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Bring In Junk King For A Summer Cleanup

The end of summer means changes and not just on the trees. It means change for all the families who are sending kids back to school. It means changing out the summer wardrobe and pulling the sweaters out of storage. It also means that the holiday season won’t be far off. Before things get too hectic with all those changes, you might want to consider getting the house in order. That can mean a cleanup session with Junk King Philadelphia. These are the professional junk haulers that can literally transform your home for the better.

Decisions to Make

Before you lockdown your rubbish removal session with Junk King, you’ll have decisions to make. Those decisions involve exactly what you want removed from your home. Start with the big stuff. Do you have any specific piece of furniture that you’d like to get cleared out? Remember, Junk King is going to be sending over a pair of qualified movers and a big truck. That is all you really need to get rid of any amount of unwanted furniture. And that furniture can be in any room in the house. The team from Junk King will be able to carry it safely down from upstairs or bring it up and out of the basement without damaging walls or floors. All you have to do is decide what you want gone.

You can also get rid of a lot of little things. Take the time to go through your closets and dressers to pull out any clothing items that you know you’re not going to wear again. You can do the same thing in your kitchen cabinets. Pull out anything that you have doubles of or you’re not going to use. All of those clothing and household good items can be turned over to the team from Junk King for a charity drop off. That way you can clear out stuff and it won’t got to waste.

A rubbish removal session with Junk King Philadelphia is just the thing to finish off the summer with. Book your session today.



Move Out The Junk Before Your Next Move

September is one of the most popular months for people to move. If you are planning on giving notice to your landlord on September 1st, then the countdown clock will begin until you move out by the end of the month. That means the packing can literally start on that same day. If you do a little packing each day, then by the time the actual move day happens you will be well ahead. One thing you don’t want to pack is junk. Anything that you know you’ve never going to use again shouldn’t be brought into your new home. That is starting off with valuable storage space being take over by junk. Instead, consider moving out the junk before your next move. Junk King Philadelphia can make that happen.

Bag Don’t Box

A lot of the things that you might consider getting rid of could be clothing items from your closet. This is where you should start your packing and decluttering. All the clothing that you want to turn over to Junk King doesn’t have to go into a box. It can simply be bagged up in trash bags. That way you can save the boxes for your move. Along with those bags of clothing, you might have some big pieces of furniture that you want to get rid of. You definitely don’t want to waste space on your moving truck with those items.

Keep in mind that everything you turn over to Junk King will have the opportunity to be repurposed. That will happen because Junk King is determined not to let anything go to waste. To make that happen, Junk King can drop items off at various charities throughout the area. That is something that has been part of Junk King’s disposal policies from the beginning.

You’ll feel a lot better in your new home knowing that you don’t have any old junk with you. Let Junk King Philadelphia help with that goal.

The Right Approach For Junk Hauling

When waking up in the morning, the goal of everyone is to figure out the best way to get through the day without any stress or hassles. Some days are obviously more challenging than other days. Often, those challenges come when the unexpected happens like a flat tire or someone who is running late for meeting and then throws off your entire day. By the time the workday is over and the kid’s homework is done you want to decompress and put aside all the stress of the day. It helps when you can do that in a home that is relaxing and also stress free. That could be a challenge if there is a lot of clutter in the home. Here is where a company like Junk King Philadelphia can be of assistance. One junk hauling session with Junk King can result in a home that is totally free of clutter and rubbish. That will make for a very relaxing place to enjoy.

The Right Approach

Junk King Philadelphia is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work since 2005. A business model with that kind of longevity proves that they are taking the right approach. Junk King firmly believes that getting rid of your unwanted items should be complicated. That is why they will provide you with a pair of movers who are going to do all the work for you. When Junk King says “all the work” you can take that quite literally. The movers will be doing the lifting and loading whether that requires climbing stairs or carrying something that is exceptionally heavy. After all, if it was easy to get rid of, then you would have gotten rid of it a long time ago!

Now that can happen for any piece of furniture, appliance or other structure on your property. Yes, the team from Junk King can also help you get rid of anything from your backyard that has become dilapidated. Just think of how much better your home will be when all of this unwanted stuff is finally gone.

The right approach for junk hauling remains hiring Junk King Philadelphia from the start. Book your session today.

Junk King Scores Great Reviews

Customers who post reviews about a company’s services are doing a favor for that company and for future customers. The company can learn what they are doing right and build on that success. For customers who have never hired that company before, it is a good way to find out if they are trustworthy and deliver on their promises. For junk hauling, it is clear from the reviews that Junk King Philadelphia is getting the job done right. Here’s the proof:

“This was a great experience at a very stressful time. They came right away, professional, efficient and kind. Reasonable. Definitely recommend. Thank you.” –  Rose Marie, Lansdowne

There are many reasons why you might hire Junk King to clear away your unwanted items. It could be that you’re moving and need to clear out the clutter. It could also be that you’re simply tired of having the rubbish around. The focus for Junk King remains to get those items cleared out in a single session.

