid of. They will then present you with a written estimate that will be locked down. You will be very happy with that price and with the service. Make sure your business puts forth a positive first impression thanks to junk removal help from Junk King Phoenix.

Don’t Waste A Long Weekend Removing Junk. Give That Job To The Professionals

Weekends are made for a lot of things. They perfect for barbecue grilling and watching a baseball game. They’re great for swimming, hiking and biking. There also great for just swinging in a hammock. What shouldn’t be happening on a weekend is work. It always seems that no matter how busy you are Monday through Friday you’ve still got work to do on the weekend around the house. That just doesn’t seem fair! Some of those jobs are unavoidable and you’ll eventually have to do to them on your own. But when it comes to removing junk, you can bring in help in the form of Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk hauling experts who can help you get back to your weekend in no time at all.


The main reason we put off getting rid of junk is that we simply don’t have the right help to get the job done. Sometimes that requires moving a piece of furniture up from the basement. It could also mean taking apart an item piece by piece. Of course, even if you did have some help the moving you would still need a big truck that would be able to hold whatever you’re tossing out. Then you would need to know where you could take this stuff. The nearest landfill could be an hour or two away from your home. Plus, going to the landfill might not be the best choice. All of these problems with junk removal are solved when you hire Junk King Pittsburgh from the start.

Junk King Pittsburgh is going to set you up with a terrific and helpful moving crew. This two-man team will be all you need to get rid of all of your junk. If you were dealing with a situation that has a hoarder type of mess, then Junk King Pittsburgh would be happy to dispatch additional crews to help with the cleanup. Once you’ve decided to get rid of your junk, Junk King wants to make sure it disappears as quickly as possible. In some cases that could even mean setting up a same-day pickup appointment. Best-case scenario: you call junk King Pittsburgh in the morning and your junk is gone by dinnertime!

You Don’t Have To Live With Junk

What is the one thing you like to show off in your home? Everybody has something that they would like to put on proud display. Maybe for you it is a piece of artwork or sculpture. It could even be a creation from one of your kids. Or maybe you’ve created the perfect home movie theater that you love showing off. There’s nothing wrong with that! Of course, there could be some areas in your home that you don’t want anyone to see. That would be all those storage areas that are crammed full of clutter. Too often, places like a basement or garage are turned into these storage lockers, which don’t seem the least bit practical. The good news is you don’t have to live with all that junk any longer. One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can get it all removed from your home in a matter of minutes.


What exactly does it take haul away junk? First, you need some capable movers to do the lifting and loading. That could be the very thing that has prevented you from getting rid of an old sofa or refrigerator. When you hire Junk King Pittsburgh for a junk removal session you’re actually hiring to experience movers. This will be the team that will be under your direct supervision. That means you only have to point to what you want taken away and the Junk King crew will handle the rest. Doesn’t that sound easy?

That same crew from Junk King Pittsburgh will be arriving in a huge truck. That means there is no limit to what you could throw out. Even if you want to get rid of something like a piano or pool table, the team from Junk King Pittsburgh will be able to handle it.

As they load up everything on the back of their truck, the crews will be keeping an eye out for anything that might be repurposed. This could be a piece of furniture, a box of clothes or other household goods. Instead of those things getting trashed, they could end up at a charity where they will be given a new lease on life. It’s all part of the complete junk removal package provided by Junk King Pittsburgh. Why surround yourself with junk when you can make it all disappear with a little help from Junk King Pittsburgh?