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Tips For Making the Switch To A Toddler Bed

Toddlers are always up for any adventure. You could ask them to come with you to the dry cleaner and it would become the highlight of their day. Even though there are willing to explore and play around the clock, they don’t automatically embrace big change. You might have struggled getting them used to the idea of going to school. If you have moved recently, then they might have a hard time understanding what it means to be in a new home. Those feelings of anxiousness could also creep up when you make the switch to a toddler bed. All they’ve known is the safety of the crib. Now you’re asking them to make a major move. Here’s how to make that switch go smooth.


Introduce the Concept Slowly

You don’t just want to swap out the crib for a toddler bed while your little one is at school. Instead, you’ll want to get them invested by idea by introducing the concept in new books that you read together. You might also ask them about what they think of seeing a toddler bed in a friend’s house. If you can get to the point where they tell you that they’re ready for the big bed, then that’s half the battle.

Set New Rules

With a toddler bed comes the concept of “freedom. Your little one can see this as an opportunity to get up and out as they please. You need to let them know that once they go into bed, they can’t get out of bed without permission. Same concept as eating dinner at the dinner table. This might take some reinforcement but it will help in the long run.

Reinforce Safety

Even with the new rules, you’ll still want to reinforce any safety measures you already have in place. This means making sure the windows and doors are locked at night and the cabinets under the sink and bathrooms are also secure. It might help to get a safety hook for their door to minimize the exploring at night.

Once you’ve put those tips into action, it will be time to make the actual switch from crib to toddle bed. This is where Junk King Orlando can be a big help. You can set up an appointment with the Junk King team to remove the old baby furniture on the same day as delivery of the new toddler bed. That same crew can also cart off the rest of your unwanted clutter. A decluttering session with Junk King Orlando will help you make the switch to a toddler bed go a lot smoother.