The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Old Carpets And Junk

The average commute time for most Americans is around thirty minutes. That is only if there is never any traffic. Have you ever gone to work without traffic? Factoring in commute times is part of the daily routine and the hope is that you can make those commutes go faster. That might mean getting to work earlier and leaving earlier to avoid traffic. There might also be public transportation options that are even faster than a highway commute. Ironically, most of use want to make things go faster during the so that when we get home we can slow things down. That is especially true on your days off. And this is where Junk King Orlando can play a role. When you’ve got something like old carpets or junk to get rid of, you can count on Junk King to make it happen fast.


There is very little prep work you have to do for a Junk King junk removal session. Yes, you can roll up those old carpets but you don’t really have to. As long as they’re pulled up from the floor, the crew from Junk King will be happy to do the rolling for you. For the rest of the junk you want to get rid of, it doesn’t have to move from the spot where it is at the moment. The Junk King squad can pick it up right from there. You won’t have to bend over once!

Junk King moves fast once they’ve arrived at your property. The first thing they do is look over all the things you want hauled away. They’ll then provide an estimate based on how much space all that stuff will fill on the truck. And they like to pack things up tight which will always save you on the final fee.

As for scheduling, Junk King moves fast there, too. If you call today, then there is a good chance your job will be completed by tomorrow. Still want it faster? Ask for a same day pick up. If they’ve got time to squeeze you in and the crews are nearby, then Junk King will make it happen. For fast and efficient removal of old carpets and junk, it doesn’t get any better than Junk King Orlando.

Schedule An Inventory Storeroom Cleanout Today

A successful business divides their time between finding ways to attract new customers and helping to support those customers. A lot of attention is given to marketing but it won’t matter if that new acquired customer has a bad experience with the business because they weren’t able to buy what they wanted. Have you ever gone to more than one store to find a particular item? Not only did that first store lose your business but also it runs the risk of you never going back. All of this spins back to property inventory management. Without strong stocking and reordering procedures, business will often find themselves turning customer away due to lack of product. To improve things around your inventory management, you have to start with a clean storeroom and that is where Junk King Orlando can make a huge difference.


Like every home, every business storeroom will have a lot of things to get rid of. There could be boxes of returned merchandise that can’t be sold again. The same can be said for items that were damaged in the shipping process. Then there are all those things that simply aren’t selling at all. All of those items would fall under the “loss” category. They would be recorded accordingly with the bookkeepers but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto these things forever. One session with Junk King can take care of that.

While you’re workers are going about their business, the crew from Junk King can step in and gather up all those items you want to get rid of. They’ll be loaded onto the Junk King truck for disposal. Once those things are gone from your storeroom, you can put that storage space to more practical use.

As for pricing, Junk King charges a flat fee that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That flat fee is never based on how heavy a truckload will be but how much space your stuff will fill on that truck. Shop around and you’re sure to see that Junk King’s prices are very fair and affordable for a business. A clearing session with Junk King Orlando is going to have a positive impact on your company’s inventory storeroom. Time to make that happen!

Junk King Helps With Cardboard Box Problems

What is the ratio of filled cardboard boxes vs. empty card cardboard boxes in your home? They’re probably in the same storage spot. A garage is a common area for boxes of stuff like holiday decorations or winter clothing. This is also where the empty boxes go from all of that Amazon shopping. After all, you don’t want to get rid of a cardboard box that you might need some day. The problem becomes when you’ve held onto too much both with empty and full boxes. When you’re feeling overrun by cardboard, then it is time to bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando.


The first thing you should know about hiring Junk King is that you won’t be lifting anything. Clearly, moving around empty cardboard boxes isn’t going to be a problem but you might not want to hire Junk King just for solving that problem. They are going to send over a pair of strong movers who will be doing the lifting work for you. That means you can finally get rid of that old sofa or futon without throwing out your back. The Junk King crew has a lot of experience with moving bulky items so put them to work bringing down all those objects you want gone from your second floor.

