Office Furniture Removal Is Easy With Junk King Pittsburgh

Around every home there are usually one or two big bulky items that have been targeted for removal but end up sticking around. That is usually because they are often in a location that doesn’t make removal easy like the basement or attic. Plus, there’s the need for actual movers and a truck to make it happen. You could be experiencing the same thing in your office. There might be all kinds of unwanted desks, chairs and office equipment that have been “lingering” around the office for months or even years. Are you ready to finally take care of that office furniture removal? All you need to do is bring in the crew from Junk King Pittsburgh.

Dismantling Help

Junk King is going to dispatch a pair of movers and a big truck to facilitate your office furniture removal task. Rolling out office chairs will be the easy part of the job. It is the desks, shelving units and credenzas that might require some level of dismantling before they can be taken out of the office and down the freight elevator. Did you build those things in the office? That can decide whether not they have to be taken apart first. Thankfully, this is a task that Junk King will be happy to help with. You don’t have to take time from your work day to break out the toolbox. The team from Junk King has plenty of skill for this type of project.

Easy Scheduling

Junk King wants to make scheduling easy for this job. They will always ask for a two-hour window in a specified date that works best for your calendar. That two-hour isn’t for the actual work. It won’t take long to remove office furniture and equipment from your workspace. But it might take that long to get across town! You will be kept apprised of the crew’s progress throughout the day so that you can prepare for their arrival. If it works best for the first appointment in the morning or on a weekend, then Junk King can make that happen.

You don’t have to hold onto old office furniture when Junk King Pittsburgh’s help is just a phone call away. Make the call today.

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