Make Junk King Your Estate Cleanup Team

When a state changes hands and you have been put in charge your first major decision will be whether or not sell the home that is part of that estate. That will require the advice of a real estate broker and lawyer to make sure this is the best way for. You also want to determine where the proceeds of that sale will be disbursed as it pertains to the wishes of the estate. While all of that is being sorted out, you will be best served by taking care of the estate cleanup. This can be a big job if you were to do it by yourself. Thanks to Junk King Orlando, your estate cleanup just got a whole lot easier. This is the team you want to help with this project.

Clearing Every Room

An estate clean up means to literally clear every room in the home. That process can actually start with the help of an estate sale. The more pieces you can move out and get paid for the better off you’ll be. What is left behind is essentially all the things nobody would want. Even though they might be useful they certainly don’t need to be kept in the home. All of those items can be collected by the Junk King crew in a very efficient manner. The team can start at the top floor and bring everything down and onto the truck in no time at all.

More Help If Needed

The typical junk removal session set up a Junk King will always be staffed by lease to capable movers. This is the team that can easily handle taking up an old sofa or refrigerator. An estate cleanup might require some extra help. The only reason for that is to make sure everything can be cleared out in a single session. Yes, those two movers could do all the work but you don’t want to tie up your day for several hours. The more help the Junk King can send over the quicker things can go. Junk King will send over that extra help without any extra charge. You’ll still paid a flat rate based on how the truck it’s packed up whether it takes two guys or six.

If you need an estate cleanup taken care of, then you need to put Junk King Orlando on job. Give them a call today.