Philadelphia Junk Removal in 2014

The recent snowstorm that dumped inches of the white stuff on Philadelphia left a lot of residents frustrated at the performance of the city snowplows. Of course, it seems that everyone gets upset at the plows after every snowstorm especially when it looks their street has been overlooked.

Here are some facts to consider. In the last storm, the Streets Department deployed 350 pieces of equipment for salting and plowing. That translates into over 800 miles of residential streets being clear and sometimes right down to the blacktop. There was over 10,000 tons of salt used in this storm that dropped 9 inches of snow. The Streets Department also boasted that they answered 100% of all the complaints that came pouring in before, during and after the storm. When add it all up, it’s clear the city did its best under some very extreme conditions.

City snowstorm.

City snowstorm.

We all want to depend on our city services, but sometimes it makes better sense to hand over a job to a private company. For instance, the city is not going to come into your home and help you get rid of old furniture or appliance. However, Junk King of Philadelphia is standing by to do just that. They are a company you can depend on for reliable service. If not, they wouldn’t survive in Philly! For proof of this customer satisfaction, look no further than the Junk King Philadelphia Facebook page. Here is a brief sampling of the comments that were posting since the beginning of the year:

“Guys were courteous, efficient, and cooperative.”

“Quick, all inclusive. Added on a couple items when they arrived and it was no problem. Very courteous.”

“Promptly and easily scheduled via internet and phone. Go the job done efficiently.”

“Prompt, courteous, and reliable. They did a great job.”

What you can gleam from these reviews is that Junk King is on time. They know how quickly your day can fill up so they’re not going to keep you waiting. While most companies will give you a 5-hour window for service, Junk King will narrow it down to two hours. You’ll also be given updates from the crew to tell you how far out they are. That’s part of the courteous service. As for cooperation, the Junk King crew knows when they show up for the junk removal you’re going to tell them what you want taken out. It doesn’t matter where you’re keeping the junk, the crew will take it away. If they have to the climb stairs a bunch of times, so be it!

If you’ve got junk to get rid of, then the only way to go is with Junk King. Give them a call today to set up your removal appointment.