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Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal Basement Cleanout Tips You Can Use

Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal covers all the rooms in your house. We look after all the items that you want to be removed. It doesn’t matter where they are. If you’ve got junk in the garage we can help.

Of course, we are always happy to make sure to be part of your basement cleanout with our professional services. Here are a few tips on cleaning out that part of your house that can make everything go more smoothly.

Break the Project Down
There is no need to let a basement cleanout become an overwhelming chore. Lots of us use our basements as a storage area for unfinished renovation projects and objects that we are emotionally attached to.

We’ve seen basements where there is an old sofa that’s sitting in a corner. It’s been there for years. Some of the homes we’ve been in have debris from remodeling projects stored in other spots.

If you’ve been using your basement as a storage area, the chances are there’s quite a bit of junk down there. That’s why we suggest that you break this type of project down into smaller parts.

Here’s how to get that done.
Basically, the advice here from our Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal experts is the same for every room including the basement. It’s important to put everything you are throwing out into three different piles. One pile is the things you will keep. Another one is for items that you can sell or giveaway.

The final pile is for our experts here at Junk King because it’s the stuff you don’t want anymore.

Enough Time
The second thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you put aside enough time. Lots of people that we’ve come across think that they can finish up a complete basement cleanout in an hour or an afternoon.

If you want to do a project like this properly, you should spread it out. One entire weekend or a number of days is a better timeframe.

If you can schedule a half an hour three times a week, you’ll be able to get a lot done. Of course, hiring our services brings everything together. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see all the different types of furniture that we can remove.
Getting in touch with our Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal services is the first step.

Get Ready for Your Holiday Open House – Junk Pickup Philadelphia

The folks in the know are calling for severe storms around the Philly area starting on Christmas Eve. This could mean that anyone who is paying you a visit for Christmas could be stuck with you until the snow is shoveled out! Depending on the person, that could be kind of fun. One thing is for sure; by mid afternoon on Christmas, you could have a lot of stuff to get rid of. Along with all the gift-wrapping and boxes, there could be a whole pile of old computers, TVs and DVD players that were upgraded this Christmas. If you’re planning an open house for New Years, then you’ve got a small window of time to get rid of all that clutter. Thankfully, Junk King will be leaping into action on the day after Christmas whether there is snow on the ground or not!


One call to Junk King will put a junk pickup plan into motion that will consist of a two-man moving crew and a huge truck. That is the crew who will be lifting all those bulky objects like an old recliner, sofa, mattress and other furniture items. As for the truck, it will certainly be big enough to hold everything you’re throwing out. With that team and equipment in place, there is no end to what you can get rid of.

If it should happen that the winter storms dumps some unwanted items into your backyard, then you can count on Junk King to remove those as well. Junk King is the perfect partner for landscaping cleanup in the spring but they also know how to handle storm debris. It will all be going on the back of the truck.

As they have throughout the past year, Junk King will continue to disposed of all your unwanted stuff in a very responsible manner. They want to keep as much junk away from a local landfill. So far, Junk King has averaged a 60% diversion rate. Those are great numbers when it comes to reducing carbon footprints!

You’re sure to feel a bit of a sting in your wallet after Christmas. Thankfully, Junk King isn’t going to break the bank when it comes to junk pickup. You’ll find that the estimate Junk King provides will be lower than what it would cost if you had to price out the work on your own. You’ve still got time this year for a junk pickup with Junk King. One call can make it all happen.