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Our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal Hoarding Overview

In the years that we’ve been in business, our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal teams have seen lots of offices that get cluttered up. Through no fault of their own, people save things that are better thrown away. Sometimes these are items they have emotional attachments to. Other times they just put an item in a basement or garage and forget they’ve left it there.

Then there are the folks we help who hoard. These people have a psychological issue that’s even categorized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Manual. We always wish each of our clients the very best. When we come across somebody who is hoarding in their home or office, our job is to clear their space and hope they recover.

Here are some things our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team has uncovered about hoarding.

• People who hoard are often unaware of the emotional as well as financial consequences. What’s more, after several years of cluttering up areas in their homes or offices, these spaces become unusable. If you think you might have this issue, we suggest that you get the help you need.

• If you’re thinking about decluttering your space, it’s a good idea to start out slow. Getting rid of many items at once can cause anxiety and unrest. It’s better to go through a room or closet each week until you adjust.

One of the other things that can make decluttering easier is making a decision to get rid of or keep each item as you come across it. Telling yourself that you’ll put things aside until you make a decision in the future is counterproductive. We’ve been helping people out with our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal services for years. This idea always helps to move things along.

We are always available to help every one of our valuable clients. For us, a clean new space that brightens up your day is a job well done for us.

Here’s an excellent tip about collections that we thought you might be able to use. If you’ve been putting together groupings of things for years, there’s an easy way to de-clutter and save the best. Choose one or two to frame or put on a mantle. The rest can be recycled, donated or given to our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team for disposal.

Call your junk experts in North San Diego

Getting the help of the best junk experts to remove unwanted junks is the dream of many. Now you can fulfill your dream by calling up Junk King for this job. We are the expert junk haulers in North San Diego, California. We are in this field for years and ready to provide our clients with most efficient services at a competitive rate.

As an efficient junk hauler, we clean up places of your choice with our full effort. You will feel happy to get the clean sight of your place once we move from there. No matter what type of garbage you have, we are here to help you to get rid of it. It can be outdoor wastes, old and unused appliances, home furnishing, office and warehouse wastages, construction trashes and anything and everything that is junk according to you. You can call us for one old computer or for a truck full of garbage. We will charge you according to the amount of the trash you have.

The job of junk hauling was never so easy for you until you hire us. You just need to make a call to book our service. The rest is our responsibility. You can just sit and relax and will receive a junk free site at the end of our junk cleaning session.

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In San Diego

This Valentine’s Day, maybe you want to play tourist. There are probably a lot of wonderful places here in San Diego that you avoid just because they might be crowded with tourists. You’re missing out on a lot of fun. Don’t worry about who you might or might not bump into. Instead, take your special someone to Sea World or the Hotel del Coronado or on a whale-watching cruise. It’s one way to have a memorable Valentine’s Day and give the local economy a much need boost. After enjoying a special day in SD, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a clutter free environment? You can if you’ve set up a Junk King junk removal appointment. This could be an “after Valentine’s Day” gift but one that will be greatly appreciated.

Downtown Gas Light District is worth a visit.

Downtown Gas Light District is worth a visit.

When you hire Junk King you’ll be put in charge of a two man moving crew. At least, you’ll be in charge from the moment they pull up to your home. As the “boss” you get to tell the crew what you want taken away. You don’t have to drag anything out to your driveway or disassemble something. That is what your crew is for. Once you’ve shown your crew what you want removed from your home, take them around your yard and get them to pick up all the yard waste out there.

The moment you are satisfied, your crew will do a final sweep and be on their merry way. You can go about your business while your crew is headed to the nearest recycling center, charity or certified landfill to dispose of your junk. Imagine if you had to give up all that time to accomplish that task?

The sooner you can get rid of that junk, the sooner you can put those opens spaces to more practical use. There have been some Junk King customers who used their junk removal appointment to set up a mini brewery in their garage. Others were able to put in a fresh veggie garden. There have also been countless home theaters set up thanks to Junk King getting rid of all the old furniture. And if you’ve had any type of remodeling job around your home, then you can use Junk King to make sure all that construction waste is disposed of properly.

A Junk King junk removal appointment might not be wrapped in heart but it is a gift that will certainly be remembered for a long time. Call today to find out how Junk King can make your junk go away.

Junk Removal Oceanside CA

You’re never too young to start cleaning up your community. That’s the valuable lesson that was shared by a group of Oceanside’s Madison Middle School students during an “I Love A Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Days.” The kids were joined by their families and teacher on a recent Saturday morning to pick up trash along the Oceanside Pier. Actually, this is an event that the teacher, Carole Levin, participates in every year and she invites her students to tag along with her. Perhaps cleaning up the beach might inspire the kids to clean up their rooms. There’s always hope!

Like the Oceanside, CA beach cleanup, there are some cleanup jobs around the home that require extra help. This would be when you need to get rid of all those oversized items that are taking up way too much space. For a job like this, Junk King San Diego is the only call you should make. When it comes to junk hauling, Junk King San Diego’s teams are the pros. They’re part of a national franchise that has set the standards for customer service and an eco-friendly philosophy.

You’ll find that Junk King won’t keep you waiting. Considering your busy schedule that’s a huge benefit. When the crew shows up for the appointment, they’ll get right to work. This will mean picking up all your junk from the garage, closets, upstairs or any other place it might be kept. In a flash you can watch things like sofas, mattresses and kitchen appliances fly out the door and onto the Junk King truck. Yes, Junk King will also provide a truck big enough to haul away whatever you want tossed out. It’s all part of the complete removal package.