Recycling cardboard boxes is a no-brainer. This is something Junk King handles on a regular basis. They also recycle the majority of everything else they collect. This is how they operate and it goes one whether a customer makes the request or not.

As for pricing, your fee will be based on volume and not weight. How will everything fit onto the truck? Will it take up half the space or all of it. You’ll know this after the Junk King team has had a chance to look over everything for themselves. If you were to price out the cost of hiring a crew, renting a truck and giving up time from your day off you would come up with a number that is probably a lot more than what Junk King charges!

Take care of your excess cardboard box and rubbish problem with one call to Junk King Orlando.

Take Care Of Your Junk Trash Removal Today

Are you the type of person who tends to let things “pile up?” You’re certainly not alone. Whether it is a desk at work or dishes in the sink, most people let things pile up until it becomes a genuine issue. One area where you shouldn’t let things pile up is with junk trash. This isn’t the trash you put out every week (which shouldn’t pile up either!) but the big stuff that is clogging your garage, closets and the rest of your home. That is the kind of junk trash that is making your living space close to unbearable. If you’re ready to take care of that junk trash removal today, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Orlando.


When you call Junk King you’ll be putting a plan into action that can result in all you wanted items being hauled away in as little as a few hours. Junk King often can provide a same-day removal session. If you know what you want taken away, then make the call. In most other cases, Junk King can usually complete a session by the following day. Of course, it the weekends work better for your schedule, then Junk King can make that happen, as well.

What exactly can Junk King remove from your property? Actually, it is easier to list the things it can’t take away. That would be propane tanks and any solvents or old paint. Other than that, anything and everything can go. Remember, you’ll be assigned two movers to help you with this task and they’re going to do all the heavy lifting. You shouldn’t feel guilty about asking the crew from Junk King to take away a heavy piece of furniture or to bring something bulky down from upstairs. This is exactly what you’re hiring for them and they enjoy making their customers happy.

Some of the things you’re getting rid of might still be of practical use. Junk King will take every effort for those items to get dropped off at a charity. The rest could end up being recycled. It’s a complete service from start to finish. Junk King Orlando makes getting rid of your junk trash easy. It only takes one call.

Helpful Tips For Antique Furniture Care

Anything that has the word “antique” as part of it’s title has been around for a while. Vintage might cover items made from 1950 on but when you start going beyond 60 or 70 years, then you’re definitely headed into antique territory. If you have some antique furniture pieces, then you’ll want to take care of them. In a way, you’re preserving history for your family’s next generation. Here are some helpful tips on how to care fo antique furniture:


Dust Frequently, Polish Less

Dusting antique furniture should be a weekly habit. The best “tool” would be soft cloth or feather duster. Frequent dusting shouldn’t be confused for polishing. That is when you take a bit more time to “work” the wood of the piece. Those dusting sprays only serve to build up layers of polish that aren’t really doing your furniture any good. Most experts recommend that you only polish your antique furniture once a year. When you do polish, use a high end wax like beeswax. Apply a coat and let it sit overnight. Then buff it out the next day. This will give the wood time to absorb the wax.

Watch the Temperature

A room full of antiques should also have a humidifier that can keep the air regulated. Too much or too little humidity can damage wood over time. You want to keep the pieces from direct heat that would come from a vent or radiator. It’s also a good idea not to have direct sunlight beaming down throughout the day on your antiques. If you’re going out, then close the curtains.

If you’re antiques are ever in repair, then search out a reputable refinisher. You could ask an antique dealer for a recommendation. And make sure they guarantee their work.

As for your overall collection, whether you just holding onto the pieces that have been passed down from your family or are actively acquiring new antiques, it will help to make room for them in your home. This is where a furniture clearing with help from Junk King Orlando can be a big boost. They can quickly take out any old furniture you want to get rid of. They can also clear away any other rubbish items to make room in storage. Let Junk King Orlando help you make room for your antique furniture by clearing out the unwanted stuff from your home.

