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Junk King Can Help You Clean Out Your Storage Unit

Do you pay every month for a storage unit? If so, do you know exactly what’s in that unit? There are a lot of people who pay for storage units and really don’t know what’s in them anymore. They think they’re storing items that they will eventually use again, but the truth is that most people hardly ever look in their units. They just pay it every month without really thinking about it. 

What could you do with that money if you didn’t have a storage unit? Even if you’re paying less than one hundred dollars a month, you could still put that money to use elsewhere, especially if you aren’t really certain what’s in your storage unit. Junk King Plano can help you save this money and get rid of any junk you have in the unit that you no longer need. If you’re paying for a storage unit every month but aren’t sure why, here are a few tips for dealing with what’s in it.

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First, Take Inventory of the Unit

The first step to dealing with your storage unit is to know what’s inside of it. If the unit is stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall, front to back, you may have to take everything out of it first. Most storage facilities have enough space between the rows of units that you can at least drag some of the things outside. You may need some help with this task, of course, so be sure to bring at least one other person with you. Having a ladder may also be helpful if things are stacked on top of each other. Gloves and masks are also good to have, especially if you have asthma or other breathing conditions. There’s likely to be a lot of dust.

Write down everything you have in the unit. It might also be a good idea to take photos of all the items, especially if you plan on giving away or selling some or all of them. This way, you’ll be able to tell people what you have and show them pictures. You’ll definitely need good photos if you plan on selling things online. Make certain to write down the condition of each item, too. You want to know what’s broken or no longer usable.

You may have some boxes of stuff that you simply don’t have the time to sort through right then and there, especially if your unit is outdoors and it’s dark or cold. You may need to take these boxes home to sort through. This can mean taking a few boxes at a time, going through them, then taking them back and swapping them out for more boxes.

Once you know what’s in the unit, you’ll likely have to put it all back. This can be a little tricky if the unit was overflowing with stuff and you don’t remember exactly how it was all put in there. You may find that you have to take a few things home with you that day, so be ready for that. You may have found some stuff you want to take with you regardless of whether or not it will fit. Anything you consider priceless or that you don’t want to see damaged may need to go home with you.

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Decide What to Do with Each Item

Now that you have a list of what’s in your storage unit, it’s time to determine what you want to do with all of the stuff. You’ll want to start separating the items on this list into several categories.

Trash and Junk

If you’ve marked something as broken or otherwise damaged, it goes on this list. This is the junk that you’ll be calling Junk King to haul away. 

Things You Want

The next category will include everything you want to bring to your home. This may not be a lot if you don’t have much room, of course. Don’t bring items that are broken unless you are dedicated to having them repaired. You don’t want to move junk from a storage unit to your home. It will likely simply sit there and take up space.

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Things Family Members Might Want

Once you know what you want, it’s time to see if there’s anything others might want. If the items in your storage unit are things from your parent’s house or have other value to your family, you may want to get your siblings and other relatives involved. Let them know what family items you have and see if anyone wants them. As the person paying for the storage unit, it’s likely going to fall to you to mediate any disagreements if multiple people want the same thing. You’ll need to figure out some way of fairly deciding who gets what in this case.

Items in Good Condition

This category is for things that your family isn’t going to want but that could be used by someone. You might offer these things to friends, put them in a garage sale or on an online marketplace, or donate them. This might be your longest list, and it may grow if your family decides there are things that no one wants.

Donate or Sell?

Once you’ve given away everything that family or friends want, you need to decide what to do with what’s left. Donating it is often the easiest option because you can load it all up and donate it at once, assuming the organization you’re donating to accepts all of the items you have. Some won’t take certain items, so make sure you understand what they will accept. 

Selling some of these possessions can be a nice way of recouping at least a little bit of the money you’ve spent on the storage unit over the months or years, but it does take more work. If you’re having a garage sale, you’ll need to make certain you have the right permit to do so. You then have to set everything up, do a little advertising, and then deal with your neighbors and others who want to haggle over prices. That said, it’s not a bad option.

Another option is to take furniture and other accepted items to a consignment shop. These stores handle everything that goes into selling the items, but they do take a percentage of the sale price. You’re not limited to a day or two like you are with a yard sale, though, so there’s the chance more people will see your items, which means it’s more likely someone will buy them.

Selling online opens you up to an even larger pool of potential buyers, but it is a good amount of work. You have to write up a description, take multiple photos, and then handle shipping the items to whoever buys them. You also have to store everything until it sells, which can mean paying for the storage unit for several more months. 

Some storage unit managers may let you have a sale at your storage unit. Others may have a facility-wide garage sale every few months. The advantage here is that you don’t have to move the items to your home or consignment shop, plus the complex will usually do the marketing for you.


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What Can Junk King Plano Do for You?

Junk King Plano will come to the storage complex and load up anything you want to get rid of. This makes it very easy and convenient if you don’t have a truck or the manpower to load up junk and take it to the landfill yourself. If you’ve moved everything to your home to sort, we can come pick up the junk there, too. You can even add in any other junk you have in your home. After all, you might as well get rid of it all at once.

In addition to taking junk to the landfill, Junk King also donates usable items. We pick everything up, then go through it and set aside anything that we think one of our partner organizations can make use of. These organizations then see to it that the items we donate to them get to those in need or to shelters and other outreach organizations. We also sort out recyclables and pass them off to the correct recycling center. We can typically donate or recycle well over half of every truckload of junk we pick up.

Is Your Storage Unit Stealing Money Every Month?

Sometimes, renting a storage unit is actually a good idea. It can give you a place to sort through items or serve as a temporary home for some of your furniture until you find a larger house. However, when that storage unit goes from a short-term rental to something you’ve paid for more than a year, it’s time to start wondering if it’s worth the expense. If you haven’t needed or even missed the items stored there, the answer is likely no. 

When you’re ready to sort out the junk from the treasures in your storage unit, Junk King Plano is here to help. To learn more or request a free, no-obligation quote, call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or send a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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