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Our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal Hoarding Overview

In the years that we’ve been in business, our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal teams have seen lots of offices that get cluttered up. Through no fault of their own, people save things that are better thrown away. Sometimes these are items they have emotional attachments to. Other times they just put an item in a basement or garage and forget they’ve left it there.

Then there are the folks we help who hoard. These people have a psychological issue that’s even categorized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Manual. We always wish each of our clients the very best. When we come across somebody who is hoarding in their home or office, our job is to clear their space and hope they recover.

Here are some things our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team has uncovered about hoarding.

• People who hoard are often unaware of the emotional as well as financial consequences. What’s more, after several years of cluttering up areas in their homes or offices, these spaces become unusable. If you think you might have this issue, we suggest that you get the help you need.

• If you’re thinking about decluttering your space, it’s a good idea to start out slow. Getting rid of many items at once can cause anxiety and unrest. It’s better to go through a room or closet each week until you adjust.

One of the other things that can make decluttering easier is making a decision to get rid of or keep each item as you come across it. Telling yourself that you’ll put things aside until you make a decision in the future is counterproductive. We’ve been helping people out with our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal services for years. This idea always helps to move things along.

We are always available to help every one of our valuable clients. For us, a clean new space that brightens up your day is a job well done for us.

Here’s an excellent tip about collections that we thought you might be able to use. If you’ve been putting together groupings of things for years, there’s an easy way to de-clutter and save the best. Choose one or two to frame or put on a mantle. The rest can be recycled, donated or given to our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team for disposal.

San Diego Junk Removal

After this winter, as the days start to turn warmer its safe bet that your list of household projects will grow.  Call it “spring cleaning” or “getting ready for summer.” Either way there is a strong possibility that part of getting ready for the warmer months is going to mean getting rid of a lot of old junk. This might mean clearing out the garage or attic. Or it could mean a remodeling job in the kitchen or bathroom. Any one of those projects is going to generate a lot of garbage. You can try cramming it into trash cans every week but those cans can only hold so much. However, if you live in the San Diego area then best method for getting rid of all that trash would be to hire a professional junk removal company, like Junk King San Diego.

Typically, you wouldn’t hire a San Diego junk removal company to merely pick up your weekly recyclables. These companies come in handy when you’ve got large items like kitchen appliances to get rid of. There’s no way you’ll be able to fit a broken down washing machine or refrigerator into the back of your SUV. You can easily schedule a pick up time for Junk King San Diego to drop by, pick up and get rid of those unwanted appliances.

What about your old, saggy mattress. Did you know that after about five years, a mattress increases in weight by about ten pounds? That would be ten pounds of nastiness in the form of dead skin cells, dirt, dust and bug carcasses. Do you really want to be sleeping in all that? When you buy a new mattress, you’ll want to certainly get rid of the old one. That’s why you might need a San Diego junk removal company to drag out that old mattress.

Keep in mind also that hiring a San Diego junk removal service isn’t just about the household trash.  They can also haul away rotting tree limbs that might have fallen in a storm.  You might have a new gardening project in mind that could mean tearing up plots in your backyard. Do you want all that dirt in your car? Of course not! Let a San Diego junk removal company do the dirty work of getting rid of your yard waste.

If you’re like a lot of folks, then you care about where you junk is going to end up.  Junk King San Diego has adopted an eco-friendly policy. This means we work directly with recycling centers that can break down and recycle all your junk.   Everything from the kitchen appliances to the mattresses to the furniture can be included in our recycling program.  In general, when contacting a junk removal service, don’t hesitate to ask where you’re junk is going to end up.

Junk King San Diego is open for business – if you live in the San Diego area feel free to go online and schedule an estimate or call 1-800-995 (JUNK) to speak with a Junk King representative.

