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The Simple Approach To Rubbish Removal

When given the choice, everyone opts for the simple approach. That would apply to everything from making dinner for the family to buying a new car. Keeping it simple is always a great stress reducer! As for the “to-do” list around the house, that can be kept simple, too, especially when it comes to major rubbish removal. For that kind of job, the team from Junk King Palm Beach will always make it simple.

The Two Man Approach

Junk King always takes a two men approach for every one of their removal sessions. That means you will have two capable movers doing all the lifting and loading work on your behalf. This is a team that shows up with a lot of moving experience. They also show up licensed and insured. That makes them the exact type of professional worker that you should invite onto your property.

Your part in this rubbish removal operation is just to point to the things that you want picked up and hauled away. It doesn’t matter if those objects are spread out around the house. It doesn’t matter if they are outside in the yard. All that matters is that you want them gone.

Before any lifting gets underway, the Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate. That estimate will be based on how they plan to pack up the truck with all of your stuff.  The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. It’s all about the volume!

Once you agree to the price, the Junk King crew will spring into action and before you know it all your rubbish will be gone. It is just that easy.

Getting rid of your rubbish will always be nice and simple when you hire Junk King Palm Beach for the job!

Hire Junk King For Some Serious Rubbish Removal

Every home as some rubbish. At this very minute, you might have rubbish in your kitchen trashcan. There might also be rubbish out in the garage. There could certainly be rubbish in your closets. That is not to say that you are living in a “junk yard.”  However, if you define rubbish as anything that you no longer need or want, then it is clear to see just how much rubbish you have around the house. Instead of being overwhelmed by the rubbish you can have it all removed in a single session. That can happen with one call to the junk hauling pros at Junk King Palm Beach.

Always At Least Two Movers

Junk King will always dispatch at least two movers for every rubbish removal session. These movers might not know the specifics of what they will be asked to remove. However, once they get on the scene, they will quickly come up with an efficient removal plan. That plan also includes how they intend to pack up everything on the back of their truck. The reason that is important is because it is how your price will be determined. Junk King always bases its price on volume and not weight. It will all come down to whether your stuff takes up one half, one third or the entire truck bed.

The Junk King crew will present you that estimate in writing before one piece of rubbish is loaded onto the truck. There will also be a price that is not going to change at the end of the job. Even if you are stuff takes up more room, you will pay that original estimate.

Included in the price is the disposal of your stuff. That disposal can involve extra drop-offs at charities and recycling centers. Junk King always wants to make the environmentally friendly choice when it comes to getting rid of what they collect.

When you are serious about getting rid of your rubbish, you are ready to put the team from Junk King Palm Beach on the job. Make your removal appointment today.

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