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North County San Diego Foreclosure Cleanout

“When you need it gone fast, call Junk King.” That is a business motto we always make good on whether you’ve got a small job or a big job like a foreclosure cleanout. You can depend on Junk King to not only do all the heavy lifting but also make sure you’ve got all the crew you need. Although we have standard procedures for junk removal, we know that every job is different. At the mention of “hoarder” or “foreclosure” we know that the job could require the need of multiple crews and trucks. That won’t be a problem for Junk King.


Even though it might have taken a lifetime to collect all the rubbish, Junk King will see to it that it is all safely removed in a single appointment. “Safely” is the key word here. There is no telling what you might find in the piles of trash left behind for a foreclosure cleanout. That is why the Junk King crews are trained to approach each trash mound with caution. They’ll be sure to wear protective gear to insure their safety and the safety of your property. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to dive into this type of cleanup without gloves and masks. In some cases, our crews might have to slip into full protective jumpsuits. As we said, every job is different.

Before Junk King gets started on any project, the crew will need to check out just how much junk is going to be loaded up. They do this to determine your price. It will always be based on an estimate of volume used on the truck. You won’t be charged for extra crewmembers or time. It’s all about the truckload. If it turns out that we under estimated your haul, you’re still not going to be paying any more then the agreed upon price. There won’t be any surprised with a Junk King foreclosure cleanout.

In addition to all the work the crew can do with junk removal on the inside of your property, they’ll be able to work wonders around your yard. Just tell the crew what you want removed and it is as good as gone. That includes leaves, weeds, planters, tires, auto parts and anything else abandoned by the last occupant. Don’t let a foreclosure cleanout slow you down. Junk King will take care of the job from start to finish.

San Diego Foreclosure Cleanout

You can tell a lot about how a person lived by what they leave behind. That is essentially the basis of archeology. Researchers dig through the ruins of towns and villages to find a lot of clues about life from the garbage. Clearly, if you’re interested in flipping a property, you really don’t care how the previous tenant occupied their time. All you’re concerned about is the foreclosure cleanout. For that project, Junk King is your perfect work partner.


Anyone that buys a foreclosed home is probably going to be getting a good deal. It’s important that you look beyond the cosmetic and consider the possibilities. Take a look at any HGTV remodeling show and you’ll see how easy it is to transform a dilapidated home into a thing of beauty. Of course, it helps to have decent contractors and decorators but those professionals are easy to come by. Before you can bring in your team, you need to turn Junk King lose on that property.

At first glance, a foreclosure cleanout might seem like a lot of work. It can be but as far as Junk King is concerned, it’s easy. That’s because they are essentially getting rid of everything. There is really no need to sort through trash. It just has to be scooped up and bagged. If the previous occupant left behind furniture or appliances, the Junk King crew will make a quick determination to see if those can be recycled or donated to a charity. They’ll handle those drop offs as well.

The average Junk King pick up appointment comes with two capable movers. However, with a foreclosure cleanout type of situation, Junk King might want to dispatch additional teams to make sure the job can get down as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about additional labor costs: you won’t be paying any! Instead, you’ll be paying by the volume of the junk collected as it will appear on the back of the truck. It’s a price you’ll know before the work begins so you can budget accordingly. Unlike some of your contractors, Junk King isn’t going to change that price or cause any delay.

Keep in mind, that a foreclosure cleanout can also be about curb appeal. The Junk King crews will help remove debris from the yards so you can bring in the landscapers. Focus on the remodel and let Junk King handle all the foreclosure cleanout work.

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