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Get Smart About Recycling

It is fun to occasionally be the smartest person in the room. It certainly helps when you’re playing Trivia Pursuit! You might know a lot about a particular topic and would classify you as “expert.” What about recycling? How much do you know about that topic? Yes, you probably recycle everyday but do you know the facts and figures behind recycling? You will after reading these facts:


Did you recycle a soda can today? That simple act created enough energy savings to let you listen to a full album on your Smartphone. When we recycle one ton of plastic, we can save up to 2,000 gallons of gasoline. That’s because it actually takes less energy and recourses to make something from recycled material as opposed to making it from original materials.

Various cities and states across the country have instituted special recycling laws in an effort to achieve zero waste status. New York was the first state to ban e-waste from the trash. Things like old TVs, computers and other electronics have to be recycled or you could face a $100 fine. Speaking of television, that same soda can you recycled could also save enough energy to run your television for two hours.

The trash we generate can become a direct harm to the creatures we share the planet with, especially those living in the ocean. Although we’ve greatly improved our recycling efforts, there is still 14 billion pounds of garbage dumped into the ocean each year. Most of that garbage is plastic. That means it’s not going to break down or disappear.

Recycling paper is all about saving trees. One ton of recycled paper represents 17 trees that won’t have to be cut down.

Recycling isn’t just an American habit. In Finland, 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are recycled. They also recycled 100% of glass bottles. That’s impressive by anyone’s standards.

Making soda cans out of recycled aluminum saves up to 95% of the energy cost that would go towards processing new aluminum. That’s a big boost for companies and for the environment.

Around your home, you can do your part by continuing your recycling program but it can go beyond the recycle bin. If you hire Junk King Phoenix to haul away your rubbish, then you can add your junk to the recycling circuit. Junk King has been dedicated to recycling the bulk of what they collect since they started the business. Make sure your junk gets recycled by turning it over to Junk King Phoenix today.

Green Improvements Every Homeowner Should Make

By now, recycling your kitchen trash should be second nature to you and your family. It’s easy to get into the habit of separating paper, plastics and soda cans for the recycling bin. Once you’ve committed to recycling you can extend your eco-friendly plan. Here are some great green improvements every homeowner should make:


Opt For Reusable Water Bottles

How many bottles of water do you think you drink any given day? You absolutely should stay hydrated but not all of that water has to come from a plastic bottle. That can be a very expensive habit. Instead, opt for reusable water bottles. You can set up a water cooler in your home, which is much more affordable than cases of water. You can also use tap water run through a filter. If you get everyone in your family to reusable water bottles, then you’ll see the savings right away.

Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

Despite what you might have seen on Seinfeld, a low-flow showerhead provides you with plenty of pressure to get yourself clean. It just uses up to 60% less water. That can make the difference between saving 3 to 5 gallons every minute in the shower. You can also buy showerheads that are adjustable and switch to low-flow. Do that a couple of times a week and you’ll still be saving.

Turn off the Tap

A very common habit is to turn on the tap and keep it running while you’re washing your face, brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. You should try and focus on turning off the tap when not in use. Again, it’s all about the gallons of water that is simply flowing down the drain and your pain for.

Fix a Leaky Faucet

If you hear a leaky faucet at night, then it can become a major annoyance. But you might not care if the faucet is leaking in the kitchen. However, any leaky faucet is something that should be fixed right away. Letting the leak trip for a single day can add up to gallons of wasted water.

Recycle Junk

You might think that getting rid of junk like old furniture or appliances is going to contribute to a landfill. Not if Junk King Phoenix is in charge. They’ve dedicated themselves to an eco-friendly way of disposing of all the things they collect. Most of your junk will be recycled or donated to a charity. That’s just how Junk King Phoenix operates. You get the reduce your carbon footprint and they do all the work. That sounds a great deal. Green improvements are easy to make when you’ve got a junk recycling partner like Junk King Phoenix.

Phoenix Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

E-waste is quickly becoming the number one item that is tossed out in the garbage. Unfortunately, it shouldn’t be tossed out in the garbage at all! Instead, it should be disposed of in a responsible manner. That means having it dropped off at a certified recycling center where it can be taken apart piece by piece and all the components safely repurposed. The drop off is a job you can take on or turn it over to a company like Junk King. If you take it on, then you might find that the drop off centers are far from your home and only open at hours that don’t work for your busy schedule. On the other hand, with Junk King, you can set up a pick up time that works with your schedule. The Junk King team will be in and out before you know it and you’ll have all that storage space available.

computers-2-634729-mIn addition to taking away things like a computer monitor, printer, desktop or television set that same Junk King crew can haul off all the rest of your unwanted stuff. This is your chance to dig through your garage, closet, basement and attic to have all the clutter taken from your home once and for all. Remember, Junk King will be sending over a two-man moving crew. That means you won’t have to lift a finger to get rid of your junk. They’ll do all the work for you.

When Junk King is finished with removing all the rubbish from inside of your home, turn them loose in your backyard. In no time at all, Junk King can clear away any yard debris that has been piling up all winter. If you can think of something you want taken away, then Junk King will make it vanish!

You’ll find that Junk King’s pricing policies can’t be beat anywhere in Phoenix. When the crew shows up at your home, they’ll take a quick moment to see all the things you want taken away. Then they’ll present you with an estimate based on volume and not weight. That will make a huge difference for the final cost. That estimate will also cover all the costs associated with the junk removal. Are you ready to get rid of your old computer monitor and the rest of your junk? Then Junk King is ready for you!

Phoenix Refrigerator Disposal

If there is one thing you don’t want to hang onto, it is an old refrigerator. Aside from all the space that it takes up, there are the legal ramifications to consider. There are laws on the books that require you to either remove a refrigerator door or have it locked with chains. This is for any fridge that is unplugged and put into storage. It also holds true even if you don’t have any children living or visiting your home. There is no telling who might crawl into an old fridge and when they might do that. The minute you stop using a refrigerator is the minute you should call Junk King Phoenix. They’ll make sure your refrigerator disposal task is handled the right way.

Wrong way to get rid of a fridge.

Wrong way to get rid of a fridge.

Remember the day when your refrigerator was delivered? It probably took at least two capable mover types to bring it down from the truck and maneuver up the stairs and into your home. It is going to take that same amount of effort to get that fridge taken from your home. That is just what Junk King Phoenix will provide: two capable movers who know how to handle a fridge. Plus, you’ll also benefit from the Junk King truck that will easily fit that fridge of yours. That same truck can also be the final resting spot for a lot more junk from your home.

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