Never Too Busy to Get Your Junk Removed

You would think that a proud dad to three children and even prouder grandfather to three grandchildren would have his hands full. However, Dave Archer and his wife of 40 years Toni still manage to provide dependable junk removal service through their Junk King Palm Beach franchise. To the Archers, it isn’t just about clearing out the clutter that has accumulated over a lifetime. It’s about helping folks in need. Sometimes getting rid of junk can make all the difference.

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“What surprised me was the gratitude people felt as a result of taking away the junk, freeing up some space and in some cases providing a service to people who are in a particular stage of transition,” remarks Dave. “We have many older folks here in the Palm Beaches who are downsizing, transitioning to other living arrangements or have made ‘the final transition.’ These people need some compassion and thoughtfulness regarding many of their possessions that are being removed whether it’s the person themselves or their relatives. A little compassion in these circumstances is rewarded with a great showing of gratitude. That’s fun.”

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to be working in one of the greatest cities in the country.

“We shudder when reading about the other franchises wearing heavy clothing and freezing during the winter months,” says Dave. “We might put a sweatshirt on for 2-3 days all year!”

Dave was first drawn to a Junk King franchise much in the same way as the original founders were. He saw a need for this type of business in the community. Many of the jobs that Dave and his team are brought in on are of the “in and out” variety. It’s not complicated to remove some odd pieces of furniture or boxes of other unwanted items. Then there are those more challenging calls that Dave and the Junk King team have dived into head first:

“We recently removed the plastic from the inside of a roof top air conditioning unit on the top of a major hotel. To remove about 150 bags of plastic, we had to come down two flights of stairs travel across the hotel, down a 20-story elevator then across the hotel property to load it on the truck. We hauled two truckloads in about 3 ½ hours.”

Now imagine applying that kind of hard work and dedication to your junk removal needs. The other thing to remember about Junk King Palm Beach is that this is a veteran owned business. Dave encourages potential customers to check out his reviews and even the reviews of his competitors. He is confident that when you need dependable and affordable junk removal service, Junk King Palm Beach is the best deal in town.