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Hire Junk King For Your Old Furniture

When was the last time a piece of furniture was broken in your home? It might’ve happened if kids decided to use a sofa or their bed as a trampoline. It can also happen just after years of use when a sofa cushion becomes worn out. Your mattress might also be considered “broken” for no other reason than it is over eight years old. Every mattress that reaches that milestone will start to sag. The quest then becomes to replace that broken furniture with something that is clean and comfortable. Before that can happen, you need to make space and that’s where Junk King Philadelphia comes into play.

Nothing Too Heavy

Furniture removal is one of the most popular tasks that junk King is called on to perform. That has provided a lot of experience for the crews over the years.  Regardless of the shape, size or weight of the furniture that you want to get rid of, the Junk King crew will know exactly how to handle it. They want to make sure it can be safely carted out of your house without scratching up the floors. That might take some moving equipment like straps or dollies or it could just be as simple as lifting and carrying. Whatever the choice you can rest assure that your property will be well taken care of.

Everything Else

When the old furniture is loaded onto the junk King truck you can have the crew remove everything else that you want to get rid of. This might require you to do it of sorting before the team shows up for their part. Even if you were to spend one hour going to your closets and one hour out in the garage, you’re sure to find plenty of unwanted items that could be boxed up and turned over to junk King. They might even be the big stuff like exercise equipment or sporting goods that are no longer being used. Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim that space once again? Junk King can make that happen.

When it is time to replace your old furniture is time to call in Junk King Philadelphia for fast removal. Set up your session today.

Get Rid of That Old Furniture With Professional Help

It takes two to tango. It also takes two to move a sofa. You already know this because you watched a pair of movers bring that sofa into your home. Now years later, it’s time to get rid of that old furniture and that means to more movers. Or, in the case of Junk Kings Bucks County, two professional junk haulers. You don’t have to live with that furniture any longer. It doesn’t matter if it is down in the basement or upstairs. If you want it gone, just tell it to Junk King.


So far this year, Junk King has been very busy. Based on the reviews that have been pouring in, they doing their standard exceptional job.

“The ‘Kings’ gave same days service, lifted the washer and dryer so that they didn’t scrap the floor, and even dug some snow in the back door. Pleasant and courteous Many thanks!” writes M.G. from Langhorne.

Not everyone can benefit from a same-day junk pickup. It helps if you call early and if a Junk King crew happens to be in your neck of woods. However, you won’t have to wait long to get your junk removal. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first call. M.G. also got to experience the way Junk King operates when it comes to quality moving. These crews are all licensed, bonded and insured. They are going to treat your home as if it were their own. Usually, the crews will sweep up when they are done with the job but clearly, snow removal is not unheard of.

“What I like about your service, is that your rate is reasonable. You’re on time, one hour before the schedule time frame. And you’re polite. I’m very happy with the service provided by Junk King,” posts Ron P. from Philly.

Junk King doesn’t like to waste anyone’s time. They will ask that you set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. That allows the crews to get from one call to the next. You’ll always be given a heads up call when the team is twenty-minutes out. Junk King makes is easy to get rid of old furniture and the rest of your junk.


Donate Your Old Furniture This Holiday Season

There are a lot of folks who don’t like to get rid of things because they think it is a waste to have something dumped in a landfill. Actually, that is quite true. Does that mean you should hold onto everything no matter how much space it takes up? Not if you find the right junk removal company. That would be Junk King. These are the junk removal professionals who don’t like to see anything go to waste either. If you want your old furniture to have a new lease on life, then Junk King is the call to make.


From their inception as a junk hauling service, Junk King has dedicated itself to going green. That means keeping as much of the collected junk out of local landfills as possible. A cornerstone of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policies is all about donations. They’ll make sure your old furniture, clothing and other useful items are placed at the right charity.

As your junk is loaded up, the Junk King crew will be sorting through it. They’ll be looking for those pieces that can be reused by the many charitable organizations they’ve partnered up with. You could point out the item you think could benefit a charity but in reality, the Junk King crew is going to handle that from start to finish.

Having that crew working the junk removal session means you can finally get rid of all the heavy stuff you’ve been keeping in storage down in the basement or up in the attic. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and it is as good as gone!

Of course, there are some things that are beyond repair or usefulness. For those items, Junk King might drop them off at recycling centers. It’s all part of the complete junk removal package offered by Junk King.

Even with those extra drop offs, you won’t be paying extra fees. Junk King’s pricing policy is based exclusively on weight. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King on the job and that can make a huge difference on the final price. If you want to keep your old furniture out of the landfill, make sure Junk King is the company to take it away.