Make Room In Your Backyard By Getting Rid Of The Trampoline

As your kids were growing up, you probably had a “tug at the heartstring” anytime you had to clear out the clothes they outgrew. How fast did they go through those baby onesies? What about those tiny shoes they wore on the first day of preschool? Some of those things you’re right to pack up in a box to save. However, there are some bigger items that once they’ve been outgrown they should be cleared away. That is certainly true with a backyard trampoline. What makes more sense: Holding onto a trampoline or clearing out to make room for something nice like a firepit or garden? If you want to let go of that trampoline, then Junk King Orlando can take care of that.


Unlike a sofa or loveseat, getting rid of a trampoline means taking it apart piece by piece. That is a task the crew from Junk King can handle. They have the skill, the experience and the tools. They also have the time to dedicate to the task. You just need to let them know this is the reason you’re hiring them and they’ll clear the schedule so it can get done properly. This doesn’t mean you have to stand over them and supervise. In fact, once you sort out the fee you can go about the rest of your day while they finish the task.

As for that fee, it will be a price that is based on how much room all those pieces are going to take up on the truck. Once dismantled, you might discover the trampoline hardly takes up any space. That means you’ll be paying a fee that is on the low end of the price scale.

The Junk King crew can also let you know if there will be room on the truck for anything else you want to get rid of. This is a perfect opportunity to clear out your entire yard and home of all those things that have been replaced or outgrown. You won’t have to wait to wait long to get rid of your trampoline. One session with Junk King Orlando takes care of it.

Get Ready For The 4th of July By Getting Rid Of Junk

Anyone who lives near Disney World is treated to a fireworks show every night. It might be hard to spot because Disney did a good job of designing the park far away from residential areas but you could still get a peek with a good pair of binoculars. Of course, on the 4th of July, the fireworks will be a lot closer as there are several areas throughout Orlando that are offering pyrotechnical displays to celebrate America’s birthday. The smart play is to have friends over for an afternoon BBQ and then head over to the nearest fireworks display. That’s a terrific day. The only thing that could make that plan go up in smoke is junk in your backyard. Junk King Orlando won’t let that happen.


Anytime you invite friends or family over to the house you tidy up. That might mean tucking some things away in the closet but it’s hard to hide rusty patio furniture or an old outdoor play set. Instead, give those things to Junk King. They’ll know what to do with them.

When you set up your session with Junk King, you’re going to have the benefit of working with your own moving crew. This will be a two-man team who has been licensed and insured. They’re going to make a big difference because they’re going to do all the heavy lifting for you. It might not be a long trip from your backyard to your driveway but that doesn’t mean you should carry anything that could hurt your back. Leave that all for Junk King.

As the crew loads up all the things you’re getting rid of, they’re going to be looking out for any item that might be repurposed. That includes a piece of furniture that could go to a charity or a metal object that can be dropped off at a recycling center. The crews know just what a particular facility is looking for at any given time. They would much rather make those drop offs than going to a landfill. You probably want that, too!

Let Junk King Orlando help make your 4th of July truly spectacular in by clearing out all the junk today.


This Father’s Day Let Junk King Help Dad

Father’s Day is coming up. That’s the day we all get to tell our dads how much they mean to us and how big a help they’ve been over the years. Dads are great at getting things done without complaining. It’s also why they get tired a lot. After working all week they also put in several hours at home making repairs, fixing cars and doing whatever it takes to make a nice home for the family. This Father’s Day you can help dad with a call to Junk King Orlando. They won’t be offering ties for the office but instead quality junk removal service that can make a big difference around your house.


There are probably a bunch of things that your dad has been put in charge of getting rid of. Whether it is a love seat in the family room or some lumber in the garage, dad is supposed to handle it but these are the jobs that require help in the form of extra hand and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide.

Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers to do all the heavy lifting. Right off the bat, dad is going to appreciate that. There isn’t any chance he’ll throw out his back with Junk King on the job. There is also the time factor to consider. If dad was getting rid of all this stuff, then it could take up most of his day off. Between finding workers, renting a truck and driving around finding the place to dispose of all the stuff, hours can go by. With Junk King on the job, the only time used up is however long it takes to load up everything. That could literally just be a few minutes.