“WOW” should be enough to write, but I’ll add that these guys are SO awesome, super kind and professional. They worked very hard and were here exactly when they promised. Will use again definitely!! Thanks SO much!! If I had a business, then I would have stolen those guys in a second!! 🙂 Also, the people on the phone in scheduling are great as well! Overall A+++ experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – Kitryn, Perkasie

“Truly Amazing!! My basement was a junkyard. Lots of steps. Took it all!! Kept a smile on their face. Still can’t believe it’s all gone. Amazing price as well. Don’t go anywhere else.” – Warren, Langhorne

Junk King is all about solving problems. Some of those problems might just be the particular location of an item. The team from Junk King will find a way to get it onto their truck in no time at all. When you need to get rid of your rubbish, you need to hire Junk King Philadelphia at the start.

Make The Most Of Your Sheltering In Place

As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” That has taken on a whole new meaning in these days of sheltering in place. The home is still filled with heart but it’s also filled with the whole family who isn’t going anywhere. That can actually be a good thing when you consider that staying at home is keeping your family safe and keeping everyone else safe. It is also time to savor all these special moments. That might mean doing some new activities. Here’s how you can make the most of your sheltering in place:

Have a BBQ

Everyone will be down for a BBQ. Firing up the grill and eating outside is always a treat for the family. This might be a good time to try out some new rubs and marinades. You can also grill peaches and other things that you haven’t tried before. There will be no shortage of BBQ recipes to find online!

Invent Your Own Board Game

You are probably running through all your board games. Why not come up with your own board game? You can do something simple like a new version of Candyland or go even bigger with an epic Dungeons and Dragons kind of game. Everyone can contribute to the rules and play. Once you’ve locked down the rules, you could film them and post online to share with everyone else.

Make a Family Scrapbook

You probably have dozens if not hundreds of photos stored in all the phones in your house. Why not print out a bunch of those photos and make a scrapbook together? This is one of those projects that you can keep coming back to and work a little bit at a time. It’s a great way to memorialize your family story!

Make More Room

This is less of an activity for fun and more of an activity just to make a cozier home. Take the time to head out to the garage or down in the basement and sort through all the stuff you have in storage. You might uncover some other games or costumes to play with. You will probably discover a lot of things to get rid of. That is where Junk King Philadelphia can help. We created some new rubbish removal policies that are meant to keep our workers and your family safe. Junk King Philadelphia wants to make getting rid of your rubbish easy while you focus on having fun at home.

Utilize Junk King For A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Have you worked out what your Valentine’s Day present will be this year? If you have been in a long relationship, then chances are you have given dozens of roses and boxes of chocolates over the years for Valentine’s Day. Those gifts are always appreciated but they certainly don’t last long. This year, you might want to think about a gift that has a bit more longevity. That would be setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia. It may not seem romantic at first but it is the kind of gesture that will be greatly appreciated for a very long time.

The Ready List

There is probably a list ready that has all the bulky items that your partner once removed from the house. These could be things that have been “stuck” in your home for a long time simply because you never have the means to get rid of them. That kind of justification is understandable but now it can be taking care of with one junk King session. Junk King are professional junk haulers that make quick work out of the removal of any rubbish item from a home. It doesn’t matter if that object is especially heavy or it is located in an upstairs bedroom. The focus for Junk King is always to get that piece out of the house as quickly as possible without causing any damage to your property. This is a goal that is accomplished day in and day out with great success by the Junk King Philadelphia teams.

Imagine how happy your partner will be when you tell them that all the junk they want to get rid of will finally be taken away. Junk King can make that happen in a session that will probably last for less than 30 minutes. You don’t really need a lot of time to remove items from a home. The removal sessions that take up more time are the ones that involve dismantling items or a large-scale cleanup. Even in those scenarios the team from Junk King moves very fast. When you see how quickly they can take away all your rubbish, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to call them!

Setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia will show that you care. That is always the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Start The New Year Off With A Junk King Session

When all the New Year’s Eve ready has been swept up and the Mummers Parade outfits have been put back in storage you know it is time to start the new year. What goals have you set for yourself 2020? Whatever achievements you are setting out to make happen it is not a bad idea to get the home front organized. The less you have to do around the house the more time you will have to focus on those new year goals. This is why a session with Junk King Philadelphia is in order. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you get rid of all the unwanted clutter that is accumulated around your home. Just think of what a difference it will make when all of that rubbish can be carted away.

Your Work Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with your old work. Don’t worry if you have never supervised. The Junk King team needs very little instruction. All you have to do is literally point to the things that you want to get rid of and they will remove everything right spot. That includes anything that you have down the basement that needs to be brought up and out of the house. Because there will be at least to Junk King movers you can always depend on heavy pieces of furniture and appliances being carefully removed without causing damage to your walls and floors. In extreme cases, the Junk King team might decide to take something apart to prevent potential damage. That is all part of the removal package.

