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Pamper Yourself with Junk Removal Services in the OC

When was the last time you really pampered yourself? We’re not talking about ordering that piece of cheesecake for dessert (nothing wrong with that) but really taking the time to focus on nothing but relaxation. It’s important that you do this because it helps you “reboot” your mind and body. That in turn will help you deal with everything else you’ve got on your plate. A pamper session is something you should schedule with as much importance as a visit to the doctor. What is your favorite way to be pampered?

For some folks it’s the simple pleasure of listening to a favorite musical album. But instead of trying to squeeze that listening in during a drive to work, why not load it up on an iPod and go for a walk? Better yet, shut out the rest of the world by closing the door to your bedroom and taking the time to just sit and listen. You could enhance that listening pleasure by taking a nice warm bath. If you’re living in a home with other “occupants” it might be best to announce your intentions. Let all within listening range be on notice that for the next hour you are not to be disturbed. Fill up that tub with warm sudsy water, light some candles and slip into the soothing warmth.

If a bath isn’t practical then maybe you can curl up with a good book. It might be that late at night is the best time for you to catch up on your reading but you could also sneak out to the local library and spend an hour in that quiet zone. Of course a spa day could also do the trick with regard to pampering. It doesn’t have to be a whole day but maybe just a nice manicure and pedicure with a soothing foot massage. Even if you can dedicate yourself to a new hobby that’s a form of pampering you can indulge yourself in.

The important thing to remember is not to let distractions get in your way. Case in point: cleaning up your home. If you can’t relax because you feel guilty about having clutter scattered around then call Junk King OC. Let their crew come through your home to remove all the junk you’ve been eager to get rid of but never had the means. Junk King will have a crew and truck at your disposal and you won’t have to lift a finger.  You can sit back, relax, and watch while all of your meddlesome clutter disappears in one fell swoop. Once Junk King has helped you remove all that unwanted stuff you’ll be in a much better mood to be pampered. In fact, Junk King might just be the best pampering of all!

Orange County Moving and Junk Hauling

Making a move into a new home or apartment can be equal parts stressful and exciting. Fresh starts are always a proactive way of reinvigorating your life. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and experience the charm of a different neighborhood. But it’s also stress inducing in terms of getting ready for the movers, making sure everything is packed and nothing gets broken on the journey. This makes a move to a new place as the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of your useless junk. Why would you want to take that with you?

It’s amazing how quickly we can gather junk into our lives. Even the biggest of homes can become overrun with all the stuff we’re hanging onto. Garages get so full of this stuff that cars are forced to park out on the street! And forget about the closets; they are crammed from floor to ceiling. As you sort through your belongings you need to give some serious thought as to what makes sense to take with you and what you can let go of. Do you really want to drag along that old ping pong table or treadmill? Is that broken coffee table worth hanging onto? When you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to let go of all those useless items then it’s time to give Junk King Orange County a call.

Junk King is the Orange County business that has been helping homeowners and business owners make the transition from clutter into a junk-free way of living. You can use them for a “move before the move.” That would be moving out all of your junk. The difference is you’ll be saying good-bye to that stuff once and for all.

The Junk King OC crew consists of the same level of professional movers that you might be hiring for the big move. The big difference is that with Junk King you’re not going to be charged by the hour for labor costs or driving time. Your cost for removal will be based on the amount of space your junk takes up in the Junk King truck. It’s just that simple and no hidden charges. When you get rid of all that extra “baggage” then you’ll be saving money on your big move because you won’t have to pay for the extra time it’s going to take up. Plus you won’t have to pack any of that stuff.

The other thing to keep in mind about the Orange County Junk King is that they’re going to make every effort to ensure that your junk is recycled. This means diverting the stuff away from a landfill and towards the appropriate recycling facility. That should make you feel good about getting rid of your stuff! Start the next chapter of your life as a junk-free person.

Orange County Mattress Disposal

Let’s cut to the chase: You need a new mattress. How can we tell? The mere fact that you’re reading an article about mattress disposal implies this is an issue that’s on your mind. Actually, if you’re sleeping on a mattress that is eight years old or older you really need to be thinking about getting a new mattress. A mattress is one of those items you can’t exclusively buy online. However, there’s no reason why you can’t head out to a mattress story, give a mattress a try-out and then rush back to the internet to find the best bargain for your mattress. Actually, if you’re tech savvy you might even be able to just a code scanner on your Smartphone to find the mattress store offering the best deal within driving range.

Before you activate that app, you’ve got to be serious about your mattress try-out. We’re talking 15 minutes. That’s how much time you should spend laying on the mattress in the middle of the showroom floor. Will you feel silly? Perhaps but you’ll feel even sillier if you sit on mattress for 15 seconds and think that’s all it’s going to take to see if it’s firm enough. Is 15 minutes really too much to ask for an item you’ll be spending up to eight hours on every day for the next 8 years? Not hardly. The way you should break down the test is with five minutes on each side and five minutes on your back. In other words, just how you would be normally sleeping.

Every mattress dealer knows you’ll go through a period of adjustment. That’s why they typically will offer you a 30 day return policy. Keep in mind that only about 25% of mattress buyers actually turn in their new mattress for a return. That means folks are keeping what they bought because they took the time to find the right one. You might also want to wait for a sale. Sure, go do the test, find the mattress you love and write down the brand name and model. Then hold off for the next big holiday weekend. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can save.

When it comes time to remove your old mattress there is really only one company you should be dealing with. That would be Junk King Orange County. They are the local Orange County business that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. Even though you’re focused on getting rid of your mattress, you’ll be able to toss out so much more when you hire Junk King OC. They can help you go through your garage, closets and attic to target all the stuff you want tossed out. Finally you’ll be getting a good night’s rest and have a clean home!

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