Clear Out The Office Storeroom With Help From Junk King

All offices have two things in common. There will always be a coffee machine and there always be a storeroom. Sometimes the coffee machine and the storeroom occupied the same space. The storeroom can also be where the copier is set up. Some offices have a storeroom down in the parking garage while others have it in an adjacent room down the hall from the main office. Just like a closet at home it doesn’t take long for the storeroom to fill up with stuff. Some of the items in a storeroom are of practical use such as office supplies and copier toner. But there could be plenty of other items that are serving no purpose at all. When your office storeroom has reached capacity unwanted rubbish it is time to bring in Junk King Phoenix.

Furniture and Equipment

When it comes to hauling away rubbish from an office storeroom, there is no limit to what you can turn over to Junk King. They’re gonna provide a team of movers and a big truck. That is exactly what you need to get rid of any piece of office furniture like a desk, table, chair, credenza or shelves. Junk King can also take all the outdated or broken office equipment off your hands as well. How much more space could you make in your store room if you were able to get rid of those old printers and monitors? Even if you have an old copier that has become a relic, it can be turned over to Junk King. Now you see the possibilities of creating more space in that storeroom.

No Landfill

Junk King’s goal with every one of the junk removal session is to avoid going to the landfill with the items that they have collected. They have plans in place for alternative disposal that include partnerships with recycling centers and charities. That allows them to divert a lot of rubbish away from the landfill. This is what can happen to your office items especially that old equipment. You want that to be recycled at a certified e-waste facility. Junk King knows exactly where they are and will be happy to try and make those drop-offs happen.

Making more room in your office storeroom won’t be a challenge if you put Junk King Phoenix on the job.