San Diego Junk Removal with Junk King

For as long as there have been homes there have been projects to do around the home. Sometimes husbands refer to these projects as “honey do” lists as in “honey, do this and honey, do that.” The spirit of “do it yourself” is alive and well in these types of projects. But the reality is there’s a limit to how far DIY can go, especially when the home project is going to leave behind a lot of waste and garbage. That’s when you need to bring in a San Diego junk removal company like Junk King North San Diego. The Junk King crews can expertly handle nearly any kind of junk piling up in your home or business. That’s going to make your “honey do” project a breeze.
Junk King is the leader in San Diego junk removal. That might not seem like a major accomplishment; after all, what can be so complicated with hauling junk away? You’d be surprised at the difference that an experience and qualified team of junk removal specialists can make. First consider the amount of muscle it takes to simply load up a truck with worn out furniture, chunks of broken concrete or busted kitchen appliances. One of the reasons that junk sits around your place could be that it’s just too heavy to move.
Then consider what to do with all of that junk. Can you honestly say you would know where to dump your trash? The quick answer is the nearest landfill but chances are that landfill is on the far outskirts of your San Diego neighborhood. Do you really want to be spending hours on the road to get rid of your trash?
And what about recycling? That’s a major component of San Diego junk removal. Luckily, Junk King San Diego prides themselves on being eco-friendly. This means they will know the best final destination for your waste. This could mean one recycling center for the furniture and another for the old washing machine and yet another for the broken television. Although the end result of reusing resources is the same, the methods are different for every type of resource. That’s why you need to have someone like Junk King San Diego who knows all the players in the green junk removal arena.
Junk King North San Diego also offers king size service. This means a hauling capacity that is 20% bigger then the competition. And yes, in the junk hauling business size matters. It makes way more sense to have Junk King make one hauling trip for all your junk as opposed to another service that might have to do the same job in several trips and charge you each time. That’s not a good way to get rid of your junk.
In addition Junk King San Diego’s crews aren’t just day laborers. These are trained, fully licensed, insured and bonded crews who know their job. The first step is to make the call for Junk King San Diego (1-800-995-JUNK) to come over and give you an estimate based on the amount of junk that fits into their truck. Once that estimate is agreed upon, you’ll set up your junk removal appointment and at long last say good-bye to all your junk! It’s just that simple with Junk King San Diego.

What is Professional Junk Hauling?

You only have to spend a few moments inside a typical San Diego home to know how much pride the owners take in creating warm and inviting surroundings. Although everyone has their own unique approach and style, the goal is always the same: produce a place you’d be happy to spend time in. Naturally, this can mean keeping up to date with design trends by adding new pieces of furniture. The big issue then becomes what to do with all the old stuff. The simple solution is to hire a professional team of locally based San Diego furniture haulers to “make out with the old and in with the new” – a stress free endeavor.

“Professional” is the key word when it comes to inviting any type of worker into your home. Whether you need a plumber, electrician, handyman or furniture hauler you want to make sure they are experienced and qualified. In some cases, unscrupulous contractors will pick up day laborers to fill the gaps on a remodel project. These could be painters or other types of workers that the contractor finds outside of the Home Depot. That’s not who you want to bring into your house. A professional junk hauling company should be licensed to do business in the state, bonded and certified.

What that means is that their workers are going to be professionals who are experienced with moving furniture. Even with the heaviest of objects, it’s still a delicate operation to maneuver a sofa or chest of drawers around the tight corners in your home. You don’t want reckless movers banging into your walls or door jams. But if an accident does occur, you’ll want to make sure that the junk haulers you’ve hired will take care of the issue.

You can tell a professional junk hauler from the amateurs by how they present themselves. If someone is advertising for work by taping a flier to the telephone pole then they really can’t be taken very seriously. However, a company with a professional web presence has proven that they are successful enough to invest in the proper marketing of their business.  This means they the junk hauling professionals will be dressed for work – not in a pair of ripped jeans and a white t-shirt. That kind of success can only be achieved by building a strong customer base and a solid reputation. You don’t get that with shoddy work.

If you have designated several pieces of furniture for a junk removal company to take away, you don’t have to stop there. Perhaps there are other items in your home that need to be taken away. These could be old files or records, torn luggage, unused camping equipment or anything else that is collecting dust in your attic or garage. Are you really using that beat up surf board? What about those rusty golf clubs? Instead of hanging onto that junk, let the professional junk hauling company you hire take it all away.

And don’t hesitate to ask where your old furniture might end up.  Nowadays any company who is in the junk hauling business in San Diego should be well versed on all the various recycling centers around town. They should have no problem dropping your old furniture off at any one of those facilities. While you get comfortable with your new furniture you’ll be assured that your old furniture is being put to good “reuse!”