Make It A New Year Without Junk

What goals have you written out for 2019? It helps to put a plan of action down on paper so that you can refer to it throughout the year and make sure you’re hitting your “targets.” Most of us will share many of the same goals like wanting to save money or getting into better shape. Another popular goal is to keep the home organized and free of junk. Just because you make a goal for the new year doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. When it comes to the junk free goal the best partners to pull in are Junk King Philadelphia. They’ll be able to help you get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your home in less time than it takes to enjoy a healthy breakfast!


The first step in your Junk King junk removal process would be to decide exactly what you want to get rid of. They may be some big pieces of furniture in your home or old appliances that are being used that would be obvious choices for your removal list. Those won’t be a problem at all for the Junk King crew to load up on the truck. But you don’t have to stop there. Take full of advantage of those movers and that truck to get rid of every piece of clutter and rubbish. That might require a bit of sorting on your part. When was the last time you pulled everything out of your closets? Have you look through every box in your garage? Do you know what is kept on the shelves down the basement? All of those areas would be a prime spot for sorting and you might discover a lot of things that could be removed. Just think of the difference it will make with regard to your storage around the house?

To put this plan into action you only have to call Junk King or set up an appointment on the website. Most sessions are completed by the next day. Yes, you could get rid of your junk by this time tomorrow! Make it a new year without junk thanks to a little help from Junk King Philadelphia.

Make Junk Removal The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Every year, car manufacturers begin showing advertisements for the holidays that make the suggestion that you should give a car someone for Christmas. How many of these commercials and is where there’s a brand-new car sitting in the driveway with a giant red ribbon? They make it look like a terrific gift. In reality, it might be the worst gift you can give. Could you imagine accepting a car that you’ve never taken for a test drive? What if it was the wrong color? What if it had the wrong features? Yes, there’s a lot they can go wrong with that kind of gift. However, there is one gift that you can give this holiday that would be very much appreciated and last long into the new year. That would be a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia. It might not have the “wow” factor but it is something that the recipient will appreciate very much.


Think about someone special in your life who has been struggling with getting rid of stuff around their home. Maybe they’re complaining about furniture down the basement that they can’t get rid of. Maybe this clutter in the garage that they need to clear out. Maybe they have some things up in the attic that they would like removed. What is stopping them is the lack of movers, a truck and time. Junk King can provide all of that.

The movers will be a pair of hard-working junk hauling experts who have a lot of experience carrying out all kinds of oversized in heavy objects. Whether it is a piece of furniture in upstairs bedroom or an old washer from down the basement, the Junk King team won’t have any issues with getting a quickly removed from the home. Everything they collect is going to be loaded onto the back of their truck. This is a truck that is big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks. Yes, there’s a lot that can go on the back Junk King truck!

As for the time, you won’t be sacrificing a lot of. The Junk King crews can get in and out with all the unwanted stuff from a home in under 30 minutes. As long as you know what you want taken away, they can move very fast. If you know someone that stuck with a lot of rubbish in the house, then help them get unstuck with the junk removal session holiday gift from Junk King Philadelphia.

Make Your Home Holiday Ready With Help From Junk

The holidays all about family traditions and each family has their own “rules” when it comes to decorating. Some folks like to get the decorations up before Thanksgiving weekend is over. Others will pick out the Christmas tree the first weekend in December. There are even some folks who wait until Christmas Eve to put up the Christmas tree. There are also specific ways to hang lights and string up other decorations. Of course, there’s always room for “expansion.” That usually means that decorations bought the day after Christmas from last year are going to be put on display this year! Before any decorations go up you want to get things sorted throughout the house and that can mean removing a lot of unwanted rubbish and clutter. This is where Junk King Philadelphia can be a big help.


What are some of the big things you like to get rid of your home for Christmas? Maybe you need to make room for the arrival of a pool table or air hockey table down the basement. That means clearing out an old sofa and other junk. If you are planning a holiday open house, then you certainly don’t want to have guests seeing any junk piled up in guestrooms or on the back porch. All that can be removed in a single session from Junk King.

Junk King will set you up with a team of skilled movers who were going to do all the lifting and loading work for you. That can make a big difference when you deciding what you want to get rid of. That should be any hesitation with regard to the size of an item or how heavy it is. Just because you can’t lift it on your own doesn’t mean the Junk King crew will be able to swiftly have it taken from your home and loaded onto the truck. This is what they do all day long!

You’ll also feel good about hiring Junk King knowing that a lot of what you’re getting rid of could be donated to a charity. You don’t even have to ask for the special drop off. It will happen automatically. Making your home holiday ready is easy when you hire Junk King Philadelphia at the start.

Take Care Of Hot Tub Removal Today

It is very rare for a hot tub to be “returned.” Usually, if you’re buying a hot tub for the backyard, it is a feature that you’re going to enjoy for quite some time. It is hard to imagine anyone taking a relaxing soak in a hot tub after a long day at work and saying, “This isn’t for me.” Of course, there are some times when a hot tub is “in the way.” Maybe this was a hot tub that was left behind by the previous owner and has fallen into disrepair. Perhaps you want to remove the old hot tub to make way for a new model. Or it could be you want to install a built in pool with a built in hot tub. What has to happen first in any of those scenarios is to get rid of the old hot tub and that is where Junk King Philadelphia can make all the difference.


