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Junk King Makes Furniture Removal Easy

For your spring-cleaning agenda this year you have a choice to make: Should you get your sofa’s upholstery clean by a professional company or do you finally need to replace the whole thing? That question can actually be applied to several pieces of furniture throughout your home. Is it worth investing time and energy cleaning and polishing something that you’d like to get rid of?

Perhaps if you were to take the day for little furniture shopping, then you would become convinced that there are some great options out there that can transform your home. Once you selected your new pieces, you have to deal with the old furniture removal. That is easy to take care of with one call to Junk King North San Diego.

No Piece Too Big Or Small

The Junk King crews are equally adept at removing a big item like a sectional sofa as they are with a small item like a single dining room chair. Their first approach is to decide the best way to remove that out of the home without causing any damage to floors or walls. Once that peace is safely out of the house it will then be loaded onto the Junk King truck. This is where more of their experience kicks in.

They going to be looking for ways to pack in as much furniture into his little space as possible. It can almost be like a game of Tetris with a sofa, chairs, love seat and recliner. There putting in this extra effort to make sure they utilize as little space as possible in order to leave room for the next client. They also want you to get a great deal on the service and the less room they use, the less you will be paying.


The bulk of what gets collected by Junk King can be targeted for being repurposed. Junk King has set up partnerships with many charities throughout the area. They know these organizations are looking for any given time. Your old sofa might have value for them. The same can be said for a lot of the clothing and other household goods you getting rid of. Junk King will strive to make sure those usable items are dropped off at the charities. You should feel good about getting rid of your unwanted items knowing they could be put back to work for someone else.

Your old furniture removal is going to be easy when you turn that job over to Junk King North San Diego. Set up your session today.

San Diego Furniture Pickup

Everyone’s dream is to live in a good neighborhood. Of course many folks would simply settle for a decent neighborhood.  Generally speaking, residents taking pride in their surroundings tends to separate the good neighborhoods from the bad.  A perfect example of this type of pride can be found around many San Diego neighborhoods where homeowners put in plenty of TLC to their front and back yards. You can see it with the manicured lawns and blooming gardens. Sure, we might have a closet crammed full of junk or a sink stuffed with dirty dishes but on the outside we want things to look nice. However, even with all that hard work, we don’t have control over everyone in the neighborhood. One eyesore that seems to occasionally pop up are random pieces of furniture abandoned by the curbside. That’s the kind of thing that can really bring down the quality of a community. There really isn’t a reason for leaving furniture by the curb when a San Diego furniture pickup company is just a phone call or online booking away from hauling away your useless junk.

People who put furniture out on the curb probably have some good intentions behind their actions. If the furniture is still in decent shape, they might think someone will come along and take it away. Often in these types of situations a sign proclaiming “FREE” is tacked onto the furniture. That’s certainly a nice gesture but what happens if it rains or the furniture is visited by some local critters? Nobody is going to want to take that away no matter how “free” it is! Instead of leaving your “curb deposits” to chance, bring in a professional San Diego furniture pickup crew and let them take it away once and for all.

Most folks already know that putting furniture out on the street is wrong. But sometimes abandoned furniture can land right outside your house and it’s not even yours! Imagine waking up one morning and finding a ratty sofa right around the corner from your home. This is probably from irresponsible people who think they can just dump anything and let somebody else worry about picking it up. You can hope someone will come along to get rid of it, but unfortunately, this abandoned junk could become your problem, especially if there is an ordinance against leaving furniture by the curb. It is conceivable you could be ticketed and fined. This is another perfect opportunity to call in a San Diego furniture pickup company to haul away that unwanted junk.

If you are concerned about where your old furniture might end up, don’t hesitate to ask the furniture pickup company if they are part of a recycling program. Recycling isn’t just for plastic bottles or newspapers. Furniture can be broken down for its raw materials and those materials can then be repurposed which in turn can help us all cut down on our natural resources. In other words, recycling your old sofa can reduce your carbon footprint. Who would have thought that could be possible?  And most importantly, think about how you won’t have to lift a finger to do anything; except of course calling or booking online to set up a free estimate.