Jump Start Your Spring With Fast Junk Removal

Spring-cleaning is on the agenda in a lot of homes around Palm Beach. Sadly, the allure of warm weather and all the fun stuff to do around town often becomes too much of a distraction. The cleaning is put off until the weekend and then the next weekend and before you know it, summer is here and nothing got cleaned! You can change all of that with one call to Junk King Palm Beach. By setting up a junk removal session, you’ll be able to jump start your spring-cleaning and have plenty of time left over to enjoy all that Palm Beach has to offer.


Every junk removal session from Junk King is powered by two capable movers. This is the team who is going to be doing the actual lifting and loading of all your heavy objects. It doesn’t matter where those things are currently stationed. The Junk King team will go where you tell them to in order to pick up the stuff. You don’t have to do any “prep” work other than sorting through your things to decide what you want taken away.

Knowing that the crew is going to arrive at a certain hour will compel you to get busy with that sorting. That might help you focus on the areas of the house where you have to clean. Or you can wait until the team from Junk King removes all the stuff so you can have better access to those areas. Either way, you’re going to be inspired to give your home a thorough cleaning.

It might only take a few moments for the Junk King crew to load up everything you’re tossing out. As far as you’re concerned, their work is over when they pull away from your home. However, they still have a few hours left to take care of what they’ve collected. They’ll be making special donation drop offs to clear that truck. The goal is to keep as much stuff out of local landfills as possible. So far, Junk King has managed a respectable 60% diversion rate. That is helping Palm Beach stay green and pristine. Don’t put off your junk removal for another day. Give that job to Junk King Palm Beach right away!