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Bucks County Old TV Disposal

Is it time for a new TV? Did you have to suffer through the Super Bowl with a blurry image? Did the red carpet of the Oscars look dull? If you’re tired of your old tube then you should be thinking about an upgrade. The first thing you’ll discover as you go shopping for a TV at places like Best Buy is that everything is a flat screen. That’s actually a good thing because now even the basic of models will be delivering you high quality picture and sound and you won’t be busting your budget to achieve that good look.

What you should be shopping for is a LCD (liquid-crystal display) or a plasmas TV. In terms of price tags, LCD screens are going to run a bit more than the plasmas. So which is for you? Depends on a few factors. Plasmas televisions have thick glass fronts which make them heavier than the average LCD screen. If you’re looking for a smaller screen TV for a kitchen or even a bathroom (why not?), LCDs are definitely the way to go. Plasmas aren’t in smaller sizes. The LCD is also better in a room which gets a lot of sunlight because of the antiglare features on the screen. The LCD is best for sitting directly in front of whereas the plasmas let you view from an angle if you prefer.

In terms of resolution bigger is better. A full high-def (HD) screen is ranked at 1080p. That how many pixels per line of picture your TV will receive. These are also the more expensive model. If you compare a 720p with a 1080p and the picture looks the same and you can save a couple of hundred bucks then go for it. The temptation with a flat screen is to go bigger. Factor in your living room. The best viewing distance is anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal measurement of your TV. For instance, with a 50 inch flat screen the best distance for your sofa would be 7 to 10 feet away. Setting up the proper distance will give you better viewing pleasure and less headaches!

Naturally, before you bring in your new TV you’ll need to get rid of that old one.  Old Television sets can be extremely hard to pick up and carry around. The task can be easily accomplished with Junk King Bucks County on your side.  They are the new, professional Junk Removal service in Bucks County who provide you with “four-star” treatment for Junk Removal. When the Junk King crew takes away your old television they’ll make sure it is properly disposed of by dropping it off at a recycling center instead of the local landfill. Whenever possible they’ll do the same with all of your discarded junk such as furniture, yard waste and kitchen appliances. If you’ve got junk to get rid of than Junk King Bucks County, PA is the answer.