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Junk King Phoenix Yard Waste Removal

Our team of junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix are trained to get your junk removal job completed efficiently

Getting the job done right the first time is the specialty of our junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix. All of our valued Phoenix clients know that we take away just about everything. What’s more, we have the experience to be professionals on a variety of different projects including:

Yard Waste Removal
If you own your own property, yard waste can build up before you know it. Sometimes it’s just about storing a few bags here and there and then forgetting about them. Other times it’s about taking on a big gardening project and not knowing what to do with the leftovers.
Then of course Mother Nature has her own way of creating yard waste. Regardless of how it got there, our junk removal specialists from Junk King Phoenix can help.

Easy Scheduling and Pickup
Scheduling the pickup of your yard waste is easy and quick. What’s more, every crew comes with two strong efficient helpers and all the tools they will need to clean your yard up. Do you have an old shed taking up room that you want to get rid of? The experts at Junk King Phoenix can tear it down and haul it away for you.

A Guaranteed Written Estimate
It doesn’t matter whether you have branches, clippings, plasterboard or old lumber that needs to be taken away. We guarantee a written estimate that beats the competition because we want Junk King Phoenix to be your only yard waste removal stop.

Our Junk King Phoenix Electronic Waste Disposal Services are Green and Efficient
We know that many people have e-waste inside their homes they’d like to get rid of with all the electronics that we have today. That’s why we have an e-waste disposal unit that’s efficient and affordable. Junk King Phoenix understands that innovation moves so quickly what’s useful today might be gathering dust somewhere in the basement tomorrow.

Online Cost Estimator
We can look after everything from shredders to copy machines and computers in ecofriendly manner. That doesn’t mean that we’re opposed to using all of the latest electronic innovations. In fact, we have an online estimator that can give you an accurate idea of what the project will cost.
It’s just another one of the excellent services our junk removal specialists from junk King Phoenix can offer you. Why not get in touch with us today online?

Junk King Phoenix Helps Get Your Yards Ready For Spring

When it comes to giving your front or backyard a makeover, you have the choice between landscaping or hardscaping. Landscaping is all about the lawn and greenery whereas hardscaping involves more man-made features like rock fountains, pathways and alternatives to grass. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing a combination of both! The best way to start to get your yards ready for spring is to clear away all the debris and eyesore items. That is easily fixed with one call to Junk King Phoenix.


Working out under the Phoenix on can be demanding. It can also be a bit dirty if it evolves things like rocks, dirt, sod, stones, bricks and concrete. None of that work is good about of the two-man crew from Junk King Phoenix that will be assigned to your clearing task. The Junk King crews always have a positive attitude. They are great with solving problems such as what to do with an old swing set or hot tub. Their solution is to take it apart as quickly as possible and to safely load all the pieces onto the back of the truck. There isn’t a job you could throw at them that they haven’t done before.

Other things to get rid of around your backyard to make it ready for spring could be rusty patio furniture, a broken lawnmowers, rotted planters or birdbath that is seen better days. The Junk King Phoenix crew will quickly load all of that or to their truck as well. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently they get this type of work done.

When they’re finished, working around your yards you can direct the crew to clear out any clutter items you have in your garage or basement. The truck to their rolling up in will be big enough to hold an entire house worth of furnishings. It will easily cut off all the things you want to have removed.

How the truck will be packed will ultimately determined how much will be paid for the fee. The Junk King Phoenix crews will provide you with an estimate based on volume once they’ve had a chance to size everything up. It all comes down to how tightly they’ll pack up the truck. You’ll know this price before the work begins and is not to change when the job is done. Start your spring with yard clearing and rubbish hauling help from Junk King Phoenix.

Phoenix Yard Waste Removal

Imagine if you have to pick up 500,000 pieces of junk. You’d probably never get through the task. However, there are some scientists and engineers who are in charge of this exact type of cleanup project. What makes it even more challenging is that those 500,000 pieces of junk are currently orbiting our planet. Technically, those 500,000 pieces of debris are no bigger than a marble. There are 20,000 pieces as big as a softball. Could this really be a problem? If you saw the recent hit movie “Gravity,” then you know the answer!

To tackle this project, the Japanese are stepping up to the plate and sending up a craft that will release a tether meant to slow down the junk. When the junk slows down, it will fall into a lower orbit and burn up. At least that is the plan on the drawing board. A test launch next month will determine if this idea can work.

When it comes to cleaning up your own earthbound debris, the best ally you can enlist is Junk King. If you hire Junk King, they’ll launch a very capable crew to your property. Once there, that crew will embark on the mission to clear away whatever you tell them to remove. This means you’ll have a very capable team who can pick up and carry out things like sofas, desks, shelves, chairs, tables, stoves, washers, dryers, and just about anything else that requires two movers. This same crew can also take the time to disassemble things like a backyard hot tub. In fact, Junk King is the perfect company to help you with yard waste removal.


When it come to gardening, we’re lucky in Phoenix. We don’t have to wait until the snow melts. We can work on beautifying our lawns all year long. This might mean creating piles of sod, dirt, or rocks. All of that can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. Other yard waste things like fencing, patio furniture, lawn mowers, auto parts, and shrubbery can also be carted off by Junk King.

After everything is loaded up, you can get back to your day while Junk King handles the disposal. Anything that can be recycled will be taken to the appropriate facility. This is all part of the complete Junk King removal package. Whether you need to clear out your yard, home or business Junk King is your best bet! Put them to work today!