Hire Junk King For Fast Big Garbage Removal Today

We’re heading into fall but it could also be called “big garbage” season. This is the time of year when a lot of stuff is generate that should be cleared from your property. It starts with bags of leaves that you’ll be raking up and ends with all the gift wrapping and boxes from Christmas morning. In between, there will be plenty of big garbage clearing opportunities for Junk King Pittsburgh to help you with. These are the junk hauling pros who never met a pile of big garbage they couldn’t remove in a flash.


What kind of big garbage is around your house that you want to get rid of? Start with the garage. How much rubbish is out there that could probably be tossed out? You might have some scraps from home repair projects or parts from tinkering with the car. What about all the broken things you thought you might get repaired or the old electronics that you’ve already upgraded? All of that would definitely be considered a big garbage pile and the perfect target for Junk King to clear away.

Junk King wants to make sure your back isn’t going to be put at risk. That’s why the team from Junk King is going heavy lifting work for you. Even if the lifting isn’t all that heavy, they’re still going to do all the work. This is what you’re hiring them for.

Everything that is collected by Junk King can also be recycled by Junk King. They’ve set up partnerships with facilities and charities throughout the Pittsburgh area. The teams know exactly what these organizations are looking for at any given time. They want to do their best to keep as much junk out of local landfills as possible.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve created a big garbage pile to hire Junk King. They’re on call to help with fast appliance and furniture removal, too. Whether you’ve got a lot of big garbage or just a few small things to get rid of, Junk King Pittsburgh is ready to make that rubbish go away for good.

Don’t Get Crowded Out By Old Appliances

It’s amazing how quickly a home can fill up with stuff. Just ask any parent with a kid. Just one child is all it takes for nearly every available space in the home to be taken up with something related to that child and it doesn’t better the older they get. That’s when more toys, clothes and gadgets come into the house. When you factor in all the normal items in a home that need to be stored, it is no wonder folks can feel crowded out in their own home. Things get even worse when there are things like old appliances that are being used that are stuck down in the basement or out in the garage. If you’re being crowded out by old appliances and junk, then it is time to bring in Junk King Pittsburgh.


When an appliance breaks down you can get it serviced or replace it. Getting it service makes sense if it is a minor fix but when the repair costs more than half of a new model, then you have to give serious consideration to replacing that appliance. When that happens, Junk King will be standing by to haul away the old stove, dishwasher or fridge. You shouldn’t have any of those items around your home if for no other reason than the safety concerns.

With the right moving equipment, it might only take one mover to carry out a large kitchen appliance. But when you hire Junk King you’ll actually be hiring two movers. They come standard with every session. This is a hardworking team that always shows up with a positive attitude. You can ask them to move anything regardless of size or weight and they’ll do it with a positive attitude. How many times would you encounter that out in the world?

Junk King also takes pride in how they dispose of what they collect. They want to make sure the air, water and soil around Pittsburgh isn’t contaminated by junk. That means keeping as much rubbish out of landfills as possible. That has been Junk King’s plan from the start. Don’t let your old appliances and junk crowd you out of your own home. Get it clear with Junk King Pittsburgh.

How To Make First-Time Homebuying A Success

As you embark on the first-time homebuying journey, there are going to be a lot of anxious times ahead. The first step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This is a big chunk of time and paperwork to go through but once approved, you’ll be armed with the confidence of being able to make an offer on a home and having that offer backed up with the loan. That is going to be very appealing to the seller. After the loan is approve, you can go shopping with a realistic range. Here’s what you should consider to make this process a success:



Everyone starts the home buying process with location. You want to live in a good neighborhood. Nothing wrong with that but if you are focused on one specific neighborhood, then you’re narrowing your choices. Also, if this is a popular neighborhood, then there is going to be a lot of competition for houses. What about looking at an adjacent neighborhood. The best thing you could to is find a home in an up and coming neighborhood. Get in early and watch how the value of your home will increase when where you’re living becomes the next “hot spot.”