A hot tub is one of those items that is never going to be tossed out in the trash. It has to be carefully taken apart and loaded onto a truck. This one of those jobs that can only be handled by a crew. Junk King will always send over a crew that consists of at least two movers who are great with problem solving big removal challenges. One of these crews actually cut a hot tub in half to get it onto their truck. That is how Junk King takes care of business.

Although the old hot tub is going to take up a lot of space on the truck, there will still be room left over for you to get rid of more unwanted clutter. And taking apart a hot tub could mean the crew spends more time than if they were just moving a sofa. When you hire Junk King, all the labor costs are included in the flat rate.

If you’re scheduling a hot tub removal, then be sure to let Junk King know so that can arrange their schedule and dedicate the time needed to complete the project. As long as Junk King Philadelphia is a phone call away, taking care of a hot tub removal won’t be a problem.

Remove An Old Mattress The Right Way

For the record, no appliance or piece of furniture should be put out on the street in the hopes of someone else picking it up. That never happens. And it shouldn’t be driven to an empty lot and dumped there. One of the worst things that can be put out on the street would be a mattress. It can become water logged and make a home for all kinds of vermin. The vast majority of residents would never think of putting things like that out on the street and yet they do seem to pop up. There is a better way and that involves putting Junk King Philadelphia to work.  These are the junk removal experts who can remove an old mattress the right way.


Every mattress has a “unwritten” expiration date. Typically, after eight years, the mattress will start sagging a lot. Beyond that it will not provide the kind of firm support you need to get a good night’s rest. Replacing it means you’re making an investment in your health. Those recommended eight-hours of sleep are vital to stay in good shape especially during cold and flu season. On the day you have your new mattress delivered, you can set up your session with Junk King for your old mattress removal but you don’t have to stop with the mattress.

This is the beauty of hiring Junk King to haul away your old mattress: In that same session, they’ll be able to take away all the rest of your unwanted junk. Think of how much better things will be around the house when all the furniture, appliances and other clutter is gone. There’s also the room you can get back in your closet and garage with this kind of decluttering action. It can all go in a single junk removal appointment.

All those things that you’re getting rid of might have a shot at being repurposed. A mattress can be recycled. Furniture and household goods can be donated. That happens when Junk King makes the appropriate drop offs and that is part of how they do business. You can start with hiring Junk King Philadelphia to remove your old mattress but end with you whole home clear of rubbish. That would be nice, right?

Count On Junk King For Reliable Junk Recycling

An e-waste recycling event took place on September 15th in Warminster at the William Tennent High School. It was only for four hours and you had to bring whatever item you wanted recycled to the school so it is understandable if you missed it. These events pop up throughout the year. They are certainly noble efforts to help clear homes and businesses of e-waste but they’re also very tight “windows.” Does this mean you have to wait for the next even before you can get rid of your e-waste? Not if you call Junk King Philadelphia. They do junk recycling all the time.


One of the guiding principles of Junk King has always been to focus on environmentally friendly disposal practices. Here in Bucks County, there are several recycling centers but they all handle different types of materials. There is one for metal, one for plastics and one for e-waste to name a few. Junk King has working relationships with all of them and they make routine drops offs throughout the week. Here’s how the process works:

The Junk King crews are all trained to look out for those items that can be recycled. Once a truck has a full load, it returns to the depot with the items are removed and sorted. The various recyclables are put in separate piles. When those piles are big enough to fill a truck, they’re loaded up and dropped off at the appropriate recycling center but the recycling isn’t limited to just that.

Donating to charities can also be considered part of the recycling chain. Any time you can divert an item away from a landfill, you are promoting a “green” way of handling disposal. Charities can repair and refurbish a lot of items. They can also take in things like clothing, toys, books and other household goods and see to it that they get to the right people that can use them again. All of these drop offs happen long after Junk King has removed all your unwanted items. Let Junk King Philadelphia’s junk recycling program be part of your commitment to a greener Pennsylvania.

Take Care Of Furniture Removal In Doylestown The Right Way

One sofa can ruin an entire Doylestown neighborhood. How is that possible? It’s very possible when that sofa is put out on the curb by the careless owner of that sofa. Some people think that if they just put something out on the street that it will magically disappear. At the very least, it isn’t their problem anymore. What happens in reality is that within a few hours that sofa will be ruined and no one would want it even if it were “free.” Anyone driving through the neighborhood would have a low opinion of the residents who put junk out on the street. Eventually, someone might call the city to complain and they might get around to sending workers to pick up the sofa. That means those workers being take away from other responsibilities, which isn’t fair on any level. The better way to take care of furniture removal in Doylestown is to give that job to Junk King Philadelphia.


Unless it is a single dining room chair, most ever piece of furniture that needs to be taken out of a house requires two capable movers. This should be a team that has experience with lifting bulking objects and navigating down narrow hallways and staircases. Junk King can provide that exact type of moving crew. As an added bonus, the team from Junk King will also be licensed and insured. That makes them verifiably professional.

