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Category Archives: Palm Beach Junk Recycling

Great Recycling Facts To Share

Recycling wouldn’t be the least bit effective if only a handful of people did it. Recycling works best when everyone gets involved from homeowners to apartment renters and from schools to businesses. How active are you with recycling? You might get a boost by sharing these great recycling facts:


What is the benefit of recycling? It comes from saving energy. More energy is used to produce something from raw materials versus recycled materials. How much energy? Recycling just 48 soda cans is equal to saving one gallon of gas. Paper was one of the first materials to be recycled on wide scale basis. Since 1990, the paper recovered through US recycling efforts would fill 200 football stadiums to a height of 100 feet. Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 462 gallons of oil. One pound of newspaper can be recycled into six cereal boxes or egg cartons. The list of benefits from recycling is endless!

Now think about the trash you toss out each day. What about your lunch? A typical disposable lunch, with items like single-serve yogurt, Ziploc bags, and juice boxes, creates 4-8 oz of garbage each day. Add it all up and it comes out to around 67 lbs. of t trash each year and that’s just from your lunch.

This is the time of year that Americans throw away one million extra tons of garbage every week. The average U.S. citizen uses 200 lbs. of plastic per year but only 3% of that amount is actually recycled. There are also around 220 tons of computers, TVs, DVD players and other e-waste dumped in landfills each year. That’s way too much.

Are you feeling inspired to recycle even more? There are plenty of things around your house you can recycle and it’s not just paper, plastics and glass. When you hire a company like Junk King Palm Beach, you can add furniture, appliances, clothing and yard debris to your list of recyclables. Junk King doesn’t do the actual recycling but they’ll make sure your stuff gets to the right drop off spot. Junk King Palm Beach is the perfect partner to help you expand your home recycling program.

Step Up Your ‘Green’ Game With These Helpful Tips

Once you’ve mastered the routine of recycling your kitchen trash, you may be asking yourself, “How can I step up my green game?” The following tips can help you go green even more. They may even serve as an inspiration to your friends and family.


Rent A Hybrid For Your Next Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip this fall? Instead of adding miles to your own car why not rent a hybrid? Not only will this help keep the gas costs low but it will give you a taste of how these cars operate. It’s a perfect way to road test them before you actually buy one.

Supported Green Businesses

You should always be on the lookout for a company that promotes itself as a green business. Don’t just take their word for it but asked them how they can make that claim. Tell them that the reason you’re giving them your business is because you support their endeavors. Along the same lines, you should also look for packaging on the products you buy that is recycled. If the company is using recycled cardboard and paper, then you should drop them an email and asked them why.

Cancel Magazine And Newspaper Subscriptions

It’s a safe bet that any magazine or newspaper that you read on a regular basis has an online edition. You actually might be paying for that as part of your subscription and not even know it. If that’s the case, then you should do on your reading online and cancel the actual paper delivery. You’re still a subscriber; you’re just now a green subscriber.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Among the worst things that you could ever put into a landfill a battery tops the list. Rechargeable batteries are a good option that can save you money in the long. That’s because a rechargeable battery lasts a thousand times longer battery. They might be a bit more expensive but will certainly pay for themselves when you don’t have to replace batteries as often.

Recycle Junk

There is probably a lot of unwanted junk in your that you’d like to get rid of but it wouldn’t fit into the recycle bin. One call to Junk King Palm Beach takes care of that. These professional junk haulers can recycle anything from an old sofa to a desktop computer. They can even recycle dirt from your backyard! If you want to go green, then go with Junk King Palm Beach for all your junk recycling.

Tackle That Garage

A great weekend project is a garage cleanout!  Memorial Day is quickly approaching and many people are getting ready to entertain family and friends.  With a little time and energy, you can turn that eyesore of a garage into a clean, organized space.   That could mean additional space for entertaining, a place to house your vehicles (again) or additional storage area that doesn’t have to be hidden from guests!


The Huffington Post ran a great article this week on tips to organize your garage (you can check out the article by clicking here).

In the meantime they suggest the following steps:

1.  Assess and analyze

2.  Clear it out

3.  Categorize into keep, donate, trash or recycle

4.  Take inventory and determine your layout

5. Label, sort and put away.

This is a great list to help you on your way.  At Junk King Palm Beach, we have done many garage cleanouts!  When you decide what is on you “go list,” give us a call.  You don’t even have to organize  everything in one area, just point us to what needs to be taken!  Now, start your list!




Palm Beach County’s Greenest Junk Removal Company


When Junk King started, the founders wanted to create a junk removal company that was dedicated to being green.  In 2005 they pioneered recycling-based junk removal and have been going greener ever since.

metalWhat does that mean exactly?  Well, unlike other companies we sort all of our junk in our warehouse (located on Aragon Avenue) before heading to the dump.  We separate anything we might be able to salvage. We pick out scrap metals and then make trips to our local scap yard.  Palm Beach Metal is a great local business that we have a working relationship with.

