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Bucks County PA Junk Recycling

Keeping Bucks County beautiful isn’t just a nice pledge; it’s actually the work of a group of concerned residents who are determined to do all that can to make sure this area is idyllic as it can be. Keep Bucks County Beautiful is an off-shoot of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. It was that committee which released a recent report on the illegal dumps they discovered in Bucks County. Here’s what they found:

“The Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful survey of the county identified 123 illegal dumpsites containing an estimated 223 tons of trash.  Of the items inventoried at each dumpsite assessed, 76% of the sites contained tires, 71% contained yard waste, 67% had construction and demolition waste, 66% had recyclables, and 54% of the sites had household trash.  Illegal dumpsites pose many threats to the health and safety of humans and wildlife, including giving mosquitoes a place to breed.  West Nile Virus, carried by mosquitoes, has been a primary concern for environmental officials.”

The goal of this group is to pull together volunteers, local municipalities and businesses by utilizing three areas of focus: Prevent it, Clean It and Keep It. That refers to stopping illegal dumping, cleaning up the community and making sure to recycle whenever possible.  Outside of your home, it does take a group of dedicated volunteers to keep Bucks County clean but you can do the same helpful work with your own junk especially if you pick the right company to remove that junk. We’re talking about Junk King Bucks County and they are dedicated to keeping Bucks County clean!

Junk King is a professional group of experienced junk removers who focus on keeping as much junk away from all those PA landfills as they can.  That’s a lot of garbage that is being repurposed and reused. What you might not realize is just how much of your own junk can be recycled. Think beyond the papers, plastics and soda cans. Working with Junk King will have you putting things like old furniture, mattresses and kitchen appliances through the recycling process. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about which of the facilities to take your junk to; Junk King handles all that even if it means making several drop offs for one customer.

You also don’t have to worry about doing any of the hard work such as lifting and loading. That’s what the Junk King crew will be there for. All you need to focus on is picking out all the items you want removed from your home. And it’s not just clearing out your garage, basement, attic or closets. Put Junk King to work sweeping through your backyard to cart off any debris left over from the last storm. Any way you slice it, Junk King Bucks County is the perfect recycling partner.