You’re buying a home to move into in a few weeks but you’re also buying a home that you’re going to be living in for several years. A couple with a family already knows how many bedrooms they’re going to need. What if you’re a couple who is planning to have a family? Then you should plan for the space to make things comfortable. You could move into a house with a few extra bedrooms that sit empty for the first year. They can always be “activated.” As the saying goes, “it is better to have and not need than to need and not have.”


When considering the layout of a home you’re getting into more of the specifics of what you want/need. Stairs is a consideration for the future. If you think that you might be having a parent move in with you, will they be able to manage stairs? Believe it or not, many people by homes without stairs simply to accommodate pets.


Storage is a big factor for a home and it’s the one thing that gets filled up the fastest. If the closets aren’t big, you could consider expanding them with renovations. It will also help know you won’t be bringing a lot of clutter from your old home with you. That is where Junk King Pittsburgh can step in and make a big difference. As you pack for your home, you can “tag” a lot of items for a Junk King pick up. That disposal will mean less going on the moving truck for your big move and that’s always a good thing. Getting rid of junk and rubbish before you move is what Junk King Pittsburgh is all about. Make that part of your first-time homebuying success

Getting Ready For Back-To-School

Is everybody in your home ready for back-to-school? We know mom and dad are excited! Getting ready for back-to-school is going to take some planning and adjustments. Here is some good advice on how to make that happen.


Practice the Route

If the first day of school will be at a new school, then you’ll want to practice the route. It will help to drive this route at the same time of day they you might be making the drop off. This will give you better sense of just how much time is needed. For younger children, this is also the time to have the talk about “stranger danger.”

Introduce Yourself to the Teachers

Whether it is before the first day or at orientation, it is important that you meet your child’s teacher. It will help to find out how they like to communicate. Most teachers have emails but just remember they also have several classes and dozens of children. It might not always be a rapid response.

Get Back Into the Homework Habit

For success with homework, your student needs a quiet place in the home for them to focus. If that means the dining room table, then all TVs have to be off. Cell phones should be turned off, too. If you see early on that your kid is struggling with their assignments, then put in a request to meet with teacher to work out a plan. You don’t have to wait for that first parent/teacher conference.

Get Back on a School Sleeping Schedule

Things might have gotten a bit loose over the summer with regard to bedtimes but now that school is gearing up, it is time to set the clocks. That includes “lights out” and wake up. You might want to start practicing these new times a week before back-to-school.


Not only should the designated homework zone be free of clutter but also your kid’s closets and dressers. There are probably a lot of clothes that can tossed out because they no longer fit. There might also be some bedding, games, books and electronics that have also been updated. All of that unwanted clutter can be turned over to Junk King Pittsburgh for fast removal. Don’t worry about those things going to waste. Junk King makes drop offs at charities part of their weekly routes. You’re going to like how a decluttering session with Junk King Pittsburgh is going to be a big help with back-to-school prep.

Getting Your Home Ready For A Summer Block Party

With only a few more weeks left in summer, it is important to get in as much fun as possible. Of course, the end of summer really only applies to families with kids. When they go back to school everything changes! One way to celebrate summer is a good old-fashioned block party. This is less about inviting family and friends over as it is spending time with the neighbors. It’s always good to be friends with your neighbors and everyone’s busy schedule often only permits the occasional greeting when you’re leaving or coming home for the day. The block party is a chance for everyone to sit down and relax and enjoy a nice summer’s day. Is your home ready for a block party? It will be with a little help from Junk King Pittsburgh.


The Junk King crews won’t be able to help with grilling hot dogs for your block party. Bu they can do some amazing work with clearing all kinds of yard debris. Not every block party has to be on the actual block. They can also happen in backyards. That works great in those areas without fences. Whether the block party will be up front or out back, you probably have some oversized items you’d like to get rid of. Junk King can help with that.

Junk King will send over a pair of movers and a big truck. That is pretty much all you’ll need to take away anything from a buster patio chaise lounge to an entire hot tub. The Junk king crews will gladly take apart any structure like a swing set or tool shed if that is what you want removed. They’ve also been called on to clear out weed overgrowth, fencing and above ground pools. Then there are all the “leftovers” that can be removed in the same session. This would be any construction material leftover from a remodeling or landscaping makeover project. You see where this is going, right? If there is something you don’t like in your yards, then give it to Junk King Pittsburgh. That’s a great way to get ready for a block party.

