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Accomplish Your Spring Cleaning Without Rubbish

It is easy to tell at a glance that your spring cleaning has been accomplished. You can look through room and know that it has been tested, vacuumed and mopped up. Everything is in its proper place and there is no clutter on any table. However, that might not be telling the whole story of your spring cleaning accomplishment. What would happen if someone were to look into the closets or out into the garage? Would there still be rubbish in those areas? If so, then you want to complete your spring cleaning mission by getting that rubbish remove. That is where Junk King Orange County can make a big difference.

Spring cleaning literally means dusting and cleaning every visible object in your home. It can also mean taking everything out of the cabinets in the kitchen to wipe down the shelves. By doing that, you will be able to take stock of all the things in your home and determine whether or not you need to keep them in your home. You might discover that you have more dishes then you need or some cooking gadgets that you’ve never used or would ever use. Once the cleaning is done, you might be left with a lot of things that could be carted off by Junk King. And don’t stop at the little stuff.

Junk King is going to send over a team of movers and a big truck. That is what every appointment consists of. Whether you’re tossing out just a few boxes or an entire living room worth of furnishing, you’re going to get that same two-man moving crew. What big pieces could you get rid of as part of your spring cleaning? Are there some furniture items that you’d like to replace? It will certainly be a lot easier to accept delivery of the new pieces once the old stuff is gone.

Before the crew begins removing all the rubbish items from your home there to provide you with an estimate. That estimate will be based on how they are going to pack up the truck. It’s a fair and competitive price that is all about volume and not about weight.

Your spring cleaning can’t be called finished until all the rubbish is gone from your home. Let Junk King Orange County help with that goal.

Complete Spring Cleaning With A Call To Junk King Orange County

How deep did you take your cleaning for spring cleaning this year? Did you move furniture to get the dust bunnies? Did you plot the stove to get the grease on the floor? Did you take everything out of the cabinets and dust them? Those are all great things to accomplish and can make a huge difference around your house. But spring cleaning can’t be called complete until you make a call to Junk King Orange County. That will put a plan into motion that will have all your unwanted clutter removed once and for all.


As you went to the house cleaning you probably noticed all the things you’d like to get rid of. Perhaps there were several outfits in your closet you know you’re never to wear again. Maybe there’s old electronics in a closet that you know you can’t throw the trash but still would like to get rid of. And that can be all kinds of unfinished “projects” in the garage that are ready to be cleared out. All those things can be removed with one call to Junk King Orange County.

Junk King Orange County will be sending over a team of professional movers to help with your decluttering. What makes these teams professional is the fact that they are licensed and insured. That makes them a lot more trustworthy then any worker you might find on Craigslist. This is a crew that has a lot of experience lifting and loading heavy objects. You should never put your back at risk moving something like an old sofa or futon. That is a job that is tailor-made for the Junk King Orange County team.

Everything you donate to Junk King Orange County will have a shot at being put back into circulation. This happens either through donations to a charity or dropping off at a recycling center. Both of those scenarios are net positives for the environment. And that is exactly what Junk King Orange County is dedicated to.

Once all this clutter is clear, you’ll be able to organize the stuff you holding onto. Things are going to look great around the house once Junk King Orange County has taken away all your clutter.

Get A Boost For Your Spring Cleaning By Hiring Junk King Orange County

Around the holidays, charities always see an influx of donations. Everyone is in the giving spirit and enjoys spreading that holiday cheer. However, there is another time of the year where charities also receive an influx of donations. That would be during the spring when everyone is undertaking their major spring cleaning project.


As people go through the closets, basements, garage and kitchens they find all sorts of things that could be turned over to a charity. These are the all the unwanted items that aren’t being used. In some cases, these donations may fill up the back of a truck. That’s certainly the case when you add in things like furniture, appliances and sporting equipment. If it looks like your spring cleaning is going to yield a bountiful amount of potential donations, then you need to call Junk King Orange County. These are the junk removal professionals that make drop-offs to charities as part of their weekly schedule.

Since they began collecting junk over 10 years ago, Junk King has always prided itself on being a very green type of company. They have set up working relationships with charities and recycling centers in every town where there’s a new franchise. Here in Orange County, Junk King has identified several organizations that are willing to take in all kinds of items from your home. Many of these groups even hire local residents to fix up certain donations. That’s an added bonus for making a donation; you are keeping people employed.