You dad might also appreciate the fact that Junk King is a good pick in terms of recycling. Every items collected by Junk King will have the opportunity to be recycled or donated. That will keep a lot of rubbish out of the trash cycle at a landfill and that’s a good thing for all of Orlando. If you want to help dad get rid of junk, then bring in Junk King Orlando for Father’s Day. It’s a great gift.

Best Approach To Junk Removal In Kissimmee

Awhile back at plane had a rough landing. That is not totally out of the ordinary until you consider where this plan landed: It was on Martin Luther King Boulevard between John Young Parkway and Thacker Avenue in Kissimmee. This was a small Cessna aircraft with two men on board. Nobody was injured but a lot of folks were rattled.


“I was scared. I was with my baby walking home. I didn’t know where it was going to crash, it was spinning and spinning,” witness Siobhan Robinson told a local news station. “Just heard a loud sound, because something must have (broken) off in the air, loud sound, and then I looked up and saw a plane. I couldn’t believe it,” Robinson said.

Things could have gone a lot worse as the Thacker Avenue Elementary School was nearby the crash. The kids were kept inside while the cleanup effort was underway. Have you ever seen anything fall out of the sky like that? Has anything fallen into your yard that surprised you? If you live in close proximity of palm trees, then there is a good chance those palm fronds can detach in a storm and crash to the ground. As anyone who has dealt with these fronds, they can cause damage. Thankfully, there is help standing by if any debris would find its way into your yard. Junk King Orlando is standing by to provide a rapid response cleanup.

Junk King has a lot of experience clearing debris from yards. The two-man crew who will be dispatched to your property will be doing all the lifting and loading. If something is particularly large and cumbersome, then the Junk King team won’t have any problem taking that object apart and loading it in pieces. That’s also true for the kinds of things you’ve might have brought into the yard that you now want to get rid of. Let Junk Kind haul away that old grill and patio furniture. That can even break down a hot tub. That will make a positive impact on your backyard space. The best approach for any type of yard clean up or junk removal in Kissimmee remains Junk King Orlando. Put them to work today.

Watch Junk King Orlando’s Piano Removal Process

Our company started out small, the passion project of two friends with an innovative idea on how to better serve the Orlando community. Many businesses start when entrepreneurs spot an unmet need, and Junk King Orlando is no exception. Many of our competitors provided junk removal services without an environmentally conscious approach. We decided to break the mold and create a junk removal company on a solid eco-friendly foundation.

Our services are second to none in the Orlando area and part of the reason why we have maintained strong relationships with our customers is due to our passion for creating a greener Orlando. 60% of our products are recycled or reused. Our clients can rest easily knowing that their junk is helping the planet! In addition, we provide ourselves on our promptness, efficiency, and reliability.

Piano Removal

Only one of our many services is piano removal. Anyone who owns a piano knows that the process of hauling one out of the house can be one of the most stressful things imaginable. Whether your child has given up on their piano lessons or you’re a professional musician moving your baby grand across the country, you can rely on Junk King Orlando to efficiently and respectfully remove your piano.

Attempting to remove a piano on your own can be dangerous and often ends in injury or damage to the instrument. It is always best to contact a junk removal professional. We use the utmost care and patience when removing pianos, as we understand how fragile these delicate instruments are, despite their bulk. If a piano is taking up room in your home and you’re ready to part ways with it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Safety First Approach

Junk King Orlando is committed to safe and healthy work practices. We prioritize your safety and our own while working, only using well-lit and clutter-free spaces. Prior to the removal of your piano, we will remove all clutter around the area to ensure that no one gets hurt—and that nothing in the vicinity is damaged.

Each of our employees is highly skilled, trained, and covered by Workman’s Compensation. We use the most updated industry standard equipment and tools, and every employee wears safety goggles, gloves, and slip-resistant footwear.