How the team from Junk King disposes of what they are collecting is also part of that package. Junk King is dedicated to an eco-friendly disposal philosophy that keeps the bulk of what they collect out of local landfills. You don’t have to make the determination as to what could be recycled or donated. All of that will be handled automatically by your Junk King crew.

The best way to start off the new year is without any rubbish in the house. One call to Junk King Philadelphia can that happen.

Make This A Holiday Without Junk

Every family has a list of holiday traditions that they enjoy each year. There could be a favorite spot around Philadelphia that they like to visit to check out holiday displays. It might also be a visit to a special restaurant. Of course, there are also all of the traditions around the house that involve decorating and family gatherings. A great new tradition to start this year would be to kick off the holiday without any junk in the house. It might not seem very festive to think about getting rid of an old sofa or clearing out clutter from the garage or closets. But that is the kind of helpful work that is provided by Junk King Philadelphia and it can go a long way towards making your home even cozier for the holiday.

Hidden and In Plain Sight

Everything that you would be hiring Junk King to all away from your house would fall into two basic categories: hidden and in plain sight. The “hidden” objects would be those things that you have tucked away in closets or out in the garage. Chances are your holiday guests won’t see any of that clutter but it is still very much a problem. Especially when you need to find something in those storage areas. Everything slows down you have to rifle through all of that clutter. Would it be nicer to get it all removed and create more open storage space?

As for the items you have in plain sight, those might be things like an old recliner for futon that you want to get rid of once and for all. In might be that you are replacing some furniture items throughout the house in the coming weeks. Having Junk King remove those bulky items can help clear the way for the new things.

Once you know what you are sure you want to get rid of you can set up your session with Junk King. They might also have a same day pickup available when call in.

If you want to make this a holiday without junk in your house, then you want to make a call to Junk King Philadelphia today.

Get The Home Ready For Fall With Help From Junk King

Have you already climbed up the ladder to clean out the rain gutters this year? Usually, this is a “fall task” along with raking leaves from the yard. It is all part of being a homeowner. Of course, that is also a task that you don’t have to actually do. There are plenty of folks who provide that service for you. Another outside service you might consider for the fall season is a session with Junk King Philadelphia. These are professional junk haulers who can make sure that your home will no longer be overrun by rubbish. That is a terrific way to usher in the fall!

Garage, Basement and Attic

The three big storage areas in any home on the garage, basement and attic. How much you keep stored in those areas depends on the size of the rooms and the access. An attic that needs a pull-down ladder to go up and down from doesn’t usually have a lot of big items. That’s the space for a lot of boxes and decorations. But there could still be plenty of things up in that attic that are taking up storage space and will never be used again. It will be worth your time to sort through those boxes and designate a pile of junk or removal. You don’t have to bring the boxes down. You can leave them right where they are for the Junk King team. They will happily climb up that the ladder as many times as it takes to get it all cleared out.

They will take that same approach with your basement. They could be several items in your basement that requires a moving team to get rid of. The crew from Junk King can help you get rid of an old futon, recliner and even washing and drying machines. If those items were brought down into the basement, then they can be brought up once again. You just need to have the right team doing the lifting and loading and that is exactly who will be showing up for your Junk King session.

Getting your home ready for fall should include a junk removal appointment with Junk King Philadelphia. It can make a huge difference.

Close Out Your Storage Unit With Help From Junk King Philadelphia

When you run out of storage in your home, rent a storage unit is a terrific backup plan. This space allows you to keep a lot of your possessions safe while not in use. It might be that moving from one apartment to another smaller place meant you had to keep some pieces of furniture in storage. You could also be storing collectibles as part of a hobby. If you don’t have room to put them all on display, then a storage unit makes perfect sense. However, there might come a time when you move into a home that has enough room for the things you put in storage. Of course, like your garage, not everything you put into a storage unit is worth holding onto. If you want to save money and close down your storage, then you should bring in Junk King Philadelphia to help clear it out once and for all.

Decisions to Make

When closing down the storage unit you have some decisions to make. It involves whether or not you want to hold onto all the things you have in storage or get rid of those things. It is clear that if you kept those items in storage for at least year or more than you probably don’t have an immediate need for them. There might be a few objects that are worth selling. As for all the other random items, those can be turned over to Junk King. That doesn’t mean that those things are going to end up in a landfill. If there is still a way to use those items, then Junk King will make every effort to have them dropped off at a charity or recycling center. That is how they handle the disposal of what they collect from every home, apartment or business. The same rules will be in effect for your storage unit.

Easy Load Up

When you hire Junk King, the crew that is working on your behalf will make every load up look easy. But when it comes to clearing out a storage unit it is especially “a breeze.” That is because the crew can simply back the truck up to your storage unit and proceed to load all the items that you point to for removal. Of course, if the unit is inside or on a second floor, then the Junk King crew will also make that load up easy on you. Essentially, you won’t be doing any of the work beyond pointing to the things that you want taken away. It doesn’t get easier than that.

If you want to close out your storage unit and get rid of all the unwanted items, then you want to bring in the team from Junk King Philadelphia. Let them handle the cleanup from start to finish.

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