Pittsburgh Area Junk Haulers

Depending on the type of Smartphone you have, you might be able to “call out” a person you want the phone to dial with you. You can even make that a “video” call so that you can see who you’re talking too. Are we that far away from having calls projected on a hologram screen in front of us? Probably not. As you program your phone, you might put service professionals into categories. For instance under “junk haulers” you would only need to have the number for Junk King Pittsburgh. This is the area’s leading junk hauler and they’re standing by to help you get rid of your rubbish with just one call.


So, what are the big things you can to have removed from your home? The list of items that the junk haulers from Junk King can take out is a pretty long one. It is actually easier to list the things they can’t take. That would be any hazardous material like solvents, propane or paint. All the rest can go.

It also doesn’t matter what kind of shape the item is in that you want to get rid of. You might have tried to get broken furniture picked up by a charity only to discover they only take things that aren’t damaged. Junk King takes it all. They also take the kinds of things you might normally need a dumpster for. Junk King can remove all the demolition from a kitchen remodel or replacing a roof. Wherever the pile is, that is where the junk haulers will pick it all up from.

Sometimes the things you want to get rid of are too heavy for you to move. It might take two movers to get it out of your house but you won’t be charged by the pound. Instead, Junk King charges by the volume. That volume would be how much room your stuff takes up on the truck. And when it comes to packing, the Junk King teams can get very creative. They want to use up as little space as possible and that will also mean a good price for you.

Are you ready to clear your home of rubbish? Then you’re ready to put the Junk King Pittsburg junk haulers to work.

Dependable Storm Cleanup In Bridgeville

We were only officially a week into summer when a devastating storm swept through most of Pennsylvania leaving a wake of destruction. Here in Bridgeville, many businesses and homes were flooded. One of the hardest hit spots was the Railyard Grill & Tap Room.


“The basement was submerged,” general manager Jeremy Robinson said June 26 to a local TV news station. This is a business that has only been open for two years. Now he’s not sure when they’ll reopen.

“The power of water is incredible,” Robinson said. “We’re fortunate to have flood insurance.” The floodwaters destroyed equipment and ruined food. The bar has been removed and the floor on the first floor is in the process of being removed. Dirt and mud was everywhere.

Despite the loss to property, residents are rolling up their sleeves and getting things clean out. At you can imagine, municipal services are strained. That is why many folks are turning to private cleanup contractors like Junk King Pittsburgh for help.

Junk King Pittsburgh is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. Most of Junk King’s sessions involved removing furniture and old appliances from a home. However, there are a dependable company to hire for storm cleanup, too. Every junk removal session is staffed by at least two strong movers. This is the team you can count on to clear away just about item even if that item has been soaked with floodwater or covered in mud.

A storm cleanup needs to happen fast because of the potential for mold to spread from all the damp items. Fortunately, Junk King always provides a rapid response to their customers and storm cleanup gets a priority.

As for the cost, Junk King charges a flat fee that will be determined by the crew once they’ve look over everything you want to get rid of. They’ll size up that stuff to know how much room it will take on the truck and that will become your fee. There is a price for one-third, one-half or the full truck. Junk King Pittsburgh makes storm cleanup and junk hauling for your Bridgeville home easy. Put them to work today.

The Junk King Pricing Estimator Makes Junk Removal Easy

Life is full of complications big and small. It’s hard to imagine getting through any day without a few complications. Whether that is getting stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line for coffee, there are complications that always seem to take up time and slow down our day. However, there is one task that can be accomplished without any complications. That would be getting your junk hauled away. Does that sound complicated? It’s actually very easy if your give that job to Junk King Pittsburgh.

Pricing - Junk Removal and Hauling Services   Junk King

What makes working with Junk King so easy is their pricing estimator. This is a special computer program designed exclusively for Junk King that allows customers to build out their junk removal list. You’ll be able to click off all the items you would want removed from your home. You already know what these are so going through the list will be easy. You might even see something on the list that you hadn’t thought of getting rid of. Just click and add it to the list.

