Take Care Of A Shed Cleanout Today

Warm spring weather means more time spent in the backyard. Whether that means having a full dinner party or just relaxing on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you want that backyard to be clear of rubbish. You simply can’t relax knowing there is debris that has to be hauled away. That is especially true when it comes to your backyard shed. This is the storage unit that often becomes a dumping ground for your “outdoor junk.” These would be the things you can’t toss out in the trash and can’t put on the curb to get rid of. It might also be some items that are broken that you were thinking of getting fixed one day. If that “day” hasn’t happened in over a year or more, then it is clear that you don’t need that thing at all. All of this means you’re in need of a major shed cleanout and that is when to bring in Junk King Portland.

She Shed Maybe

If the shed in your backyard is a decent sized structure with ventilation, then it might become a nice “she shed.” This is the female equivalent to the man cave concept. It is a getaway space where you can relax in peace and quiet. Maybe you can do planting in the shed or pottery. Just having a place to read a good book would be nice, too. Making a she shed requires clearing out that shed of all the unwanted power tools, pool toys, sporting equipment and spare auto parts that have collected in there over the years. The team from Junk King can make short work of that.

Save Your Back

Junk King wants to make sure you don’t strain your back with any type of moving. All you should do is open the door to your shed and point to the things you want taken away. That same pointing can be directed towards any other item that you want to get rid of around your yard or in your home. Nothing will be too heavy or bulky for the crew from Junk King to cart away.

Start your spring with a shed cleanout from Junk King Portland and start enjoying your backyard.