Additionally when we come across household items that are gently used and are worth saving, we try to find new owners.  We have formed a great connection with Palm Beach Harvest.  This worthy community-based, non-profit organization has been feeding the hungry in Palm Beach for over 16 years.  Often they help people get back on their feet after experiencing hardship.  We have been fortunate to pass along furniture and other household wares to this great group.


In honor of Earth Day, we would encourage all of you to make an effort to be a little greener.  Whether it is recycling or conserving water or carpooling…try to adopt one new green concept in your life.  We will do the same! Happy Earth Day!


Maybe Your Valentine Doesn’t Want Junk in His/Her Trunk, or Home, or Garage, or Yard…

We can help with that!

junk king truck

This Valentine’s Day consider giving the gift of Junk King!  What?!  Yes, you heard me right.  I know it’s a little outside the chocolate box but hear me out.  Valentine’s Day is a great time to honor the people you care about.  So many of us feel overwhelmed by junk cluttering up our living spaces.  The extra stuff or leftover materials affect our peace of mind.  Imagine if someone came in and took care of it for you.

At Junk King we pride ourselves on doing our jobs quickly, efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.  We have removed hot tubs, flooring, furniture, clutter, mattresses, old electronics, and construction materials just to name a few!  Often when we leave our clients are so happy!  They have regained their space and feel a sense of calm.

When gifting Junk King you not only gift peace of mind but you also may gift additional living space, a prettier view and time better spent  for the homeowner.

Just think of the possibilities without that extra junk in your trunk or home or garage or yard!  And, Happy Valentine’s Day to all our great customers.

Why Not Just Donate?

Often when we talk to homeowners or Realtors after a house cleanout we have a common exchange.  In an effort to clear out a home, the homeowners had hoped to donate their clutter that had accumulated over the years.  While we can appreciate the sentiment behind this (we donate too), the fact remains that many large donation groups are highly selective about what they can take.


Many charitable operations will NOT take the following:

  • Large appliances – stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, TVs or console stereos
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Auto parts – tires, batteries
  • Venetian blinds, curtain rods, Window Treatments
  • Furniture with slight tears
  • Hot Tubs
  • Swingsets
  • Magazines
  • Wire hangers
  • Building materials
In contrast, Junk King WILL take just about anything besides hazardous waste.  We, too, believe in donations and we work with several local organizations.  We will sort through your “junk” for you and anything we think can be repurposed we will salvage.
What does this mean for you?  Well, rather than sorting through piles of clutter and making multiple trips or phone calls, we will do it all in one shot.  We will do the heavy lifting and sorting for you.  Cleaning out a home is stressful enough without having to pick through junk with a fine-toothed comb.  When you hire us, you pay by the truckload and not by our time.  And when we say “truckload” we are not talking about a pick up truck.  Our trucks can fit about 6 times the load of a standard pickup truck. 
If you need assistance clearing out your home, consider choosing professional help and give us a call.  We will be glad to help!

Hauling Away Old Flooring

Are you adding new flooring this year?  Maybe you’re finally saying goodbye to the orange shag carpet or bidding adieu to those chipped linoleum tiles. Whatever the case, Junk King of Palm Beach would be happy to haul away your old flooring and simplify your home renovation process.

house photo

Junk King will take carpet, padding,  tacks, wood, linoleum, tile, concrete…you name it!  Stop putting off your next project and call us.  Imagine going from orange shag to pretty wood floors!


We recently helped a customer remove a garage full of old flooring.  He was so happy!  Leave the dirty work to us!





Palm Beach Valentine’s Day Gift Idea!

Junk King trucks are red.

junk king truck

Recycling totes are blue.

recycle tote

Clutter free homes are lovely.  And so are you!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

junk king valentines


Treat yourself or someone you love to a spring cleaning.  Let us haul away any of your old junk to make your home fit for a queen or king!  


Palm Beach Yard Clean Up

Have you recently purchased a new property and inherited a junk yard? Or, has your own backyard become cluttered with miscellaneous items?  Life is busy and can be overwhelming.  Let us help you take back your yard.  Junk King of Palm Beach would be happy to haul those unwanted items away, recycle what we can, and leave your yard looking clean again!

The job below was taken care of in an afternoon much to the property owner’s delight!

Here is the before:

And, here is the after:

after yard december

It’s an amazing difference, right?  Call us today!

Junk King

What Our Customers Are Saying


At Junk King we take pride in our commitment to customer service. Just listen to what others are saying about us!  Here is some recent feedback:

1/9/14 – Rating 10/10

John O. – “Prompt, efficient, professional and reasonably priced.  And you seem like nice guys as well.  I gave your business card to my neighbor who needs to get rid of some stuff!”

12/20/13 – Rating 10/10

Karen F. – “Very pleasant, neat professional, great, priced quick, came on time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

12/4/13 – Rating 10/10

Walt D. – “Convenience!  Instead of multiple calls and coordination for a dumpster rental from one company and labor from another subject to each other’s schedule and mine.  I am able to call one company that works on my schedule and provide all the services when I need them.”

Call us today for a free estimate!


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