As that list is generated, there will also be an estimation of the fee created. This fee covers all the cost of the moving crew, the truck and the disposal. It is a fee that is based on volume and not pounds. Shop around and you’re sure to discover that Junk King’s pricing policies are the fairest and most affordable in Pittsburgh.

When you’ve finished the list, you can set up your appointment. You pick the day and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. Once you hit “enter” on all of that, you’ll get a confirmation call to lock it all down.

On the day of the appointment, the Junk King crew will do a quick survey of all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll compare their packing expertise with the estimate. You might be surprised when the estimate gets lowered thanks to the Junk King crew’s ability to pack a lot of stuff into a little space. Junk King Pittsburgh’s pricing estimator takes the complications out of junk removal. Very easy.

Tips For Hosting A Graduation Party

After graduation, your child will be moving onto the next chapter in their live. That could also mean moving out of the house. Whether they’re going off to college or going off in search a job and their own place to live, there is time for one more terrific party at home. Here are some good tips to put into action for an awesome graduation party.


Get a Head Count

If you were to ask your kid who they would want to invited to their graduation, they might just say, “a bunch of people.” You need to get them to lock down a number. Even if that number will grow (which it will) it helps to have something to work with because everything that follows will depend on that number.

Use Rentals

A graduation party is not like a wedding reception. You don’t need to rent a tent and set up a dance floor. But renting some additional tables and chairs could certainly make everyone comfortable. It will also take more stress off you having to borrow chairs and then return them from friends and family. Plus, rentals also keep your own furniture safe.

Use a Caterer

Technically, ordering several dozen pizzas for deliver would be considered catering your party and there is nothing wrong with that. You want to keep things simple and getting a restaurant to do the cooking is certainly simple. It might also turn out to be more cost effective when you factor in your time. If you feel the need to contribute, then you can bake up desserts the day before. The goal is to keep you out of the kitchen so you can enjoy the party.

Put Your Kid In Charge of Music

Although you’ve spent the last several years listening to your kid’s playlist, that doesn’t qualify you for DJ status. Turn the music duties over to your kid. They won’t have any problems coming up with enough tunes to keep the party hopping.

Clear Out Junk

Any time you host a party, you’re going to do a fair amount of cleaning. With a backyard party, a lot of the cleaning could actually be junk clearing. That is where a company like Junk King Pittsburgh can have a major impact. These are the professional junk haulers who can swoop in and clear out your yard of all that rubbish that is piled up next to the garage or tool shed. If you need the old swing set brought down, then give that job to Junk King, too. Getting your backyard junk cleared out by Junk King Pittsburgh is the perfect way to set up your graduation party.

Where To Find Reliable Junk Removal In Adamsburg

Anytime there is a fire in the community the first thought is, “Was anyone hurt?” The second thought is, “How did it start?” Thankfully, the Adamsburg Volunteer Fire Department is always standing by to provide a fast response. A recent fire involved a building on Main Street. There were no injuries and the fire started in the basement but investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked it. One thing is for sure, the more clutter you have, the greater the fire hazard. Are you confident your Adamsburg home is as fireproof as it can be? If not, then it might be time for a rubbish clearing session with Junk King Pittsburgh.


Technically, everything down in your basement was put there by you or someone in your family. The only possible exception would be furniture, a washer and dryer or a water heater. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry anything up from the basement to get rid of it. The crew from Junk King will be happy to climb those stairs as many times as it takes to get rid of all the rubbish. You just have to decide what you want taken away and Junk King will do the rest.

Another potential hot spot to clear could be up in your attic. Like a garage, attics are also become a big storage area in a home. Are there things up in your attic that you could get rid of? The more clearing you can accomplish with Junk King’s help, the better off you’ll be.

As for the cost, Junk King provides an estimate of the job before the work begins. That estimate will be based on how the crew will be able to pack everything up on the truck. Since they like to get a lot into as little space as possible, you’ll be paying the low end of the scale. Of course, if you want to get rid of a lot of junk, then Junk King won’t have any problem loading up their entire truck. The best way to make your Adamsburg home free of junk and rubbish is to give that job to Junk King Pittsburgh.

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