After the truck is loaded, the Junk King crew will be making their way to one of three drop off sites. They’ll either let your junk go at a recycling center, a charity or a landfill. Ultimately, they would like to avoid the landfill trip. If the crew thinks your old sofa could be refurbished they’ll see to it that is gets to a local charity that handles those kinds of jobs. As for the recycling, there are many facilities that handle large items like stoves, refrigerators and washing machines. You might not know where these places are located but they are part of the Junk King’s daily drop off routes.

When you are ready to get clear of the clutter in your home call Junk King San Diego. You might be able to take advantage of same day service. Imagine how happy you’ll be once all that junk is gone!


Alternatives to San Diego Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Rental Alternative San DiegoIf there is one thing to know about wild bears it’s that you don’t want to get between them and their food. Recent footage from the back of a restaurant showed a hungry bear sniffing around the dumpsters. Apparently, there was something appealing for Yogi because he can be seen pushing the dumpster off camera where he enjoyed his snack after tipping the container over. The next night, the bear was back for more munchies and another chance to star in a viral video. Google “bear dumpster” and you’re sure to see these videos pop up. They should serve as a cautionary tale for you if you’re considering renting a dumpster: While you might not be throwing out food, there is still no telling what you might attract.

Having a dumpster parked out on your street is an open invitation for “drop offs” or “pickups.” There are many folks in your neighborhood who wouldn’t think twice about tossing in some of their oversized garbage into your rented dumpster. You’ll be stuck with that garbage. If those items should happen to be e-waste or hazardous material then you’ve got a serious problem on your hands because the dumpster company won’t take those away.

As for “pickups” a dumpster can also invite divers to go through the bin to see what’s being tossed out. We’re not just talking about bears and other four-legged creatures but there are plenty of dumpster divers who are looking for recyclables or even pieces of junk for their next art project. You might be thinking, “I’m just throwing out roofing material.” That’s fine but those dumpster divers won’t what’s inside until they’ve gone through the container. Bottom line: a dumpster is a magnet for a lot of unwanted business. If you’ve got junk you want to get rid of then Junk King is really your best option.

When you hire Junk King of San Diego you’ll be getting a fast and efficient removal of all your bulky throwaway items. That removal will happen as quick as the Junk King crew can load up their truck and that’s pretty quick! With that dumpster rental, you might be forced to hang onto the bin for an entire weekend or longer. Often Junk King can provide same day service. You’ll also be utilizing that hardworking Junk King crew. They’ll be doing all the heavy lifting and loading. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense to hire Junk King for any type of junk removal or a dumpster rental alternative. Fast, clean and dependable; that is the Junk King way!

North County San Diego Mattress Disposal

Having trouble sleeping? We’ve all been there. The real reason you might not be a morning person is because you haven’t gotten the proper rest the night before. And if you’re feeling worn out during the day then you really need to catch up with a good night’s sleep. Easier said than done? Not if you follow some of these helpful hints.

Most important is that you need to stick to a sleep schedule. This doesn’t mean you’ll be expected to hit the pillow and precisely 11 p.m. and fall directly asleep. However, you should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including the weekends and holidays. Despite your best intentions, you have to train your body that “now is the time for sleep.” You can’t do that if you’re switching times up. Essentially you want to create a kind of bedtime ritual. Perhaps that means reading for a half an hour before drifting off or listening to soothing tunes or taking a shower. Being consistent with those rituals is another way to train your body to “switch off.”

You should be paying attention to what you’re eating and drinking at least several hours before you head off for slumber. The goal is not to go to bed overly hungry or stuffed. Those kinds of discomforts can keep you tossing and turning. The same can be said for drinking before drifting off. Waking up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom.

Once you’ve accomplished all of those tasks, the biggest challenge for a good night’s sleep is being physically comfortable. That means creating an environment that suits your needs. For some folks that means total darkness. A sleep mask is a good way to achieve that especially if you’re sharing the room with someone who is keeping the light on. You might even want to invest in some earplugs to block out any noise. Then there is the issue of your mattress. If you’ve been sleeping on the same bedding for the last five years (or longer!) then you’re long overdue for a new mattress.

This is one shopping trip you don’t want to rush through or make a purchase on an impulse. Your sleep is too important. When you go shopping, be sure to wear comfortable clothes because you should be spending several minutes trying out a mattress and don’t want to be “bulked up” with layers of clothes.

After picking out your new mattress, your next call should be to Junk King San Diego. These are the folks that are going to take the hassle out of mattress removal. They’ll provide the crew and the truck to get the job done. In that same trip the JK San Diego crew will also be able to remove any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. Don’t wait another day for a good night’s sleep or to get rid of your junk!

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Welcome to the Junk King North San Diego official blog!   This blog will be one of our primary lines of communication to our customers, friends, fans and anyone else who is interested in our North County San Diego area Junk Removal services.

We are open for business starting in January 2013!  Be sure to check in for frequent updates and news about our affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling services for the Northern San Diego area, including Escondido, Carlsbad and Encinatas.  Also, be sure to check out our official San Diego Junk Removal webpage for more information.

We look forward to serving our community efficiently and professionally.  Happy New Year!

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