Have A Great Portland Staycation Without Any Junk In The Home

Do you have a list of restaurants you want to try? Are there attractions around Portland that you’ve heard about and would love to spend the day exploring? It is not uncommon for residents of the city to miss out on some great activities simply because they know those things will always be there. That is why deciding to have a staycation for your summer vacation can be a lot of fun. This will be your chance to finally check out all the things around town that you have been eager to do.

Embracing the concept of a staycation means approaching it the same way you would with a vacation trip. You don’t want to be doing any work either from your job or around the house. That’s why you should start your staycation with the session from Junk King Portland. This will finally help you achieve the goal of living in a junk free home and that’s the best environment to relax in.

No Effort

When you hire Junk King you are actually hiring two-man moving. They will be putting in a lot of effort remove all the objects from your house that you want to be disposed of. What will be the amount of effort that you exert? Zero. That’s because the Junk King team will do all the work. That includes bringing anything down from upstairs. Even if it is just a box of old clothing, you can leave it by the closet that you pulled it out from and let the Junk King crew carried down to the truck.

If you need something taken apart before you want to the truck, then you can also leave that task for the Junk King team to accomplish. They will have the skills and the tools necessary take care of any dismantling. In the past, they been called on to take apart hot tub, toolshed and trampolines. They won’t have any problem with whatever structure you want them to handle.

Easy to Schedule

A Junk King appointment is easy to schedule. You can book line for over the phone. Whichever method you choose you are sure to get a fast response to lock down your appointment. Even though you may pick the following day, Junk King could offer same day pickup. If that works for you, then great! If not, then Junk King will probably arrive on the day that works best for your calendar.

Your staycation can get off to a terrific start by having Junk King Portland clear out all the rubbish from your home. Set up that session today.