Helpful Tips For Antique Furniture Care

Anything that has the word “antique” as part of it’s title has been around for a while. Vintage might cover items made from 1950 on but when you start going beyond 60 or 70 years, then you’re definitely headed into antique territory. If you have some antique furniture pieces, then you’ll want to take care of them. In a way, you’re preserving history for your family’s next generation. Here are some helpful tips on how to care fo antique furniture:


Dust Frequently, Polish Less

Dusting antique furniture should be a weekly habit. The best “tool” would be soft cloth or feather duster. Frequent dusting shouldn’t be confused for polishing. That is when you take a bit more time to “work” the wood of the piece. Those dusting sprays only serve to build up layers of polish that aren’t really doing your furniture any good. Most experts recommend that you only polish your antique furniture once a year. When you do polish, use a high end wax like beeswax. Apply a coat and let it sit overnight. Then buff it out the next day. This will give the wood time to absorb the wax.

Watch the Temperature

A room full of antiques should also have a humidifier that can keep the air regulated. Too much or too little humidity can damage wood over time. You want to keep the pieces from direct heat that would come from a vent or radiator. It’s also a good idea not to have direct sunlight beaming down throughout the day on your antiques. If you’re going out, then close the curtains.

If you’re antiques are ever in repair, then search out a reputable refinisher. You could ask an antique dealer for a recommendation. And make sure they guarantee their work.

As for your overall collection, whether you just holding onto the pieces that have been passed down from your family or are actively acquiring new antiques, it will help to make room for them in your home. This is where a furniture clearing with help from Junk King Orlando can be a big boost. They can quickly take out any old furniture you want to get rid of. They can also clear away any other rubbish items to make room in storage. Let Junk King Orlando help you make room for your antique furniture by clearing out the unwanted stuff from your home.