With Junk King on the job, there will be no need to bring your sofa down to the curb. The crew will show up with their truck and carry the piece out of your home within minutes. Of course, it isn’t just furniture removal that you can hire Junk King for. Any amount of clutter you have in closets, out in the garage or up in the attic can be loaded up on the back of the Junk King truck. This is the kind of helpful service that can truly transform a home. Take care of your Doylestown furniture removal the right way by hiring Junk King Philadelphia from the start.

Fast Rubbish Removal In Doylestown

Long before there were regular trash collections, a lot of folks would simply burn their rubbish. That might work with leaves but when you start getting into burning furniture, plastic and other items then you’re creating a potential toxic hazard. Even if you were to “spread out” the rubbish so that it is picked up over several weeks by the garbage collector, you would still be left with all those items that can’t be stuffed into a trashcan. For that kind of serious rubbish removal, you want to call on the junk hauling pros from Junk King Philadelphia.


Rubbish can take many forms. It can be “clean” rubbish like the kind of things you might want to get rid of from inside your house. Recliners, futons, bedroom sets, baby furniture, washing machines, refrigerators… those would all become rubbish the moment you stop using them. Depending on where they are in the house, you might not be able to move them far. That is very true for rubbish items down in the basement or up on a second floor. With Junk King on the job, those objects can easily be brought down by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your session. This is the same team who can carry out any clutter from closets, too.

As for the “dirty” rubbish, this might be things around the backyard that you want to clear out like car parts, lawnmowers, swing sets, patio furniture and grills. These things can be rusty and grimy but it still won’t be any trouble for the team from Junk King to haul them off.

Calling Junk King today to set up your appointment might actually have the crew showing up in a few hours. Same day pickup appointments aren’t uncommon for Junk King. If the weekend works better for you, then you can lock in a time to make that happen. Junk King likes to move fast and that is probably going to work for you, too. If you want rubbish to disappear from your Doylestown home, then Junk King Philadelphia is the company to get it done.

Reliable Junk Removal For Doylestown

Earlier this summer, Doylestown firefighters were called to put out a fire. That’s not unusual but the nature of this particular fire was unique. While driving down the road, a garbage truck operator noticed heavy smoke coming from the back of his rig. He stopped driving, called the fire department and they responded. In the ensuing action, the garbage was dumped on the road and doused with water. The most likely culprit was someone who carelessly put still-burning embers from a fire in the trash. The general rule of fireplace cleaning is that owners should water down their own embers before putting them in the trash. Luckily, no one was hurt but it was a major mess to clean up.


Unlike the person who tossed out those burning embers, most of us don’t have regrets with throwing away trash and junk. That doesn’t mean that getting rid of junk from our homes is always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be a downright challenge especially when you’re dealing with heavy removal like with furniture or large kitchen appliances. Those of the kinds of items that won’t ever see the back of a municipal garbage truck but they can fit in rather nicely to the back of a Junk King Bucks County truck. These are the professional junk haulers who won’t be challenged at all by any unwanted item you want to toss out.

Junk King’s operating system isn’t complicated: They’re going to do all the work for you. That means any labor involved with getting an item removed from your home will be handled by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to the task. If that item needs to be take apart before it can go on the truck, then the Junk King crew will do that as well. After the truck is loaded, the job is done from your end but the crew still has work to do with regard to disposing of that stuff. They’ll handle that, too and always in a way that is environmentally friendly. You won’t regret hiring Junk King Bucks County to get rid of your unwanted rubbish. Put them to work today.

How To Handle Old Bike Disposal And Junk Removal

Almost any home repair task you need to complete will have a “how to” video posted on YouTube. You can find out how to flush out a water heater, how to stop a faucet from leaking and how to patch a hole in the wall. What you might not find is a how to video on taking care of an old bike disposal or junk removal. Actually, that video would only have to show someone calling Junk King Philadelphia. That remains the easiest way to handle this type of cleanup.


When space is limited in a garage or apartment, an old bike might have hung on the wall. But lifting it off the ground doesn’t solve the problem of holding onto something you’re not going to use again. It might make cleaning the floors easier but it will still contribute to the sense that you’re surrounded by clutter. There are probably a lot more things that you have in your garage and closet that could also be considered useless clutter. All of that can be given to Junk King for fast removal.

The typical junk clearing sessions only lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. Things can slow down for the Junk King crew if there is something that needs to be take apart before it can be brought down from upstairs or down a tight hallway. Regardless of the time it takes for the crew to load up their truck with all your stuff, they won’t be on the clock. At least, not as your fee is concerned. The flat fee for Junk King covers all the labor whether it takes them a few minutes or all day to clean out clutter. That fee also covers the transportation costs and the disposal.

Many junk haulers will charge a  dumping fee because that is what they get charged anytime they go to a landfill. You can bet by the time that fee gets to the customer that it has been marked up. Since Junk King avoids making trips to landfills, they can avoid those fees, too. That is direct savings that benefits each customer. The reliable way to handle an old bike removal or junk clearing remains Junk King Philadelphia. Put them on the job today.