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Junk Hauling Oceanside CA

Did you know that by the year 2020 California is supposed to have up to 75% of all trash diverted away from landfills? That’s according to a new law signed into effect by Governor Brown. However, there are some communities like Oceanside that are taking it a step further. The goal here is to be a zero trash zone. That means that everything that is collected by municipal workers is recycled, composted or reused. That’s a pretty tall order but it’s something that can be accomplished if everybody does their part.

As a result of this push to become a zero trash kind of community, many local businesses are getting into the act by stepping up their own recycling efforts. One company who is leading this charge is Junk King North San Diego. These are the junk removal specialists that are part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. Right now, every Junk King pick up is sorted and sifted through by the highly trained crew to determine what can be recycled or donated. As a result, Junk King is able to boost that up to 60% of everything that collect is diverted away from landfills. This puts them ahead of the state schedules and that’s good news for anyone in Oceanside CA who wants to get rid of junk and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

We’ve all grown accustomed to recycling the little things like soda cans, water bottles, cereal boxes, newspapers and magazines. With Junk King’s help you don’t have to stop there. The big stuff can be recycled, too. We’re talking about things like your ancient sofa, your broken stove and even those flat tires. Junk King also has the hook up around town to recycle things like concrete, bricks, lumber, dirt, wood and metal scraps. Yes, they are very serious about keeping your home clear of clutter. They are equally serious about keeping Oceanside clean.

You might have noticed one of the big red Junk King trucks cruising the neighborhood. That’s the truck you’ll be able to fill up with all your stuff whether it’s junk from the inside of your home or from your yard. You’ll want to keep that Junk King San Diego number handy for when the winter storms start raging. This is the perfect company to call when you need help with picking up debris that might have been dumped into your yard. Junk will always pop up and that’s why Junk King will always be on the job. Give them a call today to find out how they can help with your next clean up assignment!