Start The New Year Right With A Clean Home

The best approach to start the New Year is to start with a new project. That could be taking on a hobby or tackling a DIY fix around the house. Maybe you want to start learning a language the audiotapes as you commute to work. One easy project to take on would be having a clean home from top to bottom. No doubt, there was a lot that happened over the holidays that created a kind of tsunami of clutter. There’s probably scattered boxes, wrapping paper and presents throughout the house. All of that will be picked up and cleared away for sure but what about the bigger stuff? What about all those oversized items that can’t fit into the weekly garbage pickup? That’s the kind of clutter that is really preventing you from having a totally clean home. One call to Junk King Orange County and all that clutter can go away.


Junk King Orange County is the leading junk removal service in this area. They achieved that status through hard work and exceptional customer service standards. From the outside looking in it’s not that complicated to haul junk away. At least it’s not complicated when you hire Junk King Orange County. If you were to take this task on yourself, then you be running around renting a truck, hiring a crew and giving up your entire day off. Instead, Junk King Orange County provides all the movers and truck space you’ll need to get rid of just about anything you want to from your home. That includes any amount of furniture, boxes, appliances, sporting goods and even auto-parts like spare tires. It all gets lifted and loaded in a very quick manner.

Before the team from Junk King Orange County will start loading they’ll present you with an estimate for the service. This is another reason why they are the leading junk haulers in Orange County. The pricing policy they use is based on volume and not weight. You should never be charged by the pound for this type of work. Are you ready to start your New Year with a clean home? Then you’re ready for junk removal session with Junk King Orange County.