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How To Take Care Of Heavy Junk Removal

Although it is not the easiest thing to do, you can move an entire house. A lot depends on the original structure and whether it can sustain being “lifted” but there are plenty of instances when it makes sense to keep a home in tack and move it to another location as opposed to tearing it down. Of course, this type of project takes a massive amount of coordination and dozens of crewmembers all working together. On a much smaller scale, you might need to contend with some heavy junk removal around your own home. That also requires coordination and hardworking crews. That is what Junk King Orlando is all about.


The coordination begins when you set up your appointment. What day works best for your schedule? Whether it is early in the morning, on the weekend or in the evening, Junk King will strive to be accommodating. Most sessions are handled within a day of you making that first contact. There are even some pickups complete on the same day. All of this points out how fast Junk King can work.

As for the crew, you’ll be assigned at least two movers to handle the heavy junk removal. This is a team who has a lot of experience with this kind of operation. They know what it means to carry something down a hallway without scratching the floor. If they can’t make that happen with the object in one piece, then they’ll break it down to several little pieces.

Everything that is collected by Junk King has a shot at getting recycled and that includes the heavy junk items. A sofa or futon could be dropped off at a charity where it can be refurbished and put to use again. Big appliances that are beyond repair can go to the recycling centers for proper disposal. This is all part of Junk King’s removal service. They’re objective is to keep as much out of a landfill as possible.

Getting rid of all that heavy junk is going to free up a lot of space around your house. When you’re ready to make that happen, Junk King Orlando will be ready to spring into action.

Junk King Orlando Earns 5 Stars From Customers

It is not that difficult to earn a rave review from a customer. You just have to deliver on the promises you make. For junk hauling, Junk King Orlando promises they’ll do all the work in a timely manner at an affordable rate. Based on these 5-star reviews, Junk King Orlando is definitely getting the job done.


“They showed up within the hour range promised. Provided a fair price and completed the job in short order. They were careful when removing the stuff from the house not to mark the walls or floor. Good job.” – R.R., Winter Park

All the crews working for Junk King are bonded and insured. They know how to treat you home with respect.

“I liked it that you called me very soon after I requested a hauling service. We set up an appointment for later in the day for a free estimate. I was hoping that it might be sooner but was told it would be later & I would be notified about 20 minutes before you came. To my delight, you called & came much sooner. And you were able to pick up the debris at that time. The two young men were very polite, prompt & did a great job.” – N.G., Longwood

Junk King always likes to leave a little “buffer” time to get through traffic. Once they show up, they move fast to get the job done.

“Incredibly prompt and courteous with their response. Removed my items without fuss or issue. Grateful for their work.” – R.B., Casselberry

“We are preparing to move and had lots of old TVs and computers. The 2 agents (Ray and I believe Juan) were very fast and very friendly and were in and out in minutes. I would gladly recommend Junk King Orlando to my friends that have a need.” C.C., Kissimmee

“The communication from the associates starting with the Customer Service Staff as well as the gentlemen who came to our home was excellent. We did not sit around and wait. We knew when they were coming, how long it would take and they were accurate in both. We also appreciated how polite they were, efficient and sweeping up after cleaning the shed. We were so impressed and so grateful.” – B.T.R.C., Lake Mary

The reviews are in and it is clear that whether you need a lot or a little junk removed, you can always count on Junk King Orlando to do the job right.

How To Make A Deal On A New Car

Is your current ride starting to give you trouble? Maybe you’ve hit your target mileage goal. Or it could be that you just want to experience a new car. Considering it might be a least six years (or more) since you bought you last car, you’re going to discover a lot has changed with car design and it is all good. Before you head to the showroom, you’ll want to do a lot of research to not only narrow down your choices but also to lock onto a price range. Once you get to the dealership, here’s what you need to do to make a deal on a new car:


Talk With Managers

Remember the last time you bought a car? How many times did your salesperson have to say the need to “Run this by the manager?” Apparently, the manager is the one who has the final say, so why not cut out the middle person and go right to the manager? It is probably best to shop at the end of the month because managers need to hit their quotas and will probably be more opening to closing fast deals.

Get Pre-Approved

You’re not only negotiating the price for the vehicle but also the financing. Often, those financing fees can be out of your control especially if you are going through a dealer for your loan. Instead, you should consider getting pre-approved for your car loan. That allows you to know your budget and save time. It also gives you the upper hand on the deal making. If you know the rate you’re getting from the outside, then you could ask the dealer for a lower rate. Just don’t fib because it is all easily checked.

Ask for Rebates

Every television commercial for a car usually includes a special rebate offer. It looks like a good deal if you qualify but the advertised rebates aren’t the only game in town. There are often discounts offered for military personnel, senior citizens, college students and first-time buyers. There might even be a reduction for brand loyalty. Those don’t come from the dealer but the automaker itself. You might need to ask the dealer because they won’t automatically give up that saving information.

Get Your Garage Ready

A lot of thought will go into picking the perfect car but just as much thought should go into where it will be parked at your home. The best spot is in the garage but only if there is room in the garage. If you’re garage is currently occupied with rubbish, then it is time to bring in Junk King Orlando. Let Junk King Orlando help get your garage ready for a new car. One junk removal session is all it is going to take.

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