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Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Spring is the time when a lot of folks take on remodeling projects. It is the perfect space between the holidays and hot days of summer. Of course, not every remodeling project has to involve a new kitchen or bathroom. You could spruce up your home be giving your yards a complete makeover. After all, this is where you might be spending a lot of quality time in the coming months. Why not create a comfortable space for friends and family? To help with your sprucing up, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King Pittsburgh. They’ll provide you with the right amount of manpower and truck space to transform your property.


What do you want to get rid of around your yard? Could it be some patio furniture that has seen better days? What about a crusty grill that nobody wants to cook on? Perhaps there is a swing set left over from when the kids were little. All of that stuff can be cleared out in a single junk removal session with Junk King. Those are quick cosmetic fixes. What if you want to go bigger? Suppose you need to tear up and old deck or bust up a concrete patio to make way for a new ground space. The team from Junk King can also clear away all that demolition debris.

Best of all you won’t be charged by the pound for the removal! Instead, Junk King will charge a flat rate that is based on how much space your junk is going to need to fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume. That fee is going to include all the labor and transportation. It’s a fair price that is extremely affordable. Shop around and you’re sure to find out it’s a great deal for this type of service.

Junk King Pittsburgh will also strive to make sure your collected rubbish doesn’t go to waste. They know who all the recyclers are in the area and are happy to make drop offs to those facilities. Even your concrete chunks and wood can be recycled. This spring put Junk King Pittsburgh to work to give your home a terrific makeover.