Count on Junk King for Orange County Storm Debris Removal

Californians are hoping that the coming El Nino will help with the drought conditions. According to the weather experts, it actually might take several El Ninos in order to fully recover. Are you ready for the coming storms? If your home is prone to flooding, then you’re probably already taking measures to protect your property. Even those homes outside of the danger zones can still experience some degree of storm debris problems with falling palm fronds and other materials dumped in their yards. No matter how bad it gets, you can count on Junk King to provide fast and efficient storm debris removal.


Junk King crews have worked in all kinds of conditions from the sweltering heat to the frigid cold. They’ve also been called on for all kinds of clean up jobs. These crews have faced off against many hoarder homes and foreclosure cleanouts. These are the kinds of junk piles that could frighten most folks away but the crews from Junk King dive right in to clear them out.

Then there are those jobs where the crews can’t help but get muddy. The teams from Junk King have no problem with dirt. If it takes getting messy to get your stuff removed, then that’s just what they’re going to do.

Beyond the storm debris removal service, Junk King is also standing by for any other type of junk removal assignment. You might want to start off the year by getting rid of all the clutter that has accumulated in the last several months. With Junk King doing all the lifting and loading, there is no end to what you can get removed. All you need to do is decide what you want taken away and Junk King will handle the rest. Even getting rid of a hot tub is no problem for Junk King. They’ll have all the tools needed to get the job done.

Once all that clutter is cleared out, you’ll be able to make better use of your storage areas. You might even reclaim a spare room or the garage. There are better ways to use your home than as a storage locker. For dependable storm debris removal and junk hauling you can count on Junk King.