The benefit of hiring Junk King Orange County is that they can provide a dependable work crew and truck to take away all your donated items. They can also get rid of things like old computers, televisions, monitors and printers that aren’t working anymore. Those e-waste items need to be dropped off at certified recycling centers. If it seems like Junk King is going to be making a bunch of trips to different drop-offs, then you’re right. But that is not a problem for them and it’s all included in their junk hauling package.

The fee for Junk King services is based upon how tightly the crew can pack up the truck with all your stuff. You’ll know what this price is before the work begins. If you were to rent your own truck and hire your own movers, then you would certainly be paying a lot more than what Junk King is charging. Give your spring cleaning a boost this year by bringing Junk King Orange County from the jump.

Get A Jump On Your OC Spring Cleaning – Haul That Junk!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for a little “out with the old and in with the new” action. Start with your closet. How many articles of clothing are you done with? Maybe you’ve out grown them. Maybe the style has come and gone. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to hold onto old clothes. Add into that pile old shoes, coats, sweaters and sport gear and suddenly your closet is now only half-full. This will certainly free up space to bring in some new wardrobe pieces.


Moving onto your garage, how many boxes of rubbish can you get rid of in here? There could be all kinds of car parts, flat tires, lumber scraps, toys, household goods and other junk cluttering up the shelves and floors. You might not even be able to park your car in here! Clearing out all the junk can allow you to set up a productive workspace or crafting corner. Isn’t that a better use of your garage?

The question then becomes how will you get rid of all this stuff? It can’t go into the garbage because there is too much. Cue Junk King! These are the junk removal pros that can swoop in and haul away just about anything you want to get rid of. In a single junk removal appointment, your spring cleaning project will be complete and your home will be a lot more spacious.

Junk King provides the minimum of a two-man moving crew to help accomplish the task. In some cases, you might even benefit from a third member. Of course, if you’re spring cleaning project has reached critical mass, then you can count on Junk King adding more team members and trucks to finish the job. Yes, Junk King can totally handle a hoarder clean up!

Getting your home clean is just part one of Junk King’s service. The second part is keeping the OC environment clean. Junk King manages this by recycling or donating the bulk of what they collect. As an added bonus, Junk King passes on the savings to you. Yes, it is actually cheaper to recycle than to dump at a landfill. If you want to get serious about your spring cleaning, then you need to bring in Junk King.

Spring Junk Removal In Orange County

Spring has traditionally been a time for new beginnings. The flowers in your garden certainly know this! This is probably why spring-cleaning is such a tradition in so many households. The idea that you’re finally able to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air translates into getting things clean. Of course, here in Orange County, having the windows open for fresh air is kind of a daily occurrence. Still, if you’re ready to take on your spring-cleaning duties then Junk King will be ready for you.


When you set up your spring junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be getting a very capable crew under your command for the duration of the time. You merely have to tell this crew what you want removed and then watch it fly out the door. If you were to go by the Facebook reviews alone, then you would see how reliable these crews are. Here’s what has been posted so far this month:

“On time, friendly and helpful.”

“The service was fast, friendly, professional and, it seemed to me, reasonably priced.”

“They are professional, courteous and timely.”

“Very organized with scheduling. The workers were very friendly when they left the place was very clean.”

Are you picking up on the buzz words? “Courteous,” “professional,” “friendly” and “reasonably priced.” Those are the kinds of reviews that will keep Junk King Orange County in business for a long time to come and that’s okay by them!

How can Junk King help you with spring-cleaning? They might not be able to do any dusting (although if you ask, they probably would!). What they can do is help clear out the clutter. This is going to free up a lot of space in your home. It will also let you mop out corners that haven’t seen cleaning in some time. After all your rubbish has been loaded up by the Junk King crews, they’ll be off to their next junk removal appointment and you can get back to cleaning. Of course, if removing the junk was the last thing you had to do, then you can get back to enjoying spring.

Setting up your junk removal appointment is easy. You can do it through our website or by calling directly. Either way, you’re likely to have an appointment scheduled within 24 hours. Are you ready to say good-bye to your junk? Call